Saturday 28 March 2020

I Just Want To Sew

Again this week, I didn't sew much but I'm catching up now.

Working with green for Field of Poppies second pieced border. I am not following Bonnie Hunter's plan for this one. In all due respect, she has great borders finishing Good Fortune but I need something different.

So I am completely overrun with green. I am grateful to my friends who give me their little bits of leftover because, personally, I don't have that much green and aqua and such.

I know, I should clean my work place. It is such a mess... sigh! But I don't feel like cleaning up and putting away. I think this confinement is getting to me more than I dare to admit. 

I know I also said that I would quilt my little Ohio Stars quilt, but that's not what I feel like doing. 

I tweaked the button block a little bit and I love it much more. Of course, I had to make a second one ... 

... just to make sure my tweaking was okay, you know. 

While I was playing with turquoise, I decided to pieces together all these little lonely bits. 

Like I said, I don't have much of these colors, so I ran out in no time at all  ...

... but then, it hit me ...


I'm digging into my string bins and Oh! My! Sizzling Bacon!! THIS is bliss! Because this is what I want to do! 

Stay safe and sew on! 


Angela at So Scrappy

Saturday 21 March 2020

Quilting Over Sewing

Didn't sew much but did a lot of quilting this past week.

Field of Poppies got its first border. I am so happy that the corners are even in the sense that the light are next to the dark all the way around. I love how it looks too.

Plenty of teal, aqua and turquoise in this one.

Then I attached the quilting foot back on the machine and quilted my heart out. (not even, haha!)
The car seat mats were first to go. These will grace a co-worker's van. She asked for dark grey or black with yellow.

Some simple free hand design. To me, they are free motion practice pieces and I had a lot of fun with it. You can see my quilting on this picture. I used a navy blue thread as I couldn't see the black thread in my dark basement.

This is the back. Not sure what happened with the lighting here as it is actually a white piece of fabric. I might add some quilting in the black border ... maybe not.
They are ready for Slow Sunday Stitching as the binding is already attached.

Now that the navy blue thread has been removed from the machine, I can continue on this one. Only have a few more "petals" to do. I don't know what I will quilt in the green border so it might have to rest for a bit while I decide what I want.

And then I can start on the Ohio Star mini quilt, a.k.a. the Cécile's Star Quilt.
I know how or what to quilt on this one. What is stopping me is the backing. I have to look for something pretty.

And then, I'll switch foot on the machine again because I miss piecing. :^( Field of Poppies needs a second green border ... but that's for another post.

So far, we are surviving the empty shelves syndrome at the stores. None of us are coughing or have a fever. So far, so good.

At work, the Centre is closed. I am at home with my workload, working on my old computer in the basement. (Wish I had a laptop so I could move outside. Sigh.) I still have to work my eight hours and report daily. I don't know how long this will last because there is just so much I can do without my office and co-workers bringing in requests, data, papers, problems, shopping lists, etc.

Hopefully the sun will stick around. It's so nice to feel its energy again.

Enjoy your stash. There's no need to practice social distancing with it, so cuddle up.


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Sunday 15 March 2020


Ever so slowly, I am hand applique these little stars. They were my first attempt at Cécile and Béa Stars Sew-Along. They were demanding too much time to sew so I went for Plan B.
The yellow one is partly done. I have some difficulties with the points. I'm afraid to cut the fabric too short. It's a learning process and I like it.

These stars are my Plan B. They are sewn together and waiting their turn to be quilted.

I am working away on this project as it needs to be finished before the stars. I got a long piece of batting and attached both seat mats to it. It's fun as both are now quilted in the centre. Now working on the black section. I chose a navy thread because I was afraid of not being able to see a black thread on these fabrics. I'm doing this for free for a co-worker. They are my machine quilting practice pieces.

I am very puzzled by the people's behavior.

I come from, and still live, in the country where we know that good things need time to grow; where we know hard times and bad seasons come to pass; where we know our neighbours and who's children are playing in the street.  We know that we can rely on neighbours when hard times hit.
These tiny little villages are growing steadily though as more and more city people come here to settle. They don't know our way of live. They listen more to the media then to common sense.
Poultry section
This is what my grocery store looked like yesterday morning. We always go grocery shopping on Saturday morning and it has never looked like a war zone. That scared me.
Beef section far right. Pork on the left.
It seems like pork is the least favourite.

My thoughts go out to those who already rely on coupons and rebate to put food on their tables. Even though my husband hasn't work a day since the beginning of December, we will manage as we know enough farmers to be able to feed my family directly from the producers if push comes to shove. I am blessed.

Yep, we ran out of toilette paper too. Even paper towels have disappeared. I guess it could be a good alternative. (not!)

Since I have nowhere to go I'll sit on my deck, soaking in the sun's rays and stitch away. Hope you do too.

Hope you are all blessed with good health and good neighbours.


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Friday 6 March 2020

It Takes Two

When my co-worker saw my car seat mats, she wanted some too ... or is that two?

 I added a border as they were just a little short for her car seats. My plan is to start quilting these this weekend.

From the beginning of the year, I said I wouldn't "picked" a block for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this year as I have enough to finish already. That was until I saw this cute block on Seriously... I think it needs stitches.  She does blocks for all kind of "National Day". Anywho! I fell in love with this one.

It's made with 1.5 inches strips. I wanted to see if bigger was better so I pulled out 2.5 pieces. (Why not 2 inches? I have absolutely no idea! And wine was even not involved in the equation ... yet. ;^))

I didn't bother to add the last border because it is now standing at 10.5". I don't have a lot of scraps that are big enough to make this block so it defies the purpose of the RSC.

Anywho! The design wall looks like this and I started nothing new. Hahaha.

Still working on the green border. Because I didn't pay a lot of attention which way I sew the 4-Patch together, I have a lot of unpicking to do. Lots of the 4 patch are spinning the wrong way or have the dark green in the wrong place.

Nevertheless, I managed to have two borders (the longest ones) ready for Field of Poppies. So progress was made, just slower than anticipated.



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