Saturday 27 August 2022

For Orange Lovers

What a lovely month this was. If you read this blog just every now and again (or weekly), you know exactly why this was such a lovely month for me. The best part is sharing the photos, so let's do that.

Many interruptions kept me away from my sewing machine this week but I did sew a bit. 
Like these little bits for the sashing of The Hole In The Barn Door Quilt. (not yet trimmed.) Follow this link to see the quilt which I last worked on during the Orange month of 2021. 

Do you secretly challenge yourself with your sewing? 
Here's what I mean. I did 5 orange Star Bloom blocks. Then, for Jericho Wall blocks, I decided to use only fabrics that weren't used in those 5 blocks so the quilts won't look like twins of a different mother. You know what I mean? I believe I have enough orange to pull this through. 

I used some arrow fabric in this one ...

and some books for the second one. 

More blocks are cut and are ready by the sewing machine for the next sewing session. 

I have just finished, yes at 4 p.m., I finished sewing down the binding for the Table Scrap Challenge. 
I'm head over heels in love with this one. It is the best placemat so far. I might be a little biased in this statement but look, the first string is exactly in the corner. Wow! The cow fabric is all that I have and I made it work! The white fabric was set aside for a special quilt but this placemat is FOR ME, so out came the GOOD STUFF. 

Can you see the kitty's shadows on the white fabric in this picture? That's what makes it so special. 

The points of the triangle are present, compared to being cut off like they are on other placemats. 

Oh, I know it isn't perfect. Nothing is. That binding corner needs to be redone I think. It was the quickest binding job I've ever done and it shows, haha. Anywho! I love it. So this is my entry for the Table Scrap Challenge. There's no embroidery but there's a chicken! 

This picture shows the true orange colours. Bright enough? It matches my personality, lol.  

That's all for now. There are still a few days left in August to sew more orange. Let's go! 

Angela at So Scrappy 
Frédérique at Patchwork and Quilts
and Cynthia on Sunday for Oh Scrap! 

Saturday 20 August 2022

Little Oranges are Called Clementine (power outage)

What are little bits of orange fabric called? 

Scraptines. Hahaha. 

Future Crumb Blocks

We had a planned power outage last Sunday. No laundry, no baking, and no sewing could be done but there's always cutting. So cutting, I did. Then, there was lots of sewing to do once the power was back on. 

This is the center of a crumb block made with the smallest of my orange scraptines. 

Star Bloom blocks with lots of 2" pieces. The one on the left looks pink but when it is next to pink, it looks orange. It's a neither-nor kind of colour. It'll fit perfectly in the quilt. 

A baker's dozen of 9-Patch blocks at 3.5" unfinished. I love orange but orange with orange not so much. There's always one that steals the show and the other fades away. I prefer when it is paired with another colour and shines like it ought to. I had some purple to sew from last month too. 

And yes, I just had to try the Framed 9-Patch with the busy/darker neutrals (see my last post). I just had to know what it would look like. The suspense was killing me, haha. 

So I started with this one. 
The difference between the two 9-Patch blocks.

This is so cute! but that's because the fabric is so lovely.  Let's try another one. 

Oh, I love this one too. Let's try it with something more busy and colourful. Just doing tests here. 

It still looks good. Okay, okay. I got it. 

How about ...

... a fabric that I never use because ... 

... I find it hard ...

... to match it with anything? 

So this aspen fabric looks ... 

wonderful matched with green. Oh, boy! This is really fun but I need to stop and put it away. I believe I have found a solution for the Framed 9-Patch quilt who is too small though. If I add a border with neutral framed-9-Patch blocks, it would work, right? It might even look nice. 

For now, it goes back into its box as this is not the Rainbow UFO Challenge I have to work on this month. The colour orange was tagged to the Hole in the Barn Door quilt. A little bit of progress was made on the sashings. Oooh, so many little scraptines were used here too. 

This week, even the bugs were cute! I cut this one for a kit I'm slowly putting together for an I Spy quilt. 

Happy sewing everyone. ;^)

Angela at So Scrappy
Frédérique at Patchwork and Quilts 
and Cynthia on Sunday for Oh Scrap! 

Saturday 13 August 2022

Colour Me Orange and Call Me Pumpkin!

The morning found me playing with orange... and rust.

For the solid fabric challenge, I used my mother's stash. She obviously wasn't the type to love orange. I could only find three, so I added the rust-coloured one.

It's truly a rich rust colour in person. That brings the total to 35 blocks. Want to see them all together? 

It needs more reds and yellows too, I think. There are too many purple and blue blocks but I still like it.  
Did you see it? One of the blocks is upside down. It's all right as this is in no way the final layout because I want to add more blocks. 

I didn't see it in the first photo but I see it now and I love it. The bottom left diamond is wonderful to my eyes. I'm a sucker for blue and brown and although these blocks are rust and dark purple, the effect is almost the same. Love it. 

Speaking of purple, I did finish two purple crumb blocks this week. I'm always behind with the crumb blocks. Maybe I have too many RSC projects this year. What do you think? 

1- crumb blocks
2- 9-Patch blocks
3- Solid fabric blocks
4- Scrap Jar Star 
5- Jericho Wall
6- Placemat

I'm tempted to add another one but I will refrain from doing so... for now. Want to know what it is? Lynn did a lovely quilt with some darker neutral colours. You know, those darker lights that I have and don't know what to do with? See her quilt here. It got me thinking. I could do a Framed 9-Patch (also inspired by one of her quilts) with the darker neutrals. What do you think? Maybe I'll do a few blocks and see if I like it. Oh! it will be fun! 

Hope you have fun sewing too. Enjoy! 

Joining my sewing sisters 
Angela at So Scrappy 
Frédérique at Patchwork and Quilts 
Cynthia for Oh Scrap! 

Saturday 6 August 2022

Orange You Glad it's Orange Month?

I am! :^D
I love orange... but you already know that. Little bits of it showed up on my design wall.

The first at the finish line was Scrap Jar Star.

Slowly, very slowly, I am quilting the Field of Poppies top. 

I was able to sew outside last weekend, in the shades of the late afternoon. 
It was so nice. 

My first attempt at quilting the poppies was a disaster in my eyes. There were a lot of sharp angles in the curves. Not pretty. The lines are much better this time around. 

That's all I have for this week. At work, they fired a girl during work hours. It was not a pleasant thing to watch. Even though all the discussions were in private, seeing her pack up and leave was awkward, to say the least. I completely understand why they did it. She was forever criticizing the management even though she was still a trainee; she was negative and harsh. Let's just say I needed a glass of wine that evening, lol, and no sewing occurred. Anywho! On to better things. The atmosphere at work is much better now... but the workload is heavier. Oh well. Hard work hasn't killed me yet and we can hear laughter in the office again making the workload lighter so, life is good! 😁

Hope to get lots of sewing done this weekend but I am doubtful. Lots of laundry and cleaning to do. I might even make a little trip down south. We'll see. 

Happy sewing everyone. 


Tagging along with 
Angela at So Scrappy
Frédérick at Patchwork and Quilts 
Cynthia for Oh Scrap!