Saturday 27 April 2019

Blue it is!

I didn't sew a thing this week. Good thing that last Monday was holiday. I was able to get most of these blocks done then. I did the last three today. Yep, it took me all day to make 3 blocks! Phew! September is done. 

Let's have a look. 

Sept 23 - Woven Ribbons - 12 pieces

Sept 24 - Ladies Wreath - 28 pieces

Sept 25 - Double X - 37 pieces The HSTs are one inch unfinished.

Sept 26 - Garrett Windows - 28 pieces

Sept 27 - Log Cabin Album - 23 pieces

Sept 28 - Stepping Stone - 41 pieces  This one is really as messy as it looks. It has nothing to do with the pins. I've lost many points, so much so that I didn't finished trimming it. I might start it over. Those geese are 1.25 inch by 7/8 inch. It is a hard one to sew regardless of how simple it looks. Arrrgh!

Sept 29 - Carol's Scraptime - 37 pieces  Another one with one inch unfinished HSTs.

Sept 30 - Toad in a Puddle - 33 pieces  I find my medium a little too dark in this one but it'll stay. Looking at this picture, I just noticed that some of the geese aren't flying in the right direction. Sigh! More ripping.

Total for the week - 239 pieces. Total for September:  909 pieces

The more I do, the less there will be of these tiny little 3.5 inches blocks. There is now only 92 blocks to go. Whoop hoop!


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Sunday 21 April 2019

265 Blues.


Yep! I have 265 blue blocks done. Only 100 little blue blocks to go. Whoop!

Road to Oklahoma - 14 pieces

Buttercup - 12 pieces  I should learn how to pin my blocks so they don't always look so crocked in the pictures. :^}  These two blocks are 3.5 inches unfinished. The cream piece is half an inch finished.

I'll try to finish September this week. Fingers crossed because as you probably know, when I plan something, it fails.

I'll join Kathy for some slow Sunday stitch while I stitch down the binding on the placemat. It comes from the stash of strings I showed you in yesterday's post.

I'll also sit at the frame and quilt Ohio Star Shadow for a bit.

By the time I am done with this quilt, it will be old enough to get its driver's licence! Shameful! lol.

Have a great Easter all of you who celebrate and a happy Sunday with plenty to stitch for the rest of you.


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Saturday 20 April 2019

Life's Surprises

Not all of life's surprises are nice. I have my share of hard time like we all do, but I did get a few nice one since I last blogged.

My brother came over to visit the family. He lives in Alberta, Canada. We don't see each other much. It was SOOOOOOOOO nice to see him again.

At work, the girl who works with me is on maternity leave since the end of January. They have finally found a replacement. Whoop! I might get home less tired now and have some energy left to sew something. :^D

Another surprise I got was this huge bag full of scraps! Goodness gracious! How generous some people are! It was mostly from Anne, but Lucie and Carole also pitched in. I was so thrilled, I was giddy, like a little child.

It came from the ladies I used to sew with on Wednesday. I was so touched that they still collect their scraps for me. Wait! Did I say scraps? These are huge scraps. Check it out.

Stacks of two inches tall. The white triangles are 6 inches on the short end! Anne has the most beautiful cotton. Don't know where she gets it from but it's really top quality. And she even gave me her rejects from her New York Beauty quilt. One of them is hanging on the bag in the first picture.
These are all strings ready to be used. Talking about strings, while I was puttering around, trying to find room to store the goodies, I found a placemat I'd started a long time ago when Julie from Texas had sent me a box full of strings.
I finished the right hand side of it and I'm sure I can find something in those strings to make a binder out of. (Thanks, Julie, for all the lovely strings!)

Some of Anne's work. 

I found a baggy of green and gold triangles. At the bottom of the shoe box, there was more green and gold triangles. 
Then, I spotted this. Oh ! 

Is Anne making Bonnie's Good Fortune too? I'll have to ask her. Mine is very slowly coming along.

Some blue, some green, some blue-green.
There was also lots of beautiful dark blue in the gift bag. Guess where these will end up? Yes, in my 365 challenge. Whoop!

Like I said, some aren't scraps but yardage, like this bird fabric and the beautiful lime and brown fabric in the third picture that was given by Carole.
Thank you so much ladies. You are such wonderful people. ♥

Needless to say that I spent a lot of time just admiring and petting and trying to store all these goodies somewhere.
There was this little bit of Aqua with a cute little fox on it. I just had to make something out of it right away. It became a little bookmark and it is with me everyday.

Talking about wild life, I had another nice surprise this morning.

On the other side of the racing track behind my yard, I spotted a calf. I thought who has a calf on the loose, has there is no livestock farms near by. I kept looking at it and then it hit me. It has no tail!

It's a calf alright but of the MOOSE kind. And it has a white spot on its back and on its butt. So cute! Sorry for the grainy pictures, but it was raining hard and I'm about 300 feet from it. It was happily chewing on the bark. I'm happy to see it has survived the winter.

Bye, bye baby moose. You can come back anytime you want. Take care! ♥

Okay! Back to quilting. Still quilting the flannel monster. I do one or two passes every other night. My shoulders appreciate the break.

I also used the dark blues from Anne's gift to make Mother's Fancy, September 20th. 
It has 65 pieces and measures 6.5 inches. The 9-Patch blocks are 2 inches unfinished. I love this one. 

And that's it for now. Sorry, it turned out to be a much longer post than I intended. 

Since it will rain all weekend long, I'll be in my sewing room if you are looking for me. 


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