Saturday 28 September 2019

Not Much

Really not much but still I managed to get one day closer to the end.

October 18 - The House That Jack Built has 21 pieces

Only 74 more blocks to do. I know, I know. Not exactly a giant leap, lol. I'll try to do better this week.

Oh, no, I might not be able to because I have a big mouth.

The early childhood educators at work want to do a sensory book. They asked me if I had any textured fabric. Of course I have fabric!! As I listened on how they wanted to do this book, my brain was going in another direction. So I said: "why do a book where the child can only touch the textures when we could do little bags like for a toss game? The child will be able to manipulate the bags and have a better feel of the textures." They adopted that idea right away. So guess who has to sew the little bags?

Yes, your one and only big mouth friend. But, hey, it's for children and it's sewing. What am I complaining about?

Before I start sewing with the textured fabric, I need to sew the inside envelop. Since the bag will be filled with sand, I'm thinking an envelop is needed to keep the sand in. Sometimes because of the texture of the fabric, there's little gaps between the stitches so ... I got my mother's old white (and not so white) fabric out for the envelops. This is a good place to use it up I think.

I did three more little 9 Patch blocks too.

The one on the right is eggplant purple but it never photographs well. Not sure if I'll keep sewing these as my Leader-Ender or if the next 365 block will be the LE during the envelop sewing session. Will see which one is easier on my poor brain this morning.

Have a wonderful week-end. It's raining here this morning but there's hope for a beautiful afternoon.


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Saturday 21 September 2019

What was I thinking?

Did some wee sewing.

Table for four - 29 pieces. The tiny little HSTs around the middle block were trimmed down to 7/8 of an inch. It finishes at ... well, it is too small to be repeated.

Baby Bunting - 16 pieces
Isn't that a cutie?

Beginner's Choice - 36 pieces. The original block was made with lots of Y-seams (again?) but this time, I've manage to skip them, (eh, eh, eh!) using instead the friendlier partial seams. Really! What was I thinking? That sewing partial seams on a one inch piece of fabric would be easy? I thought THAT? Please, someone, get me off these pills!
After much cursing and the use of lots of pins to move the little pieces around (instead of my big fingers), I manage to make one. Gosh! Three more to go! The units are 2 inches unfinished.
It took me all Saturday afternoon to put this one together. Oh well, too bad for the housecleaning: I ran out of time for that. :^b

I should now be good for a few easy blocks, hopefully, as per Kathryn's habit.

Beginner's Choice (which I really doubt that it is) falls on October 17th, meaning that I only have 75 more blocks to go. Whoop Whoop!

Hey, Gorgeous Blue, wait for me.


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Saturday 14 September 2019

No Way! Not Doing It.

I didn't sew much this week but I do have a little bit to show you.

First, what's a sewing session without a blooper? So I started with that!

(I swear I don't do these on purpose.) (Just notice I have the same fabric twice in this one. Darn!) (Nah! It will be fine once it is fenced in by the other blocks.)

Got it fix.

Now that that's done and out of the way, the rest of the session should go like a breeze, right? Of course!

Three different size headaches on my design wall.

Next block for the 365 Challenge is

Our Editor with 24 pieces. I think the bottom needs a little bit of editing.

Then comes October 13, Puss in the Corner.

I've never seen Puss in the Corner made this way but it makes a nice block.

I looked at the next block for October 14: Bachelor's Puzzle. And I said "NO WAY!"

"NO WAY!" 

What does the Bachelor's Puzzle look like, you ask.

It looks like this:

If you know me at all, you know I don't like Y-seams and they don't like me right back. Have you noticed how many Y-seams are in this 3.5 inches block? Look again. Look closely!

Waaaayyyy too many for this little girl. And that's in a 3.5 inches block!

"NO WAY!" I am not doing this one.

So, I went searching for another block.

Kathryn (designer of 365 Challenge) is so considerate of people's different levels of expertise, that she added a few "bonus" blocks during the year and I was smart enough to save them.

Somewhere during the year, it was my birthday, right? (yes, I grew older too even if it doesn't show much, lol)  So for this quilt, let's pretend it is October 14, okay?

Who said no?
Oh, com'on, Pink! play along, please?       Thank you! :^D

So I picked the Birthday Cake Block.


Much easier.  More pieces though but still, they were 29 easy pieces to sew.

VoilĂ ! That's where I'm at.

Oh yes! I did fondle some purple too.
One little 9-Patch and more purple fabric pressed and waiting on the ironing board. Hopefully I can play with my sewing machine some more this weekend.

Have a great one.


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Saturday 7 September 2019

Week End Play

Thank you all so much for your comments. I appreciated each and every one of you. I feel lucky to have such supportive friends. Thank you.

For those who want to know:
My son will be followed by a new therapist and had a change in meds. Hope this works out.
My DH has decided, on his own and without any threats from me, to let the chalet go. The so-called "great deal" on the chalet was the "friendly" price. Hubby thought it was the asking price and he could get a much better, reduced price, but no. The "friendly" price was way off what DH would pay for such a small chalet. So, yay me!
At work ... well, it's still a WIP.

For those who want to know about quilty stuff:
Last week end was a long week end here in Canada (too) and I was able to play with my sewing machine.

It took me the better part of that week end to finish the second corner of 365 Challenge.

Remember this?

Gosh! That was so long ago. Last February, I started on this corner block and got this much achieved.
After studying the pattern for a long time, as I have lost where I was and what was next, I started working on it again.

Some of the flowers are now showing on two sides.

One more flower and the beginning of the basket.

Almost done.

and Ta-dah!
This block measures 12 inches finished and has 119 pieces. Only two more corners to do.

My leader-ender while sewing the corner was this tiny little one.

Called the Union, this block has 41 pieces inside a 3.5 unfinished frame. It is October 11th and it means that there's only 81 more blocks to go. Whoop Whoop!

Lynn from Klein Meisje Quilts shared a tip that I have adopted.
When cutting dark fabric, I started to flip them, like Lynn suggested, and cut them from the wrong side. The fabric is usually lighter on the wrong side. I do this especially when the pieces are small.

It makes the task so much easier. Neat trick! Thank you Lynn. 

Now, for this weekend. Well, this past Tuesday was our first Artisanat meeting and my friend gave me a nice little bag of scraps.

Oooohhh! Lucky me. So much fun!

My bag of purple/pink scrap is getting pretty full.
Guess I'll have to do something about it and get into the color of the month.

And I got from the library a few audio books. Hopefully, there's one I will like while I'm sewing to my heart's content.

Hope you all get to sew a bit too


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