Saturday 27 February 2021

Nothing To Show

on the yellow front. I didn't finish my yellow challenge which was to quilt Smile. I did buy the yellow thread and that's all I did. 

We got snow on and off and sometimes it was a LOT! I shoveled a LOT. I love it. It's a good activity and it pushes me to be outside, enjoying the sunshine. 

It was Winter Wonderland again, and again and ... Look at the roof of my little shed. It's picture-perfect round. I should paint that shed Gingerbread Brown and draw candies all over it. Wouldn't that be pretty in the wintertime? 

I worked on the HST quilt on and off, but that's for another post. 

I made these yellow HSTs as I made some pink too. I did some in a darker yellow also but they are playing hide and seek at the moment and I don't feel like seeking. 

Here's the thing with these. I am making lots of HSTs lately (wow, isn't that an understatement?) and some are too small to play in the HST quilt (have to find a better name for it). I ended up with lots of 2" HST. I didn't have to search far to find another HST quilt that I like. 

Correct me if I'm wrong but this block was proposed by Border Creek Station as a stash buster challenge block in 2018(?). Here's a preview of 4 blocks together. 

I couldn't JUST buy thread when there's a sale going on so I spoiled myself with some fabric. (You know, shopping therapy.) These are 2 and 3 meters long for backings. I have everything I need to finish some tops except the energy to do it. 

And off she goes to make more HSTs. 

Take care everyone. 


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Saturday 13 February 2021

Improved Yellow

It's Yellow again!

You might not remember it but I did this yellow crumb block last year and I didn't like the umbrella fabric. 
In my book, it isn't yellow enough. 

So I fixed it. 
This is so much better. Oh, look at the gold piece on the top right. It really looks too brownish to me. No, no, NO! You are not going to change every little piece of fabric. Let it be, Chantal! Put the seam ripper down and walk away! 

I also did the last of the yellow tulip. I figure if I have three tulips of each colour, it will give me 21 blocks which is one too many for what I need. So one colour will only have two and it's not yellow. The blocks are 12.5" unfinished.  

Group photo. Say Cheese! 

So what happened to the umbrella fabric? 

It did not return into the scrap basket. I turned into an HST block.

It is raining cats and dogs in that quilt. 🤣

Hope you are all well and safe. Have a great sewing day! 

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Saturday 6 February 2021

Hello Yellow

February is the Yellow Month. My personal Yellow challenge is the Buttons and Spools quilt, made in 2020. It needs a back, pinning, and quilting just like the Smile quilt did in January. So, instead of having two quilts half quilted at the end of February, I will just continue to work on Smile. :^)

(Yes, I know, it's only the second month of the year and I'm already breaking the rules. That's the prerogative of being the maker of the rules. Hehehe.)

BUT, I will be working with yellow to do things like this.

Before all this, I had to finish a few things with the pink fabric, like these two crumb blocks I had started. 

Then I saw the little pieces leftover from the pink tulip. Well, I'm not one to throw away some good fabrics, so ... 

... tiny little Shoo Fly blocks were made. They measure 3.5 inches. Then I had to hunt down the other tulips' corners. 

I did find the yellow ones,  
but can't locate the red ones. I'm sure they'll show up eventually. My sewing room needs a good tidy-up session. 

Anywho! I'm hook on tiny little blocks again. They are so cute! 

Now that I have another tulip block finished, I can sew two more Shoo Fly blocks. Yay! 

My hand sewing project is coming along too. 

All the yellow leaves are done. I am working on the green one on top. Twelve leaves are done, eight to go. I know the background looks blue but, believe me, it is actually white. 

One final picture to remind me that I am only as good as my coffee is. 
Bloopers are part of my daily routine. 😋

Happy sewing! 


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