Wednesday 27 July 2016

July is done!

No, not the month. My month doesn't go by any faster than yours. It already goes by too fast as it is, I don't want time to step on the pedal! What I mean is my goal for July is done!

With Heidi's help, I am motivated to accomplish One Monthly Goal and I succeeded this month's goal.

My huge hexagon quilt is now completed. My goal was to add the two light diamonds missing and to attached the last row of green diamonds. 

It is so big that the clothesline is not high enough anymore, even with the first row folded on the line. 

When I started this quilt, I had no idea how to finish a hexagon quilt. As I attached the diamonds, I also attached a navy blue hexi to finish the sides evenly. I thought it would be nice. 

At the top, I added a row of half diamonds and a strip of the same navy blue. Now, I hate it!  Thanks to so many wonderful hexagon bloggers, I now know how to finish my quilt beautifully. So I will remove all these half diamonds and navy blue hexies and applique the quilt to a border, like it should be. 

Sorry but you are not done seeing this project on my blog. lol

While I deconstruct the sides, I will think about my August goal. Which one would be a good project to work on? So many choices!  
I won some hexagon templates from Angie at A Quilting Reader's Garden for Christmas in July. (They came in a lovely Christmas Card. Too cute!)  I have to put the templates to good use, right? Oh! sooooo many choices! 


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Until next time ... 


Saturday 23 July 2016

And then, this happened!

I offered my Mother In Law to make a table runner for her RV. She immediately said "yes, please!" Her mother was a quilter and she did a few quilts of her own in her younger years. Now, she is more a knitter and a crochet fanatic than a quilter.

Anywho! I started with some tulip blocks. I believe it was very popular in the 50s (time when my MIL got married) in my area.

Then I did some colourful log cabin blocks with the Full Moon Log Cabin Lunatics at Julie's place.

And then, this happened: 

I did say in my last post that you would need to wait til the next full moon to see what I was up to ...  but I couldn't wait that long. Hahaha!

Next week, it will pay a visit to my MIL to see how much bigger it needs to be, or maybe she will like it at this size! We'll see. It is 18 X 36 inches. 

Now that this project is out of my head, I can concentrate again on the 365 Challenge blocks. 

But first, I have to go see some blogs. Hope you will take a few minutes to check them out too. 

I'll see Angela's at SoScrappy for RSC (might not be very much of a hot pink, but pink nonetheless)

I'll visit Cynthia at Quilting is more fun than Housework for Oh Scrap! on Sunday. 

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Wednesday 20 July 2016

Cut, cut, cut!!

Log, log, log!!

I've cut a lot of strips for my log cabin blocks. Wait! What? Those are not black?

What am I up to now?

Trouble! of course lol.

I was hoping to finish it before the full moon, but you know me, when I plan something it never falls through. So all I show you, for now, is this:

Aren't they pretty? I love it. They need one more round each.  No, no, I didn't start a new project I promise. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for the next full moon to see the finish product.

I am linking with Julie at Julie K Quilts for Log Cabin Lunatics. Hope to see you there.

Until next time ....


Saturday 16 July 2016

Overworking the seam ripper!!

So much thread wasted this week. I didn't do much sewing, almost as much ripping! Getting nowhere fast on the 365 Challenge. Sighhhhhhhh!

I was in a poor state this week. Not up to par and had little energy. To finish the week on the same note, I heard of the attack in Nice on Friday morning, I cried and cried. I did a lot of praying and some hand stitching. Mes pensées sont avec vous, mes amies de France, xox. (My thoughts are with my friends in France.)  May you and yours, all be safe and sound.

Image result for drapeau de france

Back to the sewing room.

I did  finished Lotus (May 14th) after a few adjustments to the pattern.  (36 pieces) Much ripping here, too much ripping here actually!

May 15th, Ribbon Star, was pictured in a previous post (here).

May 16th, Double Windmills (21 pieces).  The last triangles were confusing me.

Some reversed stitching was needed here too.
It now needs some major trimming.

I love Winged Square (51 pieces) and I thought finally an easy one.  Right!! I ended up not sewing the blue at the right place on the first try. (Sorry, no picture, just take my work for it.) So this one met the seam ripper too. 

May 18th, Bird's Nest (57 pieces) which I had done before (see Finding Nemo here). The construction of this block is different from the way I've done it a long time ago. Again, out came the seam ripper to save yet another block from disaster as the Seminole sashing was uneven.

 (So many little bits of fabrics. All that sewing just for the sashing!!)

It is still a tad crooked but it will do. As long as it is 6.5 inches, this girl is happy. (It needs a trim too.)

