Saturday 25 January 2020

Green Star? Why not?

I did little sewing this week, like in 3 inches Ohio Star kind of sewing.

Some are from my stash of little pieces.

Others are entirely made from given scraps bags.

(I can tell I was tired. The stars aren't as straight as they could be. Sigh! Whatever!)

I love this piece of scrap.

Unfortunately, big prints don't work well with little pieces. I know what fabric it is so it still makes me smile. :^) (the colors are truer in this picture)

So my design wall looks like this now. Only two more stars to do. I think I need another purple and a light one ... or two lights?
I had a plan on setting the stars with alternate blocks but now I have another plan. Hopefully, I'll get more sewing time next week.

Meanwhile, the green basket is still a wish to come true ... eventually.
Did two units so far. (Not in their final place.) I love the "wood" print. My intention is to work on this project this weekend.

Have a great one !


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Saturday 18 January 2020

Seeing Stars ... not really!

I am participating in Cécile and Béa sew along. I got my stars ...

... but they don't line up.

Love this.

Love this.

Lo... nope!

The warm colors are so nice on the grey background but the blue one does nothing to me. I don't know what to do. Sigh!

We are passed the middle of January and all I have are three stars not even completely done. I need 16 stars! This is taking way more time than I obviously have. I need to do something that doesn't take that long so sew.

On Facebook, I saw a participant making Ohio Stars. I love Ohio Star. So, Ohio, I go! Ran down stairs and whipped up one Ohio Star block.

Love this.

This morning I made two more.

Not sure what happened to the orange one but it definitely needs some plastic surgery. The blue is so yellow. It steals the show, don't you think? Am I going soft colors or bold? I don't know. Sigh! I've been following patterns for so long that I don't know how to play anymore. :^(
I hope my creativity will resurface soon.

Btw, I don't have giant pins. The pattern for my Ohio Stars comes from the 365 Challenge. They measure 3.5 inches to finish at 3.

My design wall this morning.

Meanwhile, because there's always a "meanwhile in Canada", when the centre where I work moved, the employees were allowed to take the furniture home (after all the other departments took whatever they needed).

I came home with these two pieces.

If you're thinking that I "just threw stuff on the shelves", you are absolutely right. In an attempt to get rid of some bins and boxes, things were roughly stacked up. Since I was able to close the doors, it was acceptable ... at that time. Now? Not so much.

My goal this year is to make basket à la Fiona. The second unit has nice shelves to hold an array of colorful baskets. (Never mind the blue dots. They are made of fabric and came from a gifted bag of scraps. I just slapped them there as the interfacing was still tacky.)

As I am putting away the blues and browns leftover from the 365, I am cutting up a kit. (I am running low on sewing capsules.)
Adding the grey fabrics from the applique stars too. It will be a quilt for my man, not that I am starting something new. No, no, not yet anyway, haha.

And since 365 blocks have vacated this container I am putting it to good use again. It is holding the 4 patch blocks that are now 2x8 units for my Field of Poppies. So many more to sew. Fun!

That's all for now.


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Friday 10 January 2020

Last Song of the Blues

After many years (from 2016 to 2019) ....

of counting how many pieces ...

there is in each block ...

Counting how many seams left to sew ...

4 ...

feels weird. Really!

3 ...
I went from love to hate with this quilt.

2 ...

Some blocks I love ...
Others ... argh!

1 ...

Some I've just skipped altogether, ha!

0 ...
I just can't believe I have made 365 blocks for ONE quilt.

Ten thousand, eight hundred and twenty one pieces later ...

Here is Echo Beach.

From the beginning, I saw an island at low tide when the beach is peppered with

puddles. The sand is sometimes dry and white, sometimes it's wet or it's covered

in sea weeds then it's very dark. Haha! I know, I know, I have too much imagination.

I didn't follow the original layout as far as the corners go.

She put the basket towards the center and the flowers to the edge.
But I didn't want the baskets upside down when I lay the quilt on my bed.

It even made an appearance on Show and Tell with the Artisanat on Tuesday. I was a very proud mother.  :^D

The next time you will see this quilt it will be quilted. (in about another three years time, lol.)


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Saturday 4 January 2020

365 Challenge in the New Year and Green

The New Year started with a fresh layer of snow. It makes everything so beautiful and new. I love it.

It was nice weather for sewing. And I did.

Worked on my 365 Challenge quilt, turning the little 3.5 inches blocks into pairs. Checking if two of the same fabric are not next to each other.

I have a lot to choose from ...

I mean 128 blocks to choose from.

But it was fun revisiting them one at a time. Some I don't remember sewing. Yeah it's been that long in the making but it is coming to an end.

Remember  when I said I wouldn't trim the block because I didn't want it to come undone? I've done that a lot of times. This is really slowing me down now. (Don't look at my cutting board. Santa forgot my new one under his sleigh seat.)

Matching them up with the lighter border. I'm turning into a very good matchmaker. ;^D  I work with three at a time as I don't like sewing long seams.

On the floor, between the sewing machine and the iron board, are the next rows to be sewn.
In my last post about the 365 Challenge I didn't mention the stats for December.
The total of pieces for that month was 1497. At my "Ta-Dah moment" I'll let you know how many pieces for the entire quilt. Brace yourself.

My leader- ender while sewing 365 Challenge is little 4-patch blocks. They will be the first border for Field of Poppies, aka Good Fortune. They are done with green and whatever neutrals.

I was running low on neutrals so I got a gifted bag of scraps out and I found this.

Look at the names on this map. Wow Bobbinville does exist. Awesome! Scissor  Isle, Seams Isles and Binding Edge too. So cool.

To get there you need to cross the Patchwork Sea (?) Canal (?)

Cotton Heights and even Julie is there. I love this little piece of scrap!

And look! Debra's Studio is such an important studio that it has a button on the map. Oh! I want to go there. The fun it would be.

Okay, back to reality.
I also found a little piece of blue birds fabric in the scrap bag. It doesn't really work for the 4-Patch blocks but I just couldn't help turning it into a 9-Patch. They are always useful.

It just makes me smile. Simple thing, I know, but cute. I did turn the last little piece of the blue birds into a 4-Patch. Heck! Why not?

On the 4-Patch front, I am almost done. I need 116 for the first row and I now have 95 done. Gosh! Can I get two tops done soon?

I want to participate more this year in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge that Angela so kindly do every Saturday. I haven't picked a block (or blocks) yet. I'm sure something will come up. It always does.


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