Saturday 30 April 2016

Finally have a finish

Yes, I finally have a finished project! Yeah!!

Seems like so long ago, (beginning of March) I decided to use up this fabric. It looks wonderful in my son's bedroom and he doesn't have rug so ... let's make a rug.

At the end of March, it was still in the quilting stage.

April showed up and I buckled down to finish this one. It got all quilted in the first week. Then what?

Do I add borders?

Which one? The darker blue? The lighter blue?

I didn't like it. Both of them. It made the project look like a baby quilt lying on the floor. So I had to think really hard about this and then, it dawn on me. Buttonhole stitches.

Just like I did for the rag rug in the playroom. I know that the sides will fray for awhile but that's okay. The ends won't fray that much because I added a little something to make it look even more like a carpet.

Not too bad, right? Well at least, his toes will be warmer when he gets out of bed. :^)

Here's a picture of the  back so you can see the quilting.

It's suppose to be waves like a small river but you can only see them from the back. Which looks like muddy water lol.

Anywho! On to some more fun stuff.

I want to show you what I got in a little squishy envelope about two weeks ago. I was the lucky winner in a draw Julie (JulieKQuilts) had on her blog.

A beautiful batik FQ in my favorite colour (ah! Somebody knows me well!) It will be added to the package of batiks I won from Ellen (Little Jewel Quilts) last year. Soon I will be able to make a beautiful batik quilt. :^D

Julie also sent me a little charm. Oh! But the smallest and CUTEST charm I have EVER seen.

Thimble and scissors to show size of the charm which is only ONE inch. Precious! Thank you so much, Julie. I am thrilled to get one of these. The charm is hand made by Julie (another Julie) at Me and My Stitches. She has an incredible talent.

And now for the linky party:

WIPs Be Gone
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Hope to see you there too.

Until next time ...


Sunday 24 April 2016

Slow is Good

I thought I could barge in for a minute to show I am still alive.  ;^)

My computer was playing tricks on me with the graphics. Sometimes it was oversized and other time it was too small. Every morning when I opened it I didn't know what I would get. Then I lost Windows. Completely!  No Windows, no computer. It's that simple.  It really distressed me as I have so much saved on it.  Not just quilting stuff but budgets, recipes, addresses, lists ...  It did a number on my nerves. My world was not a happy one.  ;^(

I kind of kept in touch with what my bloggy friends, thanks to my tablet, but I found it hard to comment. (I really love my keyboard, thank you! :^D )

That too depressed me. 

After two weeks, my tech-y wizz nephew got me Ubuntu. It's a Windows wannabe but not like it. I'm still not comfortable with it, but let's move on with something quilting, shall we?

Because I had no computer, do you think I quilted more? 

Nope! Too upset!! The seams were not straight, the hand quilting was not nice and the Ultimate Sampler 365 Challenge was asking for inset seams! Bawhahahahahahaha! 
Nope! Not gonna do that!!

Instead I did something that didn't need to be neat or demanded attention and neatness.  (You'd think I could download some pictures right? Oh gosh!! ) Untouched pictures because I have nothing on this computer to resize them. Sorry!  

Did some string blocks! Mindless work, I'd say. Cynthia is also doing some string blocks. They are lovely. I use the same method to sew my block except for the corners. I mostly dig in my box of saved triangles for the corners.  

I did some orange one too ... of course. 

Today is a beautiful sunny day. Still on the cool side which is fine by me. So, I'll work on this project. 

Shakespeare in the Park. 

I have decided how to quilt the big blue squares. Now that I have a plan, it might get done lol. So far, I have quilted 1/4 inch from the seams and some simple straight lines for the middle star. 

I am using quilting threads of different blues for this quilt. The threads will be as scrappy as the quilt itself. I had more pictures taken but will save them for another day when I can do something about the size. Thank you for being patient. ;^)

Joining Kathy (Slow Sunday Stitching) and Cynthia (Oh Scrap!). Hope you'll come by to see all the eye candy. So fun!

Until next time ... keep in stitches. ;^)


Saturday 2 April 2016

(EDITED) Orange and Blue: I'm a Happy Girl!!

The colour for Rainbow Scrap Challenge is


I love orange ... and I love blue ... and I've been working with both this afternoon. It was a GREAT afternoon!!!

I got this fabric out because it looks like orange confetti to me.  Wouldn't you say? I thought the M&M boys would look good in orange.

Was I right? I did this block as a leader/ender while making the little 365 Challenge blocks.

Here's March 9th and 10th

These were pretty simple after March 7th.  (See last post.) Then came March 11th. What a mess I did with that one.

I have to hold it down as it won't stay put.  It is not straight no matter how I hold it. lol. The HSTs in the border are half an inch. Yes, half an inch, no typo. And the HSTon top, first to the right, is almost gone under the other piece. Don't ask me because I really don't know what I have done there. But THERE, it will stay. I am sure it will be joined with more misfits as the quilt progresses lol!!

I didn't want to stop on such a poor note so I made another one; March 12 is the first six" block.

I decided to reverse the values as I have enough of making dark background blocks. After all, who wants a depressing quilt? That decision proved to be a tough one as every time the pattern said dark, I had to think "light". Confusing! Looking at the picture now, I see that I am missing a few points in there. So this one is not perfect either; too bad!

To finish on a good note, here's the orange Peace and Plenty again. For fun!   :^D

Doesn't the blue guy look chill?  He makes me smile.  I know that when I'll attach this piece to the next one, the blue guy will lose its head (Shht! Don't tell him) but for now, he's cute!

Joining Angela for RSC Orange fun.  Com'on over and have a look.

EDITED: I forgot to announce my OMG (One Monthly Goal) for April. As I have done nothing in March, I will make it my April goal.

I want to turn this fabric into a rug for my son's room. Joining Red Letter Quilts. So many participate already, I hope you'll join us or come by to cheer us on. :^D

Until next time ...


Friday 1 April 2016

A tear? ... almost!

Having fun with my 365 Ultimate Sampler Challenge?


I was doing the "Flower Basket" (March 7) and needed to cut off a piece from the square to make the triangle of the basket. 

This picture shows where it needed to be cut off. You know what's coming, right?  Right! YES I DID

cut it HERE instead!! WHY? OH! WHY?  Look at the mess.

If I had cut from this side I would have realized that I was NOT on the right side of the sewing line.

It took me the entire evening to do this one because I couldn't go to bed with that disaster in the basement, so I got the seam ripper out. I didn't cry!  I was very, VERY upset! at ME! Got the same fabrics out and started to cut the missing pieces. Only three were salvaged from the block. Then this happened.

Brats!! I know I am tired but I won't turn off the lights until it is done.

I did get it right eventually.

Even made one more (just to have the last word, you know)!   :^)
Here you have from 1 - 8 of March.

I love these two. Not perfect but done.  So "March-ing" on, I will go and I will have fun too! :^D

Having a happy dance with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for "Can I Get a Whoop Whoop?"

Until next time ....