Monday 21 September 2015

Ah! Monday and its promise.

On Mondays, I usually decide what I will work on during the week (I promise to finish ...). Sometimes I do what I have planned to do and sometimes ... Plan B comes into the sewing room, ...  then Plan C, ... then Plan @#*#&  I-give-up!!! shows up.  I think that's what happen to this one.

 Hey look! No blue in this one lol. 

Started in June 2013, it is time for the blocks to see the light again and to share their plan with me. What does this quilt want?  Big sashing? Cornerstones? No sashing?

  Large border? Yellow?
The original Plan was to make a grey and yellow quilt. I love grey and yellow together. Because of my lack of yellows back then, it morphed (Plan B) into grey - yellow - orange - charcoal quilt lol.
How about more blocks?
  I have 6 rows of 4 blocks deep .... plus one and a few already cut but no whites. That's when Plan I-give-up showed up. :^D

Com'on, quilt! Talk to me!

Hot Wheels block

While we take our time to decide here, why don't you hop to Judy's place at Patchwork Times for more Design Wall Monday. Don't forget to check out Love, Laugh, Quilt for more Monday Making fun! Enjoy!

Until next time .... ;^)

Sunday 20 September 2015

Finish Sunday and some Slow Stitching

I started this quilt in 2011. My sewing machine was not working well (a cheap 1990 Singer that landed in the garbage!) and yet I've kept at it. It resulted in a poor craftmanship if you look closely ... so I won't take close up pictures hihihi!!
This block called Milky Way, along with many other names, has inspired me to name the quilt "Far Away".  The quilt was made during a hard episode in my life.  I had lost my job which I so loved. I got very depressed and my hand quilting do show my state of mind. By calling it Far Away, I ask those feelings to stay far away from me.
It has a border on two sides only as I wanted it longer and not square. (It is sideways on the clothesline.) It finishes at 78 X 86 inches.

Snowflakes, trucks, green frogs and soccer balls, every scrap of flannel I had went in it.

Dinosaures playing baseball, spiderwebs and even Sponge Bob got selected. (To my defence; it's orange fabric!)  :^D

Even the binding fabric got in the game. Brown frogs and a coffe cup too.

Love the scrappy-ness!! It will join the other quilts we have for movie night! I recall when one quilt was enough for the entire family. Now that I am the shortest person in the family, we each need a quilt. Some things change too fast for my liking. Oh well!

Now that the binding is all done on this one (it feels good to cross a project of the UFO list!), what will I be working on today for Slow Sunday Stitching ?
Well, I want to hand quilt Cascadia Doll Quilt which was a quilt-a-long with Lori at Humble Quilts.
 Lori started a new quilt-a-long which I will make so I want to finish Cascadia. I did a little bit of quilting, then stopped. I removed the stitches and the backing I used because the fabric is too thick and is hard to hand quilt.
It's a lovely fabric but not for hand quilting. Now to find something else. There is always the quilt of the century I can play with...

Row 31 is red. The fun continues!

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Saturday 19 September 2015

Shopping! ... and some sewing ...

The sewing is mostly to come since I didn't have much sewing time this week. I will share a little bit of what I did. But first, the purchases.

Look at this fantastic fabric! Oh I love it. And look at that price: $1.99! Wow! So happy. It is almost half a meter long so I have enough to bind a quilt. Have you guessed which quilt I will use it on? The RSC quilt! Yes! Still not sure about the border but already have the binding, hihihi!  

I did two more orange blocks for the RSC just because I have plenty of orange. 

I do have this fabric in all colour ways but I haven't used the green one. Why didn't I used the green? I must hunt for it because I know I've bought green in this print. 

Okay back to the purchase: I also bought some flannel because I still have two crumb quilts to do so ...

Two or three dollars a piece; some are more than half a meter or just half a meter. I also bought something I usually don't buy... 

Purple!! Funny how the camera keeps bring it up as blue. I must have taken a dozen pictures of this fabric and this is the best I can do and it is even not close to the real colour. It is truly purple like Eggplant purple! It is so beautiful and this one is cotton so ... More quilts! :^D 

Linking with Angela at SoScrappy for Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015.

Hope you have more sewing time than I. Enjoy! 

Until next time ... ;^)

Sunday 13 September 2015

The need to finish

Now that Shakespeare is a flimsy, you'd thing I'd start something new, right? Uhh! No! I have a craving for finishing something. So I'll pull out an older project and get it DONE!

I grabbed "Far Away" because it is almost done. Only needs the binding... or so I thought.

As I was cutting away the extra batting and backing, I came across this section and noticed something.
There is something missing on this border. Can you figure out what?

