Thursday 25 July 2019

Whatever Wednesday (on Thursday)

Whatever happened to me? I know I was gone a long time. Sorry.

I said I would show you the sensory blankets I did with my group at the Artisanat but then I disappeared. So finally, I have the pictures all prepped to show you what we did. Let's get started.

We had a ball making these blankets. Now I just can't remember how many we made but I can say it was a lot.

Many members showed up on a cool Saturday morning. Sewing stations, ironing stations, cutting stations, every one had a job. In this picture, you can see on the first table two sensory blanket are set up and ready to be pieced together. On the bottom right, the white blob is an old tablecloth. It was so lovely and yet she put the scissors to it because it had a very nice texture.

When we were done with one project, a lady would bring us more pieces, setting it down so it was easy to assemble it. The blankets either had 16 patches of 6 inches or 9 patches of 8.5 inches. We added things to most of the patches; pompoms, stuffed gloves, piece of a silk tie, lace, crochet flowers, etc.
(In the first picture, the blanket on the far left sports a huge white pompom. So cute!)

There even was a table for the finishing. These ladies sew by hand the binding down. A lot of times, they were asked to unpicked something though. They were just as glad to do it for us so we could continue to sew. Gosh! I wish I could keep one of them at home, lol. AND there was a lot of talking, laughing and a good time all around.

This is part of the textured fabric, flannel, fur, lace, ribbons, etc that the ladies brought to be used in the making of the blankets. Click on picture to see larger.  There was enough on those tables to keep us busy for 3 or 4 days. The generosity of this group is just AWEsome!! We will do this again.

I don't have any close up of a finished blanket (what a great photographer I am. No, not quitting my day-job, lol.)

I do have two examples of what was assembled. Click on picture to see it larger.

I sew from 9 am to 2 pm non-stop. It was fun. I would have gone longer but my back had enough of the hard plastic chair, lol. Can't wait for next year.