Sunday 29 June 2014

Sunday in the long shadows

I am happily stitching away in this gorgeous lazy morning sunlight, playing with hexies (no wind today) ... What a lazy weekend I am having. I just can't believe all the minutes I was able to waste enjoy just stitching, sitting in that chair. This afternoon, we are having the last open house for the summer.  YEAH !  Meanwhile...

I know I've said I would finish the purple/light blue diamonds but I just couldn't wait.  The suspense was WAY to intense.  I HAD to see what the dark green diamond would look like.  I love it! So now that my curiosity is satisfied, I will continue with the light blue. :)

Hope you find a quiet comfortable spot to stitch a few fabrics together.
I am linking with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching.

Until next time ... SMiLE ... it's endearing!

Saturday 28 June 2014

In the long shadows

of the early morning, I am peacefully piecing. Playing with hexies, flannel scraps and the assembly line on this placid, serene morning filled with birds' songs proclaiming their joy to the new day.

I am slowly finishing the last of the purple / light blue diamonds and cutting the next colour which will be dark green.

Got to refill that cup. Did a few stitching lines on the flannel scraps for the crumb quilt.

I did accomplished a lot even though the setting doesn't accommodate a fast past. But now the boys are up so my day will start too. Time to make breakfast and laundry and ... the chores!!
Poor little diamond will have to way its turn on the to-do list before it gets finished.  Hopefully today! Only two more to do.

I am linking with Angie for a weekend of Hexies.  Take a few seconds to check out the gorgeous quilt she has on her blog today. So different, so beautiful, so hexy!

Until next time ... SMiLE ... and the peace will be within.

Monday 23 June 2014

Monday's Options

On the GRRRRRREAT design floor,

we have, EXCLUSIVELY today only ...


... a 
                                              quilt !!   :(

Yes, well, the thing is I don't know what to do for borders on this one.  
Reason being: too many choices ... or not enough fabric ?   Hmmm maybe I need to go shopping? Let's see.

I did audition lots of fabrics ...  some together 

some alone ...    some were very nice but ... nope! 

most were too busy ... nope!

Some didn't seem to know which one was first ...  nope 

nope ...

 ...  nope

nope ... 

So I am at a stand still, waiting for inspiration, at the corner of Scrap and Quilts. Looking up and down the streets. Gosh, where is Inspiration?  There's no traffic today!  Absolutely no one is coming down the street. No ideas driving by. No Spurs honking.  No What-ifs flashing lights. No Perhaps whistling. My brain is so dry, I almost need a tumbleweed rolling by here. 

Well there! At least  I have that!  

Ok! So I'll just pack that one in the closet for awhile and ... (the quilt, not the weed) ... forget about it!! One day, I'll get it out and it will come to me .. or not .. and it will never have borders and just be finished as is.  Oh ugly!

But, what is that I hear? Is that music ♪♫♫
Who is this coming down Scrap Road?
Well, its ♫♫♪ Revelation ♪♫♪ trotting by on his horse.
What's up?
Peace? Oh Piece.  Yes, yes of course, piece it.

Hmmm .... let's try again ....

Oh, I'm really getting somewhere and it's not at the LQS ...  what do you think?  I think I need to get these little squares together.  ;^) 

Until next time ... SMiLe ... ♪♫♪  it's inspiring♫♫. 

Sunday 22 June 2014

Aaaahhh!!! Sunday!

Thank Goodness for Sunday! It's a beautiful sunny windy day here and I hope I will get to enjoy it a bit. We have another open house so it's clean, clean, clean the house and then while we wait for guests to arrive, I will try to weed out the sand box. It's not a pretty sight!

Anywho, the most important thing is ....

I've got 5 diamonds attached to the quilt and only 5 more to go. In the winter time, I assemble the diamonds during lunch break at work and I always have more than one row of diamonds ready to be sown to the quilt.  In the summer time, it is very hard to stay indoor and do some stitching, so I am running low on diamonds to attach.  I have to get busy with these little guys!

I think I have 5 diamonds completed so far... oh well, I guess I have a lot of sitting-outside-stitching-some-pretty-little-hexies to do! Aawwhhh! Poor me!! ;^)

Oh no! Run away hexies!  Hey! Come back here ... I need you!! Oh come on, I don't have time for this. I want to check out all the links on Kathy's Quilts. There's always a lot of beautiful things being made Slow Sunday Stitching.  Also linked to Angie at A Quilting Reader's Garden.

Until next time ... SMiLE ... it's SUMMER TIME!!  (officially.)

Saturday 21 June 2014

Some borders required ...

Yes, it definitively need some borders.  I think I need more fabric ... as in a little shopping trip is needed. ☺  We'll see.

Close up ...

All the little scraps of flannels and odd shapes pieces from when I did the boys some pajamas are used in these quilts.  I should have iron it before taking pictures!  

Yesterday was graduation day for DS 2. It was very emotional for many different reasons.  I came back home very tired and my head full of memories and lots of "wonder where this person is now".  Anyway, it was a fun day filled with proud moments. 

Until next time ... SMiLE ... a little goes a long way. 

Wednesday 18 June 2014

WOW on vacation

WOW (WIP on Wednesday) with Esther!

I am on vacation for three days !!! YEAH!!! I love my job but ... it is demanding and sometimes, just sometimes, I feel my age!!  But I can forget all about that and just enjoy the next three days.  Of course, I've made a list of chores so long it will take me 6 days to finish it all but I will do what I can and ... take more vacation to finish it off LOL!