 Here's a picture of the border on the other side. Now, can you see what's missing? Yep! It's missing the quilting on one side! I laughed so hard I almost wet myself lol.
Why on earth have I put it away like that? Silly girl!

 Only a dozen stars, or so, to do and THEN, I will put the binding on! It's more hand sewing then I thought but that's all good.

"Far Away" is all flannel and very scrappy and busy. I picked a stripped green flannel which picks up the green in the border fabric so much better in real life than this photo shows. I think it adds order to the chaos of the quilt too.

I'll show more pictures of "Far Away" when it is done, hoping that, by then, the sun will be back in my backyard.

Hope you find some hand sewing to do today. Or you can just join us at Kathy's place (Kathy's Quilts) for more hand sewing eye candy.

Linking with Angie from A Quilting Reader's Garden for Wip's Be Gone. I know I am late but ... so what!

I am also linking with Cynthia from Quilting is More Fun Than Housework for Oh Scrap! This quilt is a true scrap buster. See you there.

I will also join Julie from Julie K Quilts for Binding Blitz. More inspiration. More fun.

Edited: You can see the finished quilt here.

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Saturday 12 September 2015

Orange September

Like so many of you, I am working with orange. These are the blocks I have done so far.

The orange is not singing in this picture as it is in real life because, well, I am a poor photographer but also because it is a very grey rainy day here. Meaning, it was fun playing with such a cheerful colour this morning, like cheddar, and pumpkin, and polka-dot, and plaid, oh yes!

While playing with the blocks, I started to ponder about a border. Not exactly sure what I will do but I think it needs some HST in its border. Maybe?

Well, I am making HST. This coming week will find me revisiting the rainbow, pulling out all fabrics used so far to cut one more piece of each colour.  

Wish I had thought about that in January lol.

So this is my orange story for now. See more orange fun at Angela's place aka SoScrappy.

Until next time ...


Wednesday 9 September 2015

Whatever Wednesday

Last week and the week before I did some sewing for my work place. We have a huge playroom for the children from 0 to 6 years old (well, it's more like 0 to 4) to come with their parents to play. In the playroom, there's a play kitchen of course. The play kitchen needed new oven mittens. Guess what I did? I offer to make them!!

First pair. These are pretty small, like for a toddler's hands.

Second pair. Why one is bigger than the other one? I really don't know.

Giraffe on a skate board, eating an ice cream cone that just happen to be floating in the air. Hilarious!

Anyway! That was fun and gave me some practice with the walking foot. Since the purpose of these was to protect the children's little hands from the heat, I used fleece for the inside of the mittens. making the mittens thick enough for a play oven. :^D

Until next time....


Monday 7 September 2015

Done with the Blues

It has been a while since my last post. Sorry about that but now I am back so let's get down to business.

What happened to these :

Yes, they got together and made a beautiful flimsy!!!

Shakespeare in the Park designed by Judy Martin

I am so happy with it. It's just so gorgeous to me. I started this one on May 22nd and it is already completed. Don't think I have ever done a big quilt so fast. It's 94 inches square, not quilted. It is the first time I think about a quilt so much. Everywhere I went, I kept thinking "oh, that blue would look good in Shakespeare!" Now, I am finally freeeeeee of all that!! On the other hand, now that I am looking at the pictures, I think I have some unpicking to do. The white stars in the dark blocks, in one of the diagonal line, are in the same position three in a row. The more I look at the picture, the more it is annoying me. Let's try another picture, shall we?

Okay? Yep! gotta change that! Arrrrghhhh!!

Since this is no longer on my Design Wall, what is? I was actually thinking about that last night; what will I do next? I know that I have to finish a few projects because they are taking over my sewing room and I don't like ... sharing my sewing room!!! SOOOOO, on with some finishing but which one? Hmmmm?!!?

I know that I want a break from the blues. I did Stars Blooming for my In-laws, (which took like forever).

I did this little place mat for a friend. 

Then I had to catch up on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge and did two blue challenges in one month: Indigo and Aqua.

So, I am all "blued" out, lol.

While looking at my RSC, I decided to take the blocks out to see what kind of fun they are having and they are having plenty of it. So cheerful after all that blue!

I will be doing more oranges of course since it is the month for orange. YEAH!!

and then, I will finish something. My list of UFOs is long, so I am positive I will find something to keep my hands busy. :^D

I am joining Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday. Also joining Love Laugh Quilt for Monday Making. See ya there!

On Tuesday, I will join Nicky from Mrs. Sew and Sow for Scraptastic Tuesday.

Until next time ... sssssmile!