Sunday 28 January 2024

Table Scrap Challenge ... Finally Done!

It took a long time to do this challenge because I had some lessons to learn along the way.

This was the preview of my work for the Table Scrap Challenge as shown in my January 12th post. It looks pretty straight to me. 

It was still straight when it was done. I'm so in love with it. 

So, on with the quilting ... and things started to go sideways ... a lot. 

Maybe, because I hadn't pinned it enough, or because I quilted one side always from top to bottom and the other side of the middle from bottom to top, the fabric got dragged and things started to look crooked. Oh! Dear! 

So I ripped all the stitches. (next time, remember to iron the piece once again, before re-quilting it.) 
I finished quilting it late Saturday night. It didn't make much of a difference. 

See what I mean by the fabric being dragged? 

Sunday morning, I sew the binding on. I used the leftover white strips for the binding. BIG mistake! The strips were cut at 1.5", too narrow for a good binding. I couldn't sew the binding to the back. So, again, ripped all the stitches. 

The faster I go, the behind-er I get! 

Haste makes waste! 

K, K, I got it!  

Anywho! It is finally finished with all the imperfections lessons learned from a quick quilt. 😇

This is my FIRST finish of the year and my FIRST entry in the Table Scrap Challenge hosted by The Joyful Quilter. Thanks, Joy! 

The Snowflake in Blue is backed with a lovely snowy scenery with cardinals, cottages and pines. Just Winter scenes. 

I had a good chuckle when I saw Joy's TSC post. Yeah! Great minds do think alike! This is what's been on my doodle pad for the TS Challenge since the beginning of January. The first snowflake was too much work with all its HSTs, so I went with my second choice. 😄 Check what she did here. 

Back to my regular program next weekend. 
Have a great one! 


Cynthia for Oh Scrap 

Saturday 20 January 2024

Not Much

I didn't sew much this week. I couldn't focus on anything and ended up all over the place. I blame the storms. We got our fair share of the 10 inches of snow they were predicting. (No snowman this time.) The storm system sent me into a frenzy of cleaning. (Seriously! Cleaning?  What was that all about?) All I could think of was cleaning the house. That was weird!

Anywho! Some tidying-up found the white borders for the Hole in the Barn Door quilt. 

Hole in the Barn Door scrappy quilt

Yay! It isn't sewn because it needs a good ironing session. It was somehow put back with the white scraps! What's with me?

If only I could stay focused when I'm putting things away, this would never happen. Cleaning is such a boring job that my mind wanders all over while my hands work. If my hands could talk I would never have to search for things. Right? Right! 

Slow stitching was dishcloth knitting this week, and the week before too because I couldn't have knitted three dishcloths in one week. I'm not that fast! But it was fun. All different sizes because I don't count how many stitches I cast on. They are big enough for my hands. 

The pillowcase is done. I followed this video by Crafty Gemini. Because the cat fabric was too short, I had to improvise by adding another flannel fabric (I picked the snowflake one, of course!) and didn't follow all of her instructions. 

Pillowcase in the snow 

It isn't perfect, but it's my first one. Flannel has a tendency to stick together. It would be easier with simple cotton fabric. I'll make more using this video though; it is simple and very well explained.  

While I searched for a flannel that matches the cat fabric, I found this baby print. 

It is perfect for the backing of Rainbows on Sidewalk. It is a soft mint green. Very gender neutral. 

Rainbows on the Sidewalk

Should I quilt it with white thread or black, or even a coloured one? Let me know what you would do, please. Thanks. 

And that's all for me. 
Have a great week, everyone.

I'm joining these talented ladies to see some lovely creations. 

Friday 12 January 2024

Cleaning is the Order of the Day

After receiving so many scrap bags from friends, a thorough cleaning of the sewing room is needed. I don't know where to put the stuff anymore. 

And the best part is that I got some more this week. Thanks, Anne. 

Anne did this beautiful cross-stitch back in 2000. She framed it with a rich red velvet. I presume she then stored it, never to be seen again. (I can so relate.) Now, it is mine to finish. 

She also did these 6 beautiful blocks. Does anyone know the name of this block? I'm thinking of sewing them together for a baby quilt ... maybe. 

The two light fabrics are constants and she gave me some, or whatever was left. I could make some more but I don't think I will. Her sewing skills are much better than mine. 

The bigger bag is full of flannel (flannel, again? Why is everyone getting rid of their flannels?) I will make a pillow case out of this one and it'll be just for me. 


The little bag at the front is a minky in minty green. Yes, Raven, you may have that one. 😏

So ... I need to sew faster and for longer hours too. 
Does any of you have a sewing fairy I could borrow? I promise to treat her right!

