Saturday, 27 March 2021

Calling Spring

Here's my green for March. Didn't do much but I tried.

If I made tiny little Green Shoo-fly blocks, chances are I've made a Tulip block. 

I made some big Green HSTs too. I finished the one I cut last week and added a new lighter green. There are now 7 green blocks to sew for the second HST quilt. 

What about the first HST quilt? 

It's coming along too. Plenty of greens in there. 

Oh yes, the Tulip block! Here it is! 

... with my green-eyed monster. 

Doesn't this block look like spring?  

Have a great one! 

Saturday, 20 March 2021

Today, it's Officially Spring ...

... and International Quilting Day! What better way to celebrate these two than stitching up some green?

I did some green HST. Are you surprised? Five done and one ready for my next sewing session. 

I got surprise bags this week with some unbelievable goodies. 
As usual, I got lots of gorgeous pieces of fabrics and a good selection of magazines too. 

A lady sent me her entire collection of Thimbleberries blocks! 
All twelve blocks' instructions are there with the fabric. Block 13 is the border and she used some of the fabrics to make something else, but I don't care. I consider myself SO lucky to have all the blocks. I'll have a Safe Haven quilt soon. 😍 Thank you, madam. 

Another lady made some blocks to share with a group of quilters. She sent me all of her 36 blocks. Can you believe that?!!

They are purple but I always have difficulty taking a nice picture of purple. Just believe me, it's very nice fabrics! 
Hand applique Whirly Gig.
Each lady wrote her name on the blocks. Some I can't read because it's too dark on dark. I know none of these ladies. 🙁 But I am grateful to all of them. 😊 Thank you, ladies. 

I also worked on my HST quilt but this happened. 
Darn! Should have gotten some pictures of the layout before letting the cat in. I will learn. Haha! 

This little black fur ball with eyes of Emeralds is called Raven. He's been with us a week now and we found out that he's a little thief. Yes, he is! He stole our hearts, 💝 all of them. The boys who had the "Ugh! Not a cat!" attitude, got on their knees to play with him and they built him a "house" to sleep in. 😸 

We are such good slaves! 😇

He sneaked in every corner of this big house and found my sewing mojo. 😁 Thank you to my friend Pink for finding him for me. He's the perfect cat! Love you, Pink! 

He's not a very good quilting buddy yet, he's only 3 months old and this is his first quilting experience. I'm sure he'll learn quickly as he is very smart. Little ferret! 

"Okay, human, enough of this nonsense and play with me. You hear!?"