Saturday 26 September 2020

Boring Reds

I say boring because I don't have a lot to show for most of my time was spent in the kitchen or at work.

Some 9-Patch blocks because ... we always need more 9-Patch for something and they work so well as leader-enders. 

I did two more crumb bricks. 

I got so engrossed with the HSTs production that the button blocks were forgotten. Oops! So this is the beginning of the first one. 

I am thinking of using this metallic fabric for the second button but ... 
I never use metallic fabric. (It was given to me) So if I use metallic fabric in a scrap quilt, does it need to have more blocks with metallic fabric? Does the metallic blend in or does it steal the show from all the others. Your feedback is always welcome. 

As for those HSTs that obsessed me, there are 400 trimmed and counting... 

... a small portion was used in these free-motion practice placemats. 
Ready for free-motion quilting ... 

Ready for basting ... 

Ready for ... backing, that is to find one. 

Enjoy everyone! 


Angela at So Scrappy 
Frédérique at Patchwork and Quilts
Cynthia at Quilting is More Fun than Housework 

Saturday 19 September 2020

Sewing with My Sunglasses

What a wonderful way to start the weekend. 

On Friday afternoon (I had the afternoon off so ...), I headed outside with my sewing machine and my sunglasses. 

Worked on HSTs and with Red fabric as you can see. 

Got half a gazillion of HSTs done. Yes, red is included. 

Got one crumb brick done and the centre for the Spool block. 

My youngest son and I also got some apples at the orchard. Yum! 

Today is another sunny day. So out the door I go! I have lots of HSTs to trim ... with my sunglasses on.   


Joining Angela at So Scrappy
Frédérique for Patchwork and Quilts

Monday 14 September 2020

Enjoyed the Weekend

Looking at Gayle's Totally Demented quilt made me itch for some HST fun. So, I grabbed a container of triangles, set up the sewing machine outside and enjoyed the sun for awhile. 

It's a catch-all container where everything triangular ends up in. And it was overflowing so it did need some attention. 

The triangles are not all the same size, sometimes not even the same shape. 

There! Now I have a gazillions of HSTs. Next is to square them up. Give me a few minutes, please. Meanwhile, you may look at what I quilted.

Les paniers de Cécile also got some attention. I free-motion quilted some meanders. It is a practice piece. 

The binding is already attached. Come next Sunday, I will join Kathy for a Slow Sunday Stitching. 

I tried to make some free motion leafy something in the basket. Not that bad but more practice is needed for sure. 

Do you have a tip to share on how to stop and restart. Every time I stop to reposition the quilt (with the needle down on my DSM) I deviate from the trajectory. I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you. 

There! All done. The HSTs (163 of them) are all separated by size (2.5 and 2") and nicely trimmed. No, no, no. I am not starting a Demented quilt, lol. It's a wonderful quilt but no, thank you. :^D I do have a plan for these HSTs, well at least some of them. 

I only grabbed SOME of the smallest size. Still plenty in that container... for another sunny day. 
Lots of these are from Shakespeare in the Park Quilt. 

I sat down and rewrote the cutting instructions for Dreaming in Dutch. Since the instructions are for the entire quilt with only two reds, the flying geese units are made with a big square and you need 9. Anywho, I find it easier to have all the cutting measurements for the pieces of one side and then the cutting measurements for the mirrored side. Having them by colour was confusing. But that's probably just me.

Today, I am back at work. I am very grateful for this wonderful weekend.

Have a great week everyone. 


Joining Angela at So Scrappy

Friday 11 September 2020

Test Block in Red

Last post I mentioned this quilt: Dreaming in Dutch. 

Well, I actually did dreamed about it so much so that I had to give it a try. 

You need to be very organized to know which red to cut and which way to cut it too.  

Manage half but ... 

what's a sewing session without a blooper? I need to stay focus on this block. 
Cut more fabric, sew flip-a-corner style, and ... 

 Ah! much better. 

What do you think? Is it a good contender for RSC2021? 
a mirrored tulip

The block is 12.5 unfinished. I wouldn't make a big quilt like in the magazine. I would do a 4 X 6 layout, so 3 of each colour. We'll see if I keep it. There's still a long way to 2021, and there's always a gazillion of inspirations out there. 

Personally: The results of the biopsies are negative. I do not suffer from an infection of the artery's tissues. Yay! The headaches are gone for now, well, except the one induced by the surgeries. It's healing well, so all is good in the end. What happens if the headaches return? A neck/shoulder massage is the doctor's recommendation. Oh, I can live with that! lol. 

Meanwhile ... today (Friday) is a beautiful day with NO rain in the forecast. I'm setting up my sewing machine outside. More pictures to show next time. 

Have a great one. 


Angela at So Scrappy
Frédérique at Patchwork and Quilts

Saturday 5 September 2020

Change of Plans

I've been at it until it was done. I am so pleased with it. 

The original plan was to add some appliques on the border. I find the border pretty "naked" at the moment.

The mitered corners are almost perfect. Only one is off-centered. For a first try, I think this is excellent.

I had cut the fabric 7.5 inches, thinking I will have enough to add a diamond unit at intervals on the border. I didn't know the hexies were to eat 2 inches of that border.

A replica of the diamond will never fit "nicely" on this narrow border. So ideas for plan B are churning. 

Photo 1 for top and bottom

Photo 2 for top and bottom

Photo 3 appliques on the sides 

Photo 4

Photo 5

Which idea would you go for? Or if there other treatments you think of, please let me know.  There's always the possibility to quilt the border so that it makes its own design. Thinking ...  

For those of you who don't follow me on Facebook, I had a very fun week. NOT! I started my vacation on Monday, August 31. During the weekend before that, I was suffering from stabbing pain in my head and I could barely touch my skin, it was that painful. Saw the doctor on Monday who said I might be suffering from "Giant Cell Arteritis". It's an infection in the cell tissues of the arteries. So, got a prescription, order a blood test, and a biopsy. The next day, went for the blood test. Back home, DH said the hospital called for the biopsy. It is scheduled for tomorrow. I'm like "wow this is going so fast. It must be really bad". The next day, (Wednesday) at the hospital, told the doctor I only been taking the pills for two days. (The pill did work instantly on the searing pain, btw.) She didn't seem concerned and proceeded with the double biopsy. Yes, one on each side of the head. She removed about an inch for the artery above the temple. Needless to say, I have a different kind of headache now. Lol. 

The swelling is coming down real nice. Still waiting for the result of this test. So, sewing hasn't been on my mind lately. 

How about we finish this post on a happy note? Care for some reds? 
A dear friend gave me a big bag of scraps right before my vacation. Perfect timing. There were also magazines in the bag and I spotted this quilt. 

Dreaming in Dutch. If I could I would start that one right now. Instead, I tried to work on a crumb block. 
Here's my humble beginning with the colour red. 

Have a great long weekend everyone. 

Angela at So Scrappy
Frédérique for Patchwork and Quilts
Kathy at Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching