Saturday 18 February 2023

Stepping Up to Pink

It's snowing. It must be Friday. 
Yep, yesterday, Friday, February 17th, we got more snow. This winter, the weather is getting as accurate as Big Ben! It is almost funny. Almost!

We have a long weekend here in Canada, celebrating family time together. Does it mean I have more time to sew? I need to prepare more things for my sewing retreat next weekend. I'm so excited! But I might sit and sew too. 

Meanwhile, I did get a wee bit of sewing done this past week. 

Two pink Star Bloom blocks. The blocks look better when 4 of the same colour are together. There were only two pink blocks so with these new ones, I have a complete foursome. At the beginning of this project, I used the same white for the same colour thinking that I wouldn't put two pinks next to each other. Now that the layout has changed, I'm kind of in a pickle with my way of sewing these but ... oh well! Life happens and wine helps! 

My design wall sums up my sewing for this week. 

Some of the girls I sew with use a tackle box to carry their sewing notions. I think it is a great idea. 

I found this one at a second-hand store. With time, it will fill up I'm sure. I like its name. 

And that's all for now. Have a great weekend everyone! 


P.S. I know I am behind in replying to your comments. I'm sorry. I've got the flu (still sick) and missed an entire week at work. When I returned to work, I was tagged with training the intern which left me completely drained at night. But I will get back to your comments. You can count on it. ;^) 

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Saturday 4 February 2023

The Bluest Saturday

(I know it is now Pink month but this was to be posted two weeks ago.)

Lots of projects to choose from but I'm stuck on this one.

Irish Star blocks: love making these little stars. 

I need to make a few alternate blocks too otherwise there will be too many to do at the end and I might get bored. 

Someone commented that I have a lot of projects with solid-coloured fabric. It made me look at my projects differently and an idea popped up. 
The only project that I have with only solid-coloured fabrics is the Buckeye Beauty variant. 

The idea is to add a border of tone-on-tone blocks. It might just bring it to a decent size. Thanks, Linda for the inspiration. 

I don't seem to have a lot of tone-on-tone blues but managed to make four. 

The bright blue one might not get into the quilt but I'll see how it plays once I have more blocks done. 

Most of my sewing time was spent cutting squares for Twinkling Scrap Star (Galaxy Star). Should I sew them into HSTs now or do it at the retreat? 

9-Patch, anyone? 

On to Pink. 
Have a great scrappy week. 

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