Thursday 27 August 2020

Whatever Wednesday Hexies Edition

The closer I get to finishing a flimsy, the more the quilt pushes back the finishing line. It never misses. Remember Jacob quilt's borders ordeal? (See this post.) (Also this post.)

The Quilt of the Century has its own little mischief in store for me.

It first started with, Oh! What the Flinging Burgers is this?? 

A stain! Yes! In the middle of my border. Why didn't I catch that when I was pinning the border to the quilt? Because this is MY life. It's not all pink and rosy Barbie's life. That's why! 

Well, now, that won't do. So I unpinned the border. You can see the wet spot where I tried to wash it off. 

Cut the stained fabric out and pinned it back to the quilt. Make sure it is at a 90 degree angle with the side border. Looks good. 

Sat down and sewed the pieces together by hand. Turned the quilt around to admire my great job and 

"The fabric IS backward, ladies and gentlemen. Yeesss, it has been sewn down with the wrong side up. What a DREADful deception this must be for Chantal." says the narrator of my life as I just sit there, eyes wide open, while the desire of stabbing this quilt to death overwhelmed me. (Can't wait to quilt this one now!)  

Unpinned the border from the quilt once more, armed with my faithful seam ripper we slashed this seam wide open, flipped the darn fabric over, kept a quarter inch seam allowance,  
and pinned it back to the quilt! Now! Made sure the fabric is on the right side. Measured everything twice. Made sure it is at a 90 degree angle. Made sure the border does not wave in any directions. Now. Can. I. Sew. The. Darn. Thing. On. Yes. Or. No? 

Nah! Too tired! I'm going to bed. Tomorrow's another day. 


Working with the new Blogger. 
Not that I think I am any better than anyone else, (cause I'm not) but because this is what I do and I thought it might help others have a more pleasant experience with the new Blogger. It might help with those photos that don't always behave well ... and it might not help. 

When I start a new post, I type a few lines and then I remove the hidden formatting. To do this, you have to click on the three dots at the end of the tool bar. (which is under the title of your post)

A little tool box will appear. Now, highlight all your text written so far in your post, (you can hold control (CTRL) with the A together to achieve this) then click on the crossed T in the tool box (clear formatting). 

You will notice your text change a little bit. If you had paragraphs, the distance between them will be different. It is do to the cancelling of the multi-spacing. I do this because I like to decide how many spaces I want between my paragraphs or photos. It is MY post. (I hope this is not too hard understand.)
Anywho! You do as you wish. It is yours to have fun with.  

As always, enjoy! ;^)


Saturday 22 August 2020

Little Bits of Purple

The purple crumb bricks are done ...

... just need to trim them down to the right size.

Working on the last border of Quilt of the Century. 

I don't sew the first two hexagons. I will sew the borders together with a mitered corner and then sew the corner hexagons down.

Also did a lot of masks, picture to come later as the masks are already being used.

Three of my four men are back at work. This means a lot more washing, disinfecting and laundry than usual. Therefore sewing is not a priority. I will get the hang of it all and when a routine is established, it will go faster and I might get more sewing done. The boys try real hard to follow the directions. At least, they don't forget their mask on the kitchen table in the morning (masks are mandatory everywhere you go now) or in the car at night. We'll get there, eventually! lol.

Hope all is well with you and yours.


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Friday 14 August 2020

Some Sewing Happened

Got a chance to play with the sewing machine this week. 

Purple blocks got made, 

and the light green for the month of January too. I am so grateful for friends. All the green fabrics in the spool are not from my stash nor from my scrappy bins. They were all given to me. Now I will think of them every time I see this spool. Thank you all.

Have a great weekend every one.


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Saturday 8 August 2020

What am I Doing?

 Lots being happening in my life but not much in the sewing room, so I skipped blogging for awhile to spare you the boring part of my life. 

Ever so slowly, the Quilt of the Century is progressing. 

The left side border went on so nicely (it still had the pieces of paper in the hexagons) that I had a mind to restart the right one. Because on the right border (the hexagons didn't have the pieces of paper as a support), I find the line of the border not as straight as the left side. I'll see how much it bothers me when I get the top and bottom borders on. 

As I was removing the paper pieces, I was wondering "do I have to remove the basting threads too?"  Would love to have your feedback on this one, please. 

I did another pajama for DS3 in flannel while I finish assembling his flannel quilt. This is only the center of the top. 

Also did a placemat top, finally. Just one! Like I said not much went down in the sewing room. :^D

I manage to get the purples out. Need to cut the second purple block (selvage on top of picture). I should have went with a scrappy background for this project as it is getting hard to find pieces of neutral fabric big enough to cut the 8.5" pieces. 

I will leave you with this poster found on the Internet. I hope all of you are well. 



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