Friday 30 September 2016

Last day of September

Little bits of sewing were made during September, most of which were for the Craft Sale, therefore not exactly quilt related. 

My OMG (One Monthly Goal) for September was to make a baby quilt using a meter of dove grey fabric I had in my stash for a long time. Some of you might remember this photo. 

I was first inspired by the quilt in this picture. (sorry it is somewhat small) Should I make it grey and lime or grey and yellow? I spent many days trying out different fabrics and then, my plan changed. Ever happened to you? 

On this last day of September, I am sorry to say that my progress looks like this; 

Not much, but it is a beginning. The blocks are 5.5 inches unfinished. Now that I look at the picture, I don't like the first orange square on the left. It is showing more white than I expected. 

I will join Heidi at Red Letter Quilts when the October goal setting link party opens as this project will become my focus point for the next month. 

With my first cup of coffee in hand, I like to read blogs. This morning was no exception. LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color posted an interesting subject and lots of quilters answered her. I am adding the link here, so you can go and check it out. She is cleaning up her sewing room and came across some orphan blocks. She asks if we lose track of our UFOs, if we make blocks as a try-out and if so what do we do with them after, and things like that. In the comments, I found a few things I will start to do. Maybe you'll find some good suggestions too or you have one or two to offer her. Anywho, I have enjoyed reading that one. 

Until next ... oh almost forgot!! 

It was sunny (well, enough) so I took pictures outside of the RSC2016 top.


Not sure yet. Let me sleep on it. 

Some viewers ask me for the pattern and I obliged. If others would like the pattern for this block, just let me know and please make sure I have an email address to reach you. :^D

Also joining Angie at A Quilting Reader's Garden for WIPs be gone, because it is good to see the progress made on our WIPs. 

Until next time ... 


Monday 26 September 2016

It's still Monday

I know it is late but it's still Monday and I am joining Love Laugh Quilt for Monday Making. If you will forgive me my tardiness, I have a few pictures I wish to share with you.

You remember this, from my last post.
 My RSC2016 is almost done. I added a coral block at the bottom of the quilt but didn't really liked it. The "Hot Pink" is very nice but

this salmon fabric does nothing to me.  It looks like so ... tired. It had to go ... some place where the sunshine to catch a good nice tan, lol.

Meanwhile, I hired a baby blue block to replace it. It adds a little note of softness to the quilt that I like.

As I had said in my last post, I wanted another yellow one. So I chose a bright, happy one, to contrast with the more golden one previously made.

Finally, here is my RSC2016.

I think the punch is the rainbow block. I am in love with this one even if the lines aren't as aligned as I wish they were.

I rushed to finish it this evening as the inspiration for the rainbow block hit me and I wanted to see it completed.  I love it. Don't be surprise if the word Carnival appears in its name. That's all I can think of when I look at this quilt. :^D 

I had promised some pictures of the gift bags I made (and still making) for the Craft Sale in November ? October? Gosh, I hope it's in November! Pink has booked us a table somewhere. (I only follow her and make things to sell, lol.)

I know the picture is not the best but, like I said, it is late and also dark and raining where I am so an indoor photo will do for this time. (More to come) Some bags are completely done, some are still looking for their drawstrings. The top left one, hanging from the rung, is a wine bottle bag; much longer and narrower.  It also has a more Christmas flavor than the others. I need to get the Christmas fabrics out and sew more like that.

Sew will be my week; sewing Christmas bags and butterflies.

Hope you all have a great sewing week too,

Until next time ...


Psst! Don't forget to visit Love Laugh Quilt for more inspiration. :^D

Friday 23 September 2016

Lots of Broken Dishes

I didn't realised I had been away from Blog Land for so long. I visited regularly but didn't blog as I didn't sew much and had nothing of interest to show.

I was busy with pleasant and unpleasant appointments, visited my dear friend Pink (and ended up sleeping over; what fun we had!!), celebrated my first born's birthday and this weekend, it is our wedding anniversary. I am also learning (re-learning?) how to knit. lol

On the sewing front, the 40 Broken Dish Blocks were done in this fabric ...

and 40 more in this fabric.

That's 80 Broken Dish Blocks. I am not calculating how many HSTs were involved in these blocks because each had to be trimmed!  :^{

I will mailed these blocks to Barb (Fun with Barb) on Monday.

This past week, I whipped up the Peace and Plenty block for my RSC2016 quilt. I really like this one.

I got the rest of the blocks out to see where I was since I haven't seen it in a very long time.  Yep, I like it.

Last night, before I realise what was happening, ( I was listening to an audio book, one of Agatha Christie's mysteries. I still love her books.) the RSC2016 looked like this;

Well, no point in putting this one back in the box, right? I'll be finishing this project today as I might have a few more hours of sewing time. I think another yellow block is needed and one in  ...  ??  ... another colour! :^D
(Sorry Angela for jumping the gun but I took advantage of the fact that I had time to sew yesterday.  :^D )

I haven't done the Westering Women blocks of August AND July. Like I said, not much was happening here lately. Although I did put together a few gift bags. In my next post, I promise to show pictures. (Mental note; take picture of bags.)

If you are wondering about my OMG challenge, I'll simply say it won't be done this month. Here's where I'm at.

No sewing done on it yet. I changed my mind more times in one day than there is hours in it. I finally started to cut the fabric so I must have settled on something.
I'll show you more in a future post. Promise.

Today, I am with Sarah because I want a "Whoop! Whoop!" for breaking all those dishes, lol.

I will visit also Angie at A Quilting Reader's Garden for the fun of seeing WIPs being done.

On Saturday, you can find me at Angela's place for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Until next time ...


Friday 2 September 2016

365 Challenge is marching on and I have a plan?

I have made some blocks for the 365 Challenge. I am getting so far behind that I can't see the dust cloud from the group before me anymore! Whatever! I am having fun at my own pace. Slow Poke won the race after all.

Now I've said in a previous post, that June was the month with the most pieces. So let's see what I did.

June 8th was Odd Fellow Chain
73 pieces - I love this one very much but bigger please. All these blocks finish at 6 inches so they are 6.5 at the moment.

Kathryn is sweet enough to put one block with lots of pieces followed by one with a whole lot less. Thanks Kathryn.

Steps to the Altar

24 pieces

Twelve Crowns
121 pieces. This one has 48 HSTs, with 32 of them trimmed down to 1 inch. So what you see is half of an inch HSTs. The HSTs in the inner circle are constructed in a different way so there was no need to trim those. Again, thanks Kathryn.
Any block following this one would be less pieces, well that's what I am hoping for.

Salute to the Colours
40 pieces. It's not a bad block. My rendition doesn't do it much justice I think.

June 12th Hen and Chickens
44 pieces. I am sooooo in love with this one. Oh! Yesss, it's on the RSC list. You will see more of this one for sure.

To keep the chicken population under control, I think, Kathryn chose Eagle's nest for July 13th.
 45 pieces.

Gretchen came next

32 pieces. At this point, I thought the next one would have a lot of pieces because we had a few with, somewhat, reasonable amount of pieces. So ...

Girl's Favourite
40 pieces.
Okay, I was wrong but I didn't like the look of this one. Kathryn didn't assembled it as I thought it would be assembled. She made it as a nine patch and it was so easy to make. Now, it's on the RSC list too.  :^D

Okay so June 16th brought Windmill

and BANG!! There's the biggie with 104 pieces. Many, many HSTs trimmed down to 1 1/4 inch. Not all though, because those touching the bigger triangles are supported by a square on each sides and then they are trimmed. Much easier way to do than what I had envisioned.

If you have counted them, you know that there more than seven blocks here. Yep, well, I had some good days lol.

The total of this loooonnng week in June, is 523 pieces.
The total for June so far is 848 pieces. (I am barely over the middle of the month.)
The grand total for the year is 4 390 pieces. Oh my! I think I fainted a little. (lol)

Unfortunately I am running low on some brown / tan coloured fabrics. I'll have to go shopping. Poor me, right?  Lol.

Now I said I have a plan. Actually, I THINK I have a plan for my OMG.
I could finish June and July in the 365 Challenge. Nope.
I could finish my MIL's table runner. Nope.
I could make the placemats (not even started yet) for my friend. Nope.
I could quilt Shakespeare in the Park. Nope.
What really, but really needs to be done is ... a baby quilt. NO, NO, not for me. No, my gosh. Thank you very much, but no thanks! I would like to show a quilt at the craft show come November, to see the reaction of the public. Between you and I, I would like to sell some quilts.

SOOoooo, the grey fabric the blocks are sitting on, in the last picture, is what I would like to use as background fabric. Solid, soft grey with ... I don't know. There's too many ideas in my head I can't pick one. Anywho! That's my One Monthly Goal for September.

Joining Heidi at Red Letter Quilts.

Joining Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

Hope you go and visit too. There's so much goodies to see.

Until next time ... try to stay in stitches!