Sunday 31 December 2023

The Last of 2023

It was partly a good year. My boys really did well this year and I'm grateful and happy for that. I, on the other hand, was not as successful but I'll bounce back. (Never thought it would take so long to bounce back, but I will. I still have some springs in those old legs of mine, haha.)

So many unfinished projects, and so many more planned for the new year. 

It started so beautifully, full of pretty blocks, new adventures, and a mindset to accomplish it all. 
Twinkling Star (Galaxy), Paper Chain, Idaho Square Dance, Friend's Favourite and Irish Star were to be the projects for 2023; along with Buckey Beauty, Chaser, Star Blooms and Scrap Jar Star which were started the previous year. 

Twinkling Star (Galaxy) - because of a cutting mistake, the points are lost and I just abandoned that one ... for now. 

Paper Chain - it is now a top. It is a donation to the Quilts for Survivors. (50" X 67")

Idaho Square Dance - sadly was abandoned. Turned into a UFO. 

Friends' Favourite - added on a whim, from a friend in Australia. (Thanks, Fiona, for the inspiration) Will continue in 2024. (It was more fun playing with this one than Idaho Square Dance, hehe)

Irish Chain Star - it is now a top. 

Baby Quilt - started in September on a whim. Donation. Waiting quilting. (36" square)

I managed to sew 50 9-patch blocks from Jan to Sept which is not much compared to last year's 97. 

I've also worked on roll-over projects from 2022 like : 

Jericho Wall was assembled at the beginning of the year. 

Scrap Jar Star - worked on the remaining blocks and assembled that one too. 

Made from Scratch - (a.k.a. Crumb block quilt) (a.k.a. Chaser) - worked on the remaining blocks and assembled that one too. 

Jacob's Summer - (a.k.a. Jacob's Ladder) was quilted and finished. 

Star Bloom - worked on a few more blocks but was then neglected.

Buckey Beauty - worked on a few more blocks - need more blocks 

Twice, I've participated in the Joyful Quilter challenge "Table Scrap Challenge". Hopefully, I'll be able to participate more often next year. Thanks, Joy, for doing this again. She is changing the challenge yet again this new year because she can, lol. Come see what all the fun is about right here. 

Challenge A & G - Araignée géante (Giant Spider)(16"square)  
The only kind of spider I can tolerate is one made of fabric! 

Challenge O & X (16"square)

And last but not least, Parsonsfield. A little sew-along hosted by Lori that I just couldn't skip. Thanks, Lori for organizing this fun SAL. 

A brown scrap basket was made during this year also. I haven't reached the end of that rainbow yet. 

In October, I started hand-quilting Ohio Star Shadow. I was hoping to have half of it quilted by the end of the year, but sickness stole many days away from me. 

46 more blocks to go 

And I believe that's all. Phew! That was long. I think I'll keep the 2024 projects for another post because I now need to hop back into bed for a little refresher nap. 

Thank you, everyone, for your good wishes regarding this flu I caught. 
Let me finish by wishing you all, the best for 2024. Take care, my friends. 

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Wednesday 27 December 2023

So This is Christmas ...

I hope it was a good one and you have good stories to tell. For me, not so much. On the 19th of December, DS2 got the intestinal flu, and two days later DS3 caught it (he's home for the week, what a week he had poor thing!), then DS1 caught it too. I walked around the house with a can of Lysol spray and wipes, trying desperately to keep the germs at a minimum. When DH started to show symptoms, I knew it didn't look good for me. We cancelled all outings. 

In preparation for the Holidays, I had cooked and baked so I could just enjoy the boys and sewing. Now, I'm stuck indoors with sick people still coughing their lungs out and none of them can eat anything but chicken noodle soup. Thank goodness for the freezer. 

Before the awful 19th of December, I did finish a top! 

Paper Chain quilt inspired by Cathy at Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilting

This quilt is heading to Quilts for Survivors in 2024. They asked for quilts of 48 X 64 and this one measures 50 X 67. I hope they accept it anyway. I'm planning to make another one to give to them, not like this but with 2" squares again. 

My friend Anne is moving (downsizing) so she gave me lots of fabric, once again. She asked me if I wanted her serger machine. Euh! Yeaaah! 

She still had the instruction book and everything else. I've never worked with a serger so that will be a new adventure. 

♫ ♪ ♪ On the second day of Christmas ... ♫ ♪ the weatherman gave me ... a snow friend!

He was quite a charmer too, wanting hugs, winking, and all. 

But then, my husband showed up and ... well ... 

my snow friend took off! ⛄ Bye, bye! 

I will do a recap of 2023 along with a list of (hopeful) projects for 2024. The first item on that list is a job! 

May all be well and bright at your place. May Health and Joy be your guardians in the new year! 
Take care all. 

Picture taken on Christmas day. Yep, sometimes we don't have snow. 

News Flash: I'm sick too! 😩😷

Take care. ;^)

Friday 1 December 2023

Sew, Sew, Quilt

On most mornings, you can find me at my computer, looking for a job. After that, I quilt, cook, eat, bake, clean house, sew, eat, clean, sew, sleep and repeