Sunday 27 March 2022

Table Scrap Challenge in Yellow

Well, you probably already know what my Table Scrap Challenge project looks like since it's the same as January and February.

I love grey and yellow together but the fabric I chose as background might not have been the best option. I didn't want something too dark, it's a placemat after all. So I picked a light grey fabric with white fern leaves print. I find it too white but too late.  

Using up some long and not-so-long strings with plenty of flowers, even dandelions. 

I thought of using this crazy wild print for the backing. I even sewed some pieces to make it fit, then I changed my mind. You know, I would get so much more accomplished if I didn't change my mind all the time. Sigh! 

I went with this much calmer print. 

It's laundry day! 
I visited Kathy (Kathy's Quilts) this morning for some slow stitching. I will finish sewing the binding down tomorrow, maybe during my lunch break. 


So this is my TSC project (hosted by Joyful Quilter) for March with its binding pinned to its back for the picture.  

Have a great week with plenty of sewing time. 


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Saturday 26 March 2022

Done For Now

My man doesn't understand sewing. Sometimes, when I come out of my sewing room, he asks if I'm done sewing. 🤨 🤔 How can I EVER be done sewing? "Done for now" I say. 

I didn't get all my RSC blocks/projects done for this month. It's a good thing there are still five more days left. Hopefully, I'll find time to sew the rest of the yellow blocks. 😀

I did get three Star Bloom blocks assembled. 
I did cut a gold fabric too but forgot to cut the bigger pieces for the HST. When I saw what I had left as scrap, it was obvious that it wasn't big enough. Duh! So I'm on a hunt for another gold fabric. 

I'm still working on the yellow placemat.

It is on top of my priorities for this weekend, after taking care of the grocery shopping and the laundry which is also never done. 

What else was done? 
Crumb bricks got their grey borders. A yellow one and a gold one were added. I really love yellow and grey together. 

On a different kind of done. This past week I sent in my resume for a new job. Fingers crossed that next week will bring me good news. I love what I'm doing now but the paycheck isn't much for all the responsibilities I have. Anywho, time will tell if I'm done with that job. The best part is that the new job is with the same employer, so I don't lose any benefits or vacation time. 😊 More on that later, if I get the job. 

Hope you have a great sewing week. 


Angela at So Scrappy
Frédérique at Patchwork and Quilts
Cynthia for Oh Scrap! 

Saturday 19 March 2022

International Quilting Day in Yellow

March 19 is the International Quilting Day. As if we need an excuse to sew, lol. But I will grab this statement and I will run, run, run my sewing needle through it. 😁

A little bit of Yellow got together this week. 

Four solid blocks from yellow to gold; they go together so fast. 

A third Jericho Wall block, and number four too, were made this week. 
(Sorry for the dark pictures. It is raining this morning.) 

I have one more yellow Jericho Wall cut. It shall be sewn this weekend. 

I also assembled a Spinner block as I've finished enough 2" HSTs to complete it. It's yellow! 

One little crumb brick for the Chaser quilt was also assembled. 

I will work on the yellow placemat this weekend and Scrap Jar Star. Oh, so many pretty things to sew, so little time. 

Happy sewing everyone. 


I'll be with 
Angela at So Scrappy 
Frédérique at Patchwork and Quilts
Cynthia for Oh Scrap! 

Saturday 12 March 2022

March Rainbow UFO Challenge

On Tuesday, we woke up to a Winter Wonderland perfect landscape once again. We are to get some more this weekend. Hopefully, it's the last time I need to shovel. 

More Spinners' blocks were sewn during February. 

Did the two missing blocks. I found another solid blue that wasn't already in this quilt so I added it along with a soft purple. I'm happy with that. 

Did lots and lots of little HSTs and sewed them in the 4-Patch formation in order to finish a few more blocks.

So here's what was ...

... and what is now. 

Like a puzzle, lots of HSTs units are missing, leaving gaps in the big picture. I have to be careful how I build them now as the units have to "befriend" their neighbours. So I make 2 or 3 units at a time, take them to the design floor, and try to find them a place to live. It's a slow pace but I like it. I'm happy with the progress too. 

In my Rainbow UFO Challenge, the colour yellow is tagged to the Buttons and Spools project which needs to be quilted. Since Field of Poppies is pinned already, I will switch these two around. I will work on Buttons and Spools when the colour green is called. (Or whenever Field of Poppies is done.)

Field of Poppies as a top

This was my frustration this morning: Too many words start with STOR for me to win. 🙄

Have a fabulous week everyone. 


Angela at So Scrappy 
Frédérique at Patchwork and Quilts
Cynthia for Oh Scraps! 

Saturday 5 March 2022

I Need Yellow

I'm happy with Angela's colour choice for this month as I need some yellow (energy) in my life at the moment. We are back in the office since Tuesday. It is fun to see my colleagues again, especially as two of them are pregnant! We are an all-girl office so there's a lot of talking and laughing, sharing experiences, recipes, kids' funny sayings, menopause, etc. But all this noise plus the radio, the printer, people coming and going, is very distracting and takes a toll on my energy. I'm not used to that anymore. I'm sure I won't be so tired in another week or two. So, YAY for yellow! 
(Some might say this is really petty talk compared to what is going on in Ukraine. Yes, I agree. I try to keep my life as ordinary as possible, in a nutshell, because the world is overwhelming me beyond what my pills can handle. Thanks for not reprimanding me for it.) 

I didn't expect to have such a tough time pairing yellow fabrics together this week. I'm staying away from light yellows that won't show up much once they are surrounded by the other blocks. So, I pulled out some "darker" yellows. They are mostly medium though. 


And some sewing ensued. 

Jericho Wall first yellow 

Anne's Quilt second block

Chaser block 

That was fun! 

My wanderings all over the Internet, during an evening I was brain-dead, lead me to some beautiful Dear Jane quilts. I would love to have my own DJ so I spent some time looking at different DJ sites. Then something popped up on my design wall.  

8 inches block

It's DJ's row K block #1 aka Crooked Creek. What have I done?! 🙄 I have enough new projects started for this year. I don't want more! I had a little talk with myself.  😠 I need to stop collecting blocks for RSC2022! So, I said to myself that it was for RSC2023. 😝 (How long will I resist making more?) (Until the colour of next month is called!)

A second yellow Jericho Wall is done and more to come this week, but first, since it's a beautiful Saturday morning here, I'm heading out. My shovel and I need to discuss where to pile the snow in order to excavate the deck so I can enjoy it once again. 😊

Have a great sewing week everyone.