Friday 24 November 2023

Scrap Basket and Mending Quilts

It took a long time but I got the mending done! Whoop Whoop!

Some of you might remember my Kitchen Party quilt. My son (the third one of the name) had it on his bed. During a visit to his place, I noticed how used the quilt was. 

The yellow fabric must have been of poor quality because it is the only one that disintegrated. Sigh! Some emergency repairs were needed. 

I made a block using some lemon prints because the first block was obliviously made with a "lemon" fabric. It was hard to hand-stitch the block on top of the old one and sew through all those fabrics where all the triangle points meet. 
I have just noticed that the new broken dish block doesn't face the same way the others do. Oh well! All I need to do now is to quilt the repairs. DS will be happy to have his quilt back. 

On to the next quilt. 
This quilt is on my bed. DH's corner of the quilt has been abused by his beard. Time for repairs, I just can't procrastinate any longer. 

I was lucky that the fabric from the curtains was big enough to cover both sections. (Sometimes the quilt is placed upside down on the bed, so both ends need repairs.) The bonus about this: the quilt now matches the curtains. It is a quilt bought at Sears about 15 years ago. One day, I'll stop making quilts for others and have one of my own on my bed. Some day! 

I played with bits and bobs sewing them up to make yardages. 
Here's my finished brown scrap bag. 
Side A with cats and a lone wolf. 

Side B with deer by the stone wall. It is lined with a soft brown-lined ivory sparkled with pink roses. 

I had three ziplock bags of brown scraps so I made a big scrap basket, so much so that it isn't half full. On the left side, you can see the bottom. The tiny little bits are in a plastic bag. I like to keep them separate from the bigger pieces. It is easier to locate them when I make crumb blocks. 

I'll be joining Joy for her Table Scrap Challenge. Although I haven't used any letters (it's an option, right?) I did use lots of table scrap. Winner!

After all was said and done, I found these parts that equal almost half of a basket. No wonder it took me such a long time to sew this one. Ha! Oh, well, I now have parts for a brown crumb quilt. 

Bonnie K. Hunter started her annual Mystery Quilt this morning. In an attempt to resist starting something new, I occupied my mind with Lori's (humble Quilts)  QAL Parsonsfield. I know, I know, it is still starting something new but this one is small and it's so cute. It won't take long to do. I want to have a few finishes before embarking on a big project, you know what I mean. So here's where I'm at. 

The centre is made. 

I thought the red roses would look nice beside the centre's navy blue flowers but after seeing the photos, I'm not so sure anymore. Another "Oh well!" Too bad. 

My leader-ender is Paper Chain Block. 

And that's it from me. 
Have a great weekend, everyone. 

I found this site and thought you might like seeing it too. Cindy Needham makes hexagons out of old laces and handkerchiefs. Gorgeous and inspiring! Enjoy.

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Friday 10 November 2023

I Woke Up and It Was Winter

Like many of you, we got some snow for Halloween.

Well, it's better than looking at a sepia-tone landscape. 

It didn't last, but I still had to make a flaky friend. 

It wasn't easy as the snow was very wet. My new friend 2023, lol. 


Sewing a little here and there moves things along.
Irish Chain Star is a top. Yay! 
All borders are attached. 

Lorraine asked where to find this pattern. (Lorraine, you are a no-reply comment. I hope you visit my blog often enough to get this information. Enjoy!) I found the pattern on the Wedding Dress Blue blog. 

While finishing Irish Star, my leader-ender project was to sew little bits of brown to make "yardage". I'm not close to a finished scrap basket, but it is a start. 


I got a few stitches in Ohio Star Shadow.

The two light blue blocks are done, meaning the centre is all quilted. I am now working on the split Ohio Star in brown. Only 72 blocks to go. 

Raven feels the cold coming. He is growing himself a winter coat. 

I have a hard time taking nice pictures of him because he always comes to me when he sees me. 

"Hey, Mom! Since you are not busy, how about petting me? Com'on! Just half an hour massage would be nice." 😽

That's all for now. I have lots of mending to do next week. (Yuck!) I'll be happy when it is all done. 
Whatever you do, enjoy it! ;^)

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