Today, on this GOOOORRRRGEOUS sunny Wednesday, I am working playing with fabric since

six o'clock this morning! Love the early morning hours when only the birds are singing, no cars, no children, no dogs barking... just the sun and the birds... and a mug full of coffee of course!!
Anywho! I decided to quilt Take 21 with leaves and a few geckos. The quilt reminds me of ancient Inca's temples in South America so I thought it needed some leaves and lizards.

I know you can't see it very well on this picture but believe me I did start to work quilt it. I will take pictures from the back once it is done to show the quilting. That light blue fabric is so busy I loose the pattern in it and I am having trouble finding a pencil that writes on that red fabric. It seems to be protected from any kind of marks! Looks like that journey will be slow and somewhat annoying. No pain, no gain! I have two needles threaded at the ready.  Always two needles. Anyone else prepares needles in advance like that?

Garnishing my floor is a crumb quilt made with flannels.  I have three to make like this and I have only 120 blocks done.  So another 120 blocks to go. When the two quilting needles are empty, I sew at the machine for a little bit just to move around because otherwise, I just quilt and quilt and cramp up!

Of course, there is also a LOT of unrelated to quilt or fabric tasks to do ... (but I will spare you that boring blah, blah. I will have that conversation with son #2 who is at home today also! Yeah! a helper! ) Instead, I will encourage you to check out Esther's blog and see what others are up to. Have fun.

Until next time ... SMiLE ... it lifts the spirit.

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Mission accomplished

I was hoping to sew "Take 21" together and I did it!!!!

Even better, my son went out with friends Saturday afternoon and didn't come home til late at night, so I got plenty of time to do a backing and to sandwich it.  Yeah! I don't know how I will quilt it or when... but at least it is ready.  I think a light blue thread would be nice.  Or dark blue? Anyway, that was a very good weekend for me!!
empty frame

loaded frame 

The quilt of the Century lives down here, stretch of all its length on this frame and it hides Take 21 so my son will not see the quilting's progress.

I was unable to join my friends in some slow stitching on Sunday because of Internet problems :~( but, finally, I am back and ready for next Sunday.   :^) 

Until next time ... SMiLE ... it beautifies!!

Saturday 14 June 2014

Something about hexies

My century quilt is getting so big that I now have to bring it outside to view the whole "ensemble". There is always enough room on a clothesline.

Really don't like that blue row but I ain't about to rip it out of there.  No thank you! I am sure I will learn to accept it and live with it. :^)   Closer and closer.

I am getting closer to the end.  I think I am about half way done. I would like it to be like that on my bed, with horizontal rows.  When I started it back in 2011, I thought if I get tired of working on it, I will just make it for a single bed with vertical rows. But I find it looks so funny the other way. 

Well.... maybe it is just me!?
Twenty rows completed. Next comes another row of red diamond. These ones.

And I would also like to sew "Take 21" together this weekend and call it a flimsy.  We'll see how much I can get accomplished.

Hope you too find time to stitch a bit. 

Until next time .... SMiLE ... it burns calories !!  

Sunday 8 June 2014

Seriously ... Sunday again?

Already Sunday?  :~o

What a busy week that was! So glad it's over but then the weekend went by just as quickly too!!!
Time for some slow stitching.  It is my intention to do some Rose Dream blocks. How many more do I have to do?   i seriously don't know! I had a plan ... that went out the back door.  I came up with plan B which is not behaving like I wish it would.  I will have to think about this a little longer.

On Friday, I did manage to make a few more hexies diamonds while waiting for my car at the repair shop. These are purple and light blue diamonds.  I got some of the red/light blue diamonds attached to the quilt.  Three more diamonds to attach and another row will be done.  This motivate me to keep going with the hexies and I am kind of slacking up a little with Rose Dream.  Oh well, can't make all projects finish first, right?

I am linking up with all the talented people on Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching blog and also on Angie's Hexies Weekend blog.  Thanks ladies for doing this every weekend.  It is so interesting to see how one's project evolve in a week.

Hope you have fun with fabric too.

Until next time ... SMiLE ... it's an accessory that goes with everything!

Sunday 1 June 2014

Slow Sunday Stitching

We had a great day yesterday.  Wish I could repeat that. But today should also be good, if not fantastic.  Where will I be today?  What will I do?

Well, to start I will be sitting right here, basking in the sunlight!

Eating a freshly home-made fruit salad of pineapples, bananas and mangoes. Love that combination.

And I will  STITCH!! to my heart's content? Well maybe not!  I still have to finish the laundry and diners to prepare for the week.  But I will be working on these for awhile...

My quilt of the Century hexies!  I have one more red diamond to sew in and then will be able to start on the next row which is light blue diamonds ... 

Next will come ten beige/red diamonds already made ... 

which means I can start assembling the next row of light blue diamonds with a purple heart this time. 

I usually sew the hexies into diamonds during my lunch break at work.  During the summer months, I prefer to go for a walk with my coworkers during our lunch than sew, especially when it is this nice outside.  So this cuts into my sewing time a lot but ... hey! summer is so short here in Canada that I am not about to let it go by without some "me time" in it!! I'll catch up on the sewing during the colder months.  And today, it is one of those "me time in the sun" day.  Don't get me wrong, I am not the type to sunbathe but I do try to catch my daily dose of Vitamin D!  

Hope you too, will get your Vitamin D today and some fabric and threads to enjoy.  Being Sunday, I will join and enjoy reading all the post on Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching  and ditto for The Hexagon Addiction.  So much inspiration everywhere!  Gotta love that! 

Until next time ... SMiLE ... it's relaxing!!