Saturday 28 October 2023

Still At It ... and a Craft Show

I'm still working on the borders of the Irish Chain Star quilt. Joy from The Joyful Quilter asked how many pieces were in this quilt. Too many is my guess, lol.

A double border on the long side is done. (FYI, Joy, 118 squares were needed for this border alone.)  

I try to add a few stitches in the Ohio Star Shadow quilt on most evenings. 

Working on the grey and green block. Then, I'll move to the left and quilt the two light blue ones to finish the centre of the quilt. It's a slow and relaxing process. 

It was a busy week though. Before last Saturday morning, some ladies from the Artisanat group (me included) sewed some superhero capes for children. We had so much fun, acting like little kids, running around with our capes, lol. 

Last picture of the day. Now I can't remember what was the last count but there were over 50 capes done. 

The Artisanat also had its exposition and craft sale this past Saturday. 

3D cards for every occasion by Julie. 

These are gift boxes. Julie is so talented

So many different crafts; quilting, sewing, crochet, quilling, knitting, these girls know it all

embroidery cards

machine embroidery 

There were many more tables with lots of goodies but I didn't ask anyone if I could use their photos, so I'm just showing their beautiful work. I bought a jar of homemade raspberry jam. Delicious! 

The Artisanat also had an exposition at the YMCA. More goodies. 

A crochet shawl with beads for your pumpkin. So lovely. 

That is my mini quilt Cascadia, a sew-along hosted by Lori a few years ago. 
I had a second quilt exposed but I didn't take a picture of it. 

The next two quilts have so much work with lovely embroideries. The first one is hand-quilted. 

and that's all from me. 

Have a lovely weekend, everyone. 


Joining my group of talented ladies:

Friday 20 October 2023

So Much Work ...

This week I attached the last row of stars to the Irish Star quilt. 

What takes forever are the auditions for the border. I just can NOT pick any square and sew it to the previous one because I don't want two of the same fabric or colour to be too close to each other.

So the borders of this quilt require many hours of sitting on the floor, auditioning little 2" squares. 

But it looks good, does it not? 

Compared to the side with no border. Yeah. I think it is worth it. Please, don't remind me that I'll have to iron all those squares after. 😩

In my last post, I didn't mention what Nicole worked on at the retreat. Back in February, she worked on blocks her grandmother made. She added a border and pinned it so she was ready to hand-quilt it during the retreat. 

There was a new wall hanging in front of the restrooms. We think it was made by many hands. The butterflies' antennas are either drawn or embroidered.

Dancing in the wind. 

That's all from me.
Have a great weekend. ;^)

Joining these talented ladies this weekend
Wendy for Peacock Party

Friday 13 October 2023

All Fun and Games

I'm back from a retreat with my quilting friends. So many wonderful memories were made. They are such a lovely gang. I'm blessed to be part of this group of ladies. And you know what? Once again, we didn't take a group photo. Oh, well. We'll take pictures in February when we all get together again because we are going back. YAY!! 

Unfortunately, it rained all weekend long. I was looking forward to long walks in the woods, taking plenty of pictures of the trees and wildlife, but nope! Not this time. 

Fortunately, it rained all weekend, so we sew, sew, sew. (You see the reflections of the indoor lights)  

The entrance was decorated for Fall. 

Even the table and chairs got a Fall treatment. So cool! Above the table is a big window with a great view. 

The owners made this lovely honeycomb credenza, chest (?), or something. Anywho, it was a great place to put our shoes. 

We played games, and I won 2 fat quarters. Orange as it was the colour we had called last February. 

Some of the ladies brought gifts. Such generous hearts! 

Marie-Claude, a new lady to the group, made some lovely bird ornaments. She paints the Pellon Peltex (very stiff) and decorates the birds with some fancy stitches. 

She put them up for prizes so we pulled out names from a box and I won a bird. I, who don't love birds, haha! 

Lyne made a key fob with an angel. Sylvie and Dany made some bookmarks. My group, Françoise, Lucie, and Nicole, gave a notebook to each so they could write what they needed to bring next time or what they liked this time around.  
I hope you can see the golden thread on the bird in this picture. 

For the grand prize, each one brings a fat quarter.  

Guess who won this time?  

WHOO-HOO!!  Some are batiks, some are cotton, but all are wonderful! 

I didn't take any pictures but we ate, and sewed, and ate some more, and sewed some more ... well, you know all about that. 

On our way back home, Lucie wanted to stop at a quilt shop and I was more than happy to follow. We got lost because of detours due to the construction, but we got there before closing time. Phew! 

Annie Senneville, co-owner with her husband, welcomed us into her cute store. She is as lovely as her smile and very knowledgeable. We had a lovely conversation. 

It might look small but Annie knows how to optimize her floor space and has everything a quilter wants.

Fabrics, notions, rulers and so much more, stacked up to the rafters we might say

Great well-lighted room for giving courses 

This is the quilt she is teaching next week. Looks like something I would do, wouldn't you say? 

Long-arm service and sale

Inspiration corners here and there. Love the yellow and grey one

They also service and sell machines.  
You can see more at 

Merci beaucoup, Annie. À bientôt, j'espère. 

I splurged a little. I mean, who doesn't need more neutrals? 

But, what did I work on? 

I was so busy sewing that I forgot to take pictures but 
I'll leave you with a photo of the Irish Star quilt. 

Only one more row to go. Yay! More on that in the next post. 

Enjoy your weekend.