My personal challenge this month is to work on the Hole in the Barn Door quilt. I have the quilt, I have the last border, I can't find the white middle border and I KNOW that I did cut the whites for it. The most annoying thing is to forget where I have put it. I know it was on the dresser for the longest time. Then, before the Holidays, before the flu, I started putting some of the things away ... I shouldn't have done that, because the white border is NOT on the dresser anymore. Darn! 


I did sew some green...

These are 8.5 X 6.5 and 6.5 square. For now, I'm just sewing. I'll decide later what to do with these. 

... and of course, 9 Patches ... 
One yellow because there aren't a lot in the tally and the others because I found the fabric in the gifted bags. So not much sewing but ... 

... Joy asked for a snowflake for the Table Scrap Challenge this month. Oh, this is so much fun! Playing with little bits of 1.5 inches! YES!
It took a lot of work to get it right but it is done. Now to quilt it. 

On the slow stitching front, I spend many hours on my Ohio Star Shadow. 

I'm working on block 39! That means I am past the halfway point with 42 blocks quilted. Yay!

And that's it for me. Back to cleaning. 
Have a great weekend! 


Joining my talented friends: 

Friday 5 January 2024

The First Post of 2024

I am usually full of ideas and inspiration at the beginning of the year except this year! Blaming the flu for that. It is stealing my energy and my mojo. Darn!

As I look at my Excel spreadsheet of 2023, I find myself drawn to finishing more than to starting new projects. As I've done in years past, I will tag a quilt to each colour and when Angela (So Scrappy) calls the RSC colour of the month, I will work on that tagged quilt. I like this method as it helps me work on projects even if I'm not too inclined to work on that particular project. You know what I mean? 

Of course, things could change in a heartbeat because life is fun that way! 😁

So, let's choose 10 quilts to work on and get this year on the right path. 

Hole in the Barn Door - green 
Spinner - yellow 
Framed 9 Patch - orange 
Dreaming in Dutch - pink 
Shoreline - red 
Broken Dish Swap - purple 
Westering Woman - blue 
Star Bloom - aqua 
Crumb Quilt in flannel - dark blue 
HST something for whatever colour I didn't already mention 

Like many of you (if not all of you), I have lots of inspiration from my Pinterest boards, magazines and books. I would like to work on that this year. These quilts don't lend themselves well to the Rainbow method of construction. Instead of choosing one block to make every month, I might be working on different blocks for different quilts. I haven't thought this one through yet, but I'll learn how to dance to this one as the year progresses. 

Angela called January's colour green. Yep! I got some of that! 

I also have lots and lots of strings. 

I'm tempted to do as Cathy (Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilting) and just sew it. I'll decide later what to do with the string blocks. There's green in there for sure. 

On the first Tuesday of the month, Jan 2nd, it was our Artisanat meeting. I felt too weak to go but my friend had cleaned up her sewing room and dropped me all this on her way there. 

First haul of fabric in 2024. 

That's a great start to a New Year. (Thanks, Lucie!) Half of it is flannel. Is that a hint that I should make another flannel quilt? I love to play with flannel. Let's add that to the 2024 list of to-do. 

There's also half a bag of yo-yos. Anyone interested? Let me know and I'll ship it to you. 

There are two different sizes. It has a plastic template included but I'm not sure of its accuracy. 

I'll start this year the same way I finished the last one; with a 9-patch block. I love 9-Patch! 

My last leader-ender of December with the first block of 2024. It's very dark green and it comes from Lucie's bag. (I just couldn't wait to get my hands in there, haha.) Aren't you surprised that it's also Orange? 

It prompted me to take a tally of all the 9-Patch blocks. 

Would you believe 337? The result was surprising in more than one way. I was surprised : 
- by the amount of black blocks - 31
- by the lack of yellows - only 10 
- by the small amount of orange - 30

I mean, I have more black than orange!! To be honest, though, lots of the orange fabric are seconds, like the first one done in 2024. It is counted as green even though it has orange fabric too. The same happens to the yellows. 

White - 2, Grey - 7, Yellow - 10, Pink - 14, Aqua - 21, Brown - 21, Orange - 30, Black - 31, Purple - 33, Green - 51, Red - 54, Bleu - 65. 

Anywho! What to do with 337 (well, 339 now) blocks? Make more, of course! Lol. 

Enough of this! I need to go work with the strings and the greens. 

It will be a fun year!! 
Enjoy! ;^)

Joining my talented friends: 
Angela at So Scrappy
Wendy for Peacock Party