Swing in the Centre (now there's a fun name!) (45 pieces)

Not a very beautiful block. If I were to make a quilt like this, it would be constructed with less little triangles. But, whatever! It is done!

Group photo of my 365 Challenge blocks for this week.  Total pieces : 210.

Also made two more tulips blocks for my MIL.

If I planned it right, these are the last of the tulip blocks. I will make something else as an alternative block.

Until next time...


Joining Angie for WIP's be Gone. 
Joining Cynthia for Oh Scraps!

Saturday 9 July 2016

Hot Pink, Westering and group photos

If you follow my blog, you already know I love blue. Blue and orange. Not much of a pink girl. Having four men in the house is another good reason for not having a lot of pink in my stash. But I do have some.

My good friend Pink gave me the solid hot pink. (Thanks Pink!) It looked better with the other fabrics in my Peace and Plenty block than my dotted one, so I went with the solid one.

Here's my hot block ... oops! my hot pink block for July.

For participating in the Log Cabin Loonies, I have won a prize from Julie K Quilts . A lovely pair of scissors and they're pink too!!

Thanks again Julie.

Now how about a group photo? Would you like that?

Peace and Plenty  - 6 blocks done

I didn't do a brown block as I couldn't find one that played nice with the brights. I'll see at the end of the year if I need one or not. I love how it looks so far. 

On another front, the West front, haha! I am wagoner woman heading West with Barbara Brackman. 

The latest block is Hill and Hollow. 

I've added a little blue in this one as there was none in the previous blocks. A sweet friend of mine, told me that she was surprised, since I love blue so much, that I hadn't used blue yet. So I did, some "bleu de Provence", (or so I think it is) to represent the fresh water the travellers finally found on the very rough terrain. (While I sew, I listen to an audio book; Les enfants de la Patrie. It's about the WWI in France. Very good, but also so sad. )

I also added a little bit of cheddar. In the fabric selections made by Barbara, there is no cheddar in any of the many different selections she showed on her blog. I am surprised. I guess cheddar came later. Too bad I didn't notice that before making the block. Too late now, cheddar stays.

So this is all I have to show for now. I'll get back to the sewing machine, so many blocks to do, so much fun to have. But first, I have to visit Angela's place at So Scrappy for RSC2016 with a cup of coffee. Hope to see you there.

On Tuesday, I'll join Nicki at Mrs Sew & Sow for another Scraptastic Tuesday!

May you find some time to sew too.

Until next time...


Thursday 7 July 2016

Another week done

Instead of working on my OMG, I've been sewing little pieces ...

Flower Garden Path - 56 pieces.
This block is new to me and I love it. (RSC 2017 possibility here)

Star and Cubes - 56 pieces 
(don't understand why suddenly the pictures are sideways.)

Four Times Nine - 45 pieces 

Chevrons - 54 pieces 

Kathy's Ramble - 72 pieces 

Friday 13th - 16 pieces 
This one asked for mitred corners and I skipped that. I framed it the easy way. 

Ribbon Star - 28 pieces 
I did do the mitred corners on this one.  Still need practising as they are wobbly but it looks pretty good in the picture lol.  The colours are very washed out as the sun is very present today. 

Group photo - 327 pieces 
So, another week of the 365 Challenge is done. Some of you might have noticed that I have skipped May 14th, Lotus. It was my leader - ender block as I was tackling the mitred corners and May 15, Ribbon Star got finished before. Lotus has a lot of pieces. It will be in the next post. 

Also did some tulips blocks. All the previous tulips blocks were remade and a few were added. Not sure how many I need as I am still not sure what I am making here. Not worried. It will come to me. ;^D

Joining Nicki for Scraptastic Tuesday. Hope to see you there.

Until next time ...

<:)))))> <


Saturday 2 July 2016

WIPs Be Gone - OMG July

I wish I could pick something easy for July as I want to spend a lot of time outside. But nothing seems easy to me at the moment.

The hexagon quilt, nicknamed "the Quilt of the Century" is so close to the end.

Can I finish it?

a "refreshing" picture of November 2014 

I mean, have all the hexies attached, not all quilted and bind, lol! 

I have to make more diamonds which I can do sitting outside. Attaching them to the quilt is the bigger problem. The quilt is now so big and awkward to manoeuvre that it stays on the quilting frame. This means I have to be in the basement to attach the diamonds.  I would like to see the end to this one so I'll give it a try. 

See you all again at the end of July.

Joining Heidi at Red Letters Quilt for OMG.
Joining Angie at A Quilting Reader's Garden for WIPs be Gone.
Joining Kathy at Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.

Until next time ...