Sunday 27 July 2014

Sunday, Sunday

You'd think, after being away from the keyboard for so long, I would have something accomplished and lots of pictures ... nope! Sorry! Life got in the way and not much was done... quilting wise that is.

There is construction all over the city and I think I'm starting to have enough because I don't even feel like building some hexies diamond :(

I am still working on the dark green and have the next green in line ready to go but I don't feel lik...

What? Wait! That's not right.

It needs a light row in between the two greens.  Oh boy!  I'll blame the weather for that.  It is still in the 3H again today (hot, humid and hazy) and it makes me feel sluggish.

Maybe I need a break from this project ... maybe I need a new project.  \:^D   Oh! that's really a spirit lifter!!

Today, I will add a few stitches on Take 21 because it is set up in the basement where it is nice and cool. Hope you can stay cool too and join us at Kathy's place. You might also want to check out Audrey's place for hexies projects. She is replacing Angie as the host of the hexi weekend. You can find plenty of inspiration for new projects on these sites.

Until next time ... SMiLE ...  it looks cool!

Friday 18 July 2014

Friday Finish

... well finished a flimsy.  Let's say the crumb quilt's first phase is done. This is "Flannel Scrap Booking" for DS1.  It is not scrap booking with pictures but for him, it represent his past as clearly as some photos. He will get two quilts on his birthday: one from the past and one for the future. One will reign on his bed (I hope) and the other one will hug him when he is cold, sick, tired or just relaxing on the couch! (I hope). ♥He says he is not leaving home anytime soon♥ but I feel differently. (I hope I am wrong). Anywho, here it is:

I will machine quilt this one (my first one by machine).  I believe I have the backing already for it too. So, this weekend I will iron it good and basted it.  Which is best for machine quilting : baste with pins or thread? I know it depends on the person's preferences but I would like to know which one you recommend.

So now, can I start a new quilt? Ha! ha! ha! NOT! Even though I did receive my latest purchase yesterday, (The best of Fons & Porter Star quilts and some fabric) I canNOT start a new quilt NOW. I have to concentrate on DS2's birthday which is today but we will celebrate tomorrow. ♥Mister 18 years old♥ wants brownies as his birthday cake! Homemade brownies that is!  Well, of course, he will get it.   I will make the sacrifice and gain a few pounds just to please him LOL. The things mothers do!!

Until next time ... SM ;^) LE ... even crooked, it's still beautiful!

Wednesday 16 July 2014

Monday's Options on Wednesday night!

(I know I am late ...My Internet is acting up or is it Blogger?)

Anyway, on Sunday, I've cleaned up the sewing room and ran the vacuum.  I've put everything away. EVERYTHING!!! After a stressful morning, a clean slate is what the doctor called for. All those fabrics around me were screaming to be use in this project or that project, others were reminding me that I have promised to do this quilt and that quilt and ... oh my! shut the front door! (Paste a deep slow relaxing sigh HERE.)


When things calmed down, I was able to accomplish a few things. Lots of baking for the boys and laundry too but I'll skip talking about that since it is so boooooring! In the sewing room, I did manage to stir a quilt in the right direction...I think.

Previously, I have made these blocks

They are scrappy and pretty bright.  Then I did the Spool blocks which used up the beige scraps and it gives them an "older" look, if you know what I mean. 

When I put the two together, it looked like a "whatever's left in the fridge" kind of stew. I didn't like it. So I tried to do some blocks with more beige and the spools with more whites. Like this. 

I think I am getting somewhere...

... but I 'm not there yet. 

So that was my Monday. Tuesday just vanished.  Pouff!!  And now it's Wednesday!  This evening, I will sew borders on the crumb quilt. Hope you too can find your inner peace and piece some fabric together. :)

Until next time ... SMiLE ... and be awesome!

Sunday 13 July 2014

Climbing up the wall

gets me nowhere!!

HELP!! I can't create anymore! There is too many distractions, too many fabrics, too many plans!
(Deep breath girl, and smile.  You can do this.)

I need to put away some things or finish something because this is overwhelming me. I don't know how some of you can work on many projects at once.  I definitively don't have what it takes to do it. Have a look.

Spread on the floor is an auditioning session for the next colour/fabric of the hexagon quilt.

Next to it, is this scrappy blocks quilt that is also asking for eligible fabric auditions for the four missing blocks and it baffles me.  It's going in the wrong direction a.k.a. I don't drive off road!! 

The last bit of floor is taken by the crumb quilt (which I did find a good name for it at 3 o'clock in the morning and since I didn't write it down, I don't remember it anymore so it is still called the crumb quilt).  I need to finish the pieced borders for this one. Only three sides to go :)

And this is how my sewing room greeted me this morning. Who can sew with a desk like that in a room like this?  I get so distracted and waste so much time just shuffling things around, pulling out fabrics and scattering them all over just to put them back in and then I can't find them anymore for the auditions of the other quilt and the blocks and ... This is crazy!!

And the slow stitching corner looks like this. Not any better!  I know, I know, I need to finish Blooming Stars and deliver that one to my in-laws but I didn't have much time to sew this week. The pinwheel quilt in the background, acts as a cover up on Take 21 quilt that I am hand quilting. I need to take it all apart and redo the pinwheel one.  But REALLY not now.

I think I will just stuff ... NO! I WILL stuff something out of sight and deal with one or two projects' preps until they are done. After, I will get another one out and play with it for a little while. I need some elbow room in my sewing room and in my head.  Too many quilts, too little time is sooooo true!!

I will sit and sew the binding on.  I am half way there. I will also enjoy reading the links on Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching and I hope you will too.

Until next time .... SM;^)LE ... it alleviates the burden.

Monday 7 July 2014

Monday's options

Judy L from Patchwork Times was doing a scrappy BOM.  I said "was" because she, unfortunately,  had to stop due to technical problems with the linky thingy or something like that, things I don't truly understand yet. Anyway, it was the first time I'd joined a group and it was the first time I was challenging myself in using only scraps. Needless to say I was very sad to hear the news (and probably some of you too). These are my renditions of the blocks that Judy had proposed to us from January through May.

The last block was a Spool block which I love so I grabbed that idea and ran with it.

and ran some more .... (starting to sound like Forrest Gump!)

and then the news came that there will be no more.  :(

This past weekend I was looking at the blocks thinking "it's so sad.  All these beautiful blocks and nowhere to ... run.  But I can do this on my own. Yea why not? I know some 9 patch blocks! Go girl!!"
So I did!

Here is Prairie Queen in orange and green because I really don't have a lot of those colours in the quilt yet.

And tonight, I'll be working on another 9 patch of some kind. We'll see where it gets me. Oh! the thrills of the unknown. So this is my Monday's options; to make a quilt or leave the poor blocks on the shelf?  Yes, yes, I am running to my sewing machine to make a quilt out of them!

Until next time ...  SMiLe ... it sweetens the day!

Sunday 6 July 2014

Good morning

We didn't have access to internet for the last days so I am soooo glad I can finally catch up with everyone's news today. And I have a few things of my own to show you. First, a winning.

Rhonda from Ravelly 1 did a gorgeous mug rug and decided to give it away.  I won!

Isn't it pretty? I think it is too cute to put a cup of coffee on it so it will go up on my wall next to my little Abundance quilt.  I love when quilters show their walls all decorated with little mini quilts. Slowly but surely, I will get one too. And Rhonda's little birdhouse will rest on my wall of fame, it flew all the way from Texas. I will add a little label at the back lest I forget where it came from. Thank you soooo much Rhonda. I love it and the little note too.

Yesterday, I picked up my quilt from the quilter. OH MY!! I am so pleased but soooooooooo pleased!! First, let me remind you that it is my first time asking someone else to quilt my quilt and this particular quilt is for my in-laws. There is a big deal of trust involved in this business you understand. My mistake was to take a quilt that didn't belong to me for my first try with a quilter. What if she does a sloppy job? What if I don't like it; can I give away something I don't like? Can I put my label on something I don't like? Will I have time to make another quilt? So many doubts and fears went through my overworked imaginative mind. Then Julie posted about her experience with a new professional quilter and how unhappy she was with the job.
                                                Oh ....
my ....
                        heart ....
                                                 sank !!!
It is not my imagination: it does happen!! 
Anyway, I got to her place and she opens the door with such a lovely and honest smile, I just can't help but feel comfortable with her.  So we talked and she showed me the quilt and oh my beating heart!!! It's GOOOORRRRGEOUS!!! 

I am sooooo pleased!  It is nothing too fancy, just a simple allover panto that I had chosen with her help and suggestion, but it makes the quilt look so much nicer. 

Blooming Star : 85 X 102
All I need to do is the binding in dark blue.  All the threads are tucked in already and the edge has been cut and basted by her. Wonderful! It is so lovely.  I didn't really like this quilt at first because it is not the kind of quilt I do ... usually. I love scrappy, busy, with lots of things to look at or movement in a quilt. This one I find ... well ... boring but... not anymore!  Needless to say, she is now allowed to quilt any quilts of mine!! She also told me that they (her and hubby) bought a house in Arnprior for quilting retreats! Guess who is saving up to go on a retreat?  She is that kind of person, the kind who is so comfortable you immediately feel comfortable with her as if you had known her for a long time. Not like me, I am shy and awkward with strangers (believe it or not) but ... I want to try a quilting retreat at least once in my lifetime.
Anyway.... here is the back of the quilt. 

Did I mentioned I am pleased with it? 

It is raining this morning so it makes a darker picture.

Today, I will add my "famous" hexies flower label and attach the binding while reading what the other wonderful slow stitchers are up to on Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching

Until next time ... SMiLE ... please!  

P.S. If you want more info about this quilters' retreat, you can find it here.  If you want more info about her as a professional quilter, let me know and I will give you her contact number.