Friday 25 August 2023

ABC Table Scrap Challenge + +

The Joyful Quilter called the letters X and O for this month's ABC Table Scrap Challenge. I thought it was an easy one. Here's what I did. 

I challenged myself some more. The additional goal was to use only scraps from the Multi-coloured Basket as it was overflowing (and still is, btw) except for yellow (August's colour). 

This is how it went. Yellow - checked

Scrap #2 - checked 
Colours are truer in this picture. 
This floral scrap was picked because it has little dots of yellow in the background.  

Contrat: Scrap #3 and 4 - checked 
Nope! Try again. 

Mmm, better but ... let's try again. 

Yes! That's more like it. In this picture and the last one, the top fabric is purple and matches the purple in the floral fabric. Just so you know. 

Then, I started to assemble the blocks but I forgot to take pictures. (I know, right! What an airhead! Lol)

It didn't take long to realize that the floral fabric wasn't big enough to make all four blocks. So the hunt in different bins started. Checked in the dark neutral box; checked in the white scrap bin; checked in the 2.5" pieces drawer, and in the 3" drawer but couldn't find another piece. I was only missing 2 pieces. Darn! 

Back into the Multi-coloured Basket for something else. Something that matches? Something that contrasts? Mmmm. How's this one? 

Good enough she said. Whoohoo! 

In no time at all, I had my challenge finished. There's a big "bear hug" in yellow, a little kiss full of flowers and another little hug in purple in the middle of it all. So I call it OXO. It finishes at 16.5" square and it lays flat, flat like a pancake, I say! Not at all like last month's Table Scrap (crooked) Challenge. Haha. 

The quilting was free-motion hearts with lace (?). 
Not sure if you can see this one. It is almost perfect. 

This one is more visible, I think. My stitches aren't always consistent, but I'm improving. 

 The hearts were not all that good-looking. I'm still learning this skill. 

Some look like deflated balloons. 

No alcohol was used to accomplish this beautiful, shaky design, lol. 

It was a great practice piece and I love it. It will not be added to my Wall of Fame as I want this one above my computer. Yes, I want to look at it all the time. 

So, there you have it, my entry for the ABC Table Scrap Challenge is CHECKED! 
Thanks, Joy, for the fun challenge. Xox

On the working front: Some of you know that I'm looking for a job at present. Like any serious job seeker, I tagged many job posting sites with the type of work I qualify for. My mailbox rings from 8 to 42 times a day. Not all of these are as per my specifications or in my region. It turned answering your comments into a hunting game. I will prevail; do not despair. 😉

I managed to turn some Paper Chain blocks into quadrants. 
I took a picture only because. if you're like me, you love to look at other people's fabric, right? 

... and I am joining Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitches as I am stitching down the binding on Jacob's Summer. More on that next week. Hopefully! 

Take care, everyone. 


Joining these ladies over the weekend. 

Saturday 12 August 2023

Thank Goodness for Sunny Yellow

We had a rainy week. It rained almost every day; if not during the day, it would at night. I appreciate the bright yellow in my sewing room. So good for the soul. 

I finished the 3 yellow Irish Stars from the last week. 

Then, I assessed what was missing for this quilt to be completed as all the colours it needs have been called by Angela already. 

Some purple stars were added... 

... as were two pink stars. One more star is waiting for its background fabric to be cut. 

The total is 46 stars done; 8 are missing. I was to do 7 stars of the 7 colours but some colours have only 6 stars done, namely orange, green, and pink. Then I will put the blocks on the design floor and see which colour needs one more star. I'm thinking bright yellow as two of its stars are gold and kind of dark. Also missing are 29 alternate blocks. Two were constructed this week bringing my total to 25 blocks.

I finished 10 blocks for the Friends' Favourite quilt. 

These are so much fun to do as anything goes.

Six blocks and four alternate blocks.

I quilted Jacob's Summer this week as the weather permitted me to do so outside a few times. 

That's all I have, my friends. 
Have a lovely week. 

Saturday 5 August 2023

Moving to Yellow

A wee problem with the Internet this morning; I had none.

A wee bit of sewing this week.
Two yellow Irish Stars and ... 

Two golden Irish Stars. They are more golden in person but that's the best I could do because I'm a lousy photographer. Sorry. 

Since the Internet was MIA this morning, I sewed some more. 

I have three more yellow Irish Stars waiting for their turn at the sewing machine ... 

... but I'm having too much fun sewing Friends' Favourite blocks to finish the stars. Haha. 

More on that next week. 

Have a great one! 


Joining these talented ladies: