Saturday 30 March 2019

I'm Getting There

It didn't go as planned ... as it usually does for me but I'm getting there regardless.

In my last post, this is what I had to assemble. The yellow fabric is an oldie from my mother's stash. It frays a lot. I mean A. Lot.

Anywho! During the week, I worked on the setting triangles. It was trials and errors but I got there. My plan was to have it finish for the weekend ... March 23!

On Tuesday evening, I had this done.

Last Saturday, I got this far. It was puckering from every triangle. Lots of un-stitching occurred. And more fraying too, of course!

On Wednesday, March 27th, I got it done. Okay, it's not perfect but done is better than perfect. It is less wavy than it was at first. Because of the fraying fabric, seam allowance on many places is only 1/8.  It looks good to me and I'm happy with it ... now that it's done, ha!
I wanted to pin it and quilt it but another one had all my pins and beat the basket quilt to the sewing machine.

Yes, I have finally started the quilting on the flannel quilt. It is so huge and heavy but I'll get there. (I saw my Doctor on Wednesday and he asked me to step on the scale. Ouch! I believe wrestling with this beast will do me good. :^D)

Also got all the greens for Good Fortune done. The bonus triangles aren't pressed as I know I won't use them for the border. I'll find something else to do with these. (The Joyful Quilter has a mini Supernova that is very tempting. Check it out here.)

And then ... sigh ... I did it. I finally got there! Got to the place where I can sew another blue. 😇

Jack's Delight is September 19 block. Don't know what's wrong with the lower left section of this picture but believe me it isn't crooked. It has 25 pieces and measures 3.5 inches. I love it.

Now that I'm there, I need to cut more little blue blocks and cut more blues for Good Fortune too. Oh! I'll me knee high in blues and I'll be as happy as a unicorn eating pink ice cream! lol.


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Saturday 16 March 2019

What's going on?

In case you are wondering what's going on with me, here's what I'm up to.

Since yellow was the color for February, I wanted to play with these baskets and finish this little quilt. So I played with it and changed the blocks around and tried to sew the sashing with the little cornerstones but I kept sewing them on the wrong side. Or I would decide to move the block to another place and then the sashing was on the wrong side of the block. In any way, I did very little progress on this project.

This is the final layout and I did manage to get the sashing and cornerstones on properly. Now I need to cut some setting triangles and sew the rows together. Notice that from the 16 baskets I've made for the original quilt, I am down to 13. The others will play on the back.

Then I got the flu! I thought I had missed it this year because we are now in March and flu season should be over. Well, just like our Winter isn't over (we got 3 inches of snow on March 13th), so is flu season. So many people are sick at this moment. Needless to say, not much sewing happened during this time. But I did some cutting. (I don't have a Go-cutter or Accuquilt for these pieces, yet.)

Cut some greens.
 Anyone remembers fabrics that were sewn together somewhere along the bolt?
This is very old fabric, maybe from the 50s? It comes from my mother's stash. (no, I'm not that old, lol.) I cut what pieces I could then cut out the stitches. This is what it looks like after the stitches are removed. It will go into the string bin as the edge isn't thicker than the fabric. I was able to use up a few older fabric and I'm happy about that. Good riddance.

So, like I said, 1 cut a lot of green. 100 pieces of them along with 200 pieces of neutral. (no pictures). Since these pieces are the same size as the pieces I'll use in another project, I cut some more for that kit project too.

It a little more than half full. Wonder if I have enough for a quilt yet?

As I was cursing sewing the sashing on the baskets, I spin these green through the machine.
Not once but twice. They are now all cut and ironed out, waiting for the third and fourth pass through the sewing machine.

I haven't worked on the 365 Challenge. What? You don't believe me? Well, okay, technically, I did work on the 365 Challenge. I cut some fabrics. Again.

I'm always edgy when I use my blue fabric because I want to have enough left to do the corners. I don't want to use a blue for the corners that isn't in the quilt as I want the quilt to look cohesive.

So, I got the third corner pieces all cut and tagged, sealed in plastic baggies.

This weekend I would like to cut the last corner in the same way. Then what's left of the blues will be up for grab with no worries. Yeah!

Now, you might ask what do we do when all the snow is frozen. We play cars. (the picture was snapped before March 13th and the new snow.)

They don't sink into the snow so it's a whole lot of fun. (The antenna of the remote is at an awkward position, but believe me, my son isn't peeing in this picture, lol.)

That's it. That's where I'm at. For now.

At work, I got news that is hard to swallow; I'm being transferred. 😭 But I love my gang and I love my job, but noooooo, I have to go! We are opening two new centres and I have been "promoted" (not) to one of them. The farthest one! Darn! My commute ride will be longer by 40 minutes daily. 😭 And I won't be driving through the lovely forest anymore either. 😭 Oh, I have to resign myself and accept this as there is no way around it. I am happy that I was chosen to look after the new centre but ... 😥

Anywho!! Let's get back to cutting. Seems like I'm in a chopping mood lately, lol.


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Friday 1 March 2019

Finally a "Ta-Dah" Moment

My first finish of 2019 is my first I Spy quilt. I'm sure I will make more like this because it was fun.

I got up early this morning to take pictures in the sunlight. :^D
It's a pattern that I took from Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. You can find the original inspirational quilt along with the tutorial Sarah gives so generously for free right here. Thank you, Sarah. You are my inspiration. 😊

I did a very simple quilting because I didn't want to cover the lovely prints too much.

Some of the prints are cotton, others are flannel. In this picture, you can see that our beautiful snow is actually ice. 😞

There's Taz, the M&M guy, stars, cardinals, buttons, flying saucers ... 
It measures 54" X 54" ; big enough to play find and seek with the 136 different prints. I see from the pictures that I am not quite done with sewing the threads' ends in. Oops!

... worms, Batman, dinosaurs, pumpkin, trains and Chinese ladies. Even Santa is included.  

I'm joining Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for "Can I Get a Whoop Whoop?"

Have a great weekend everyone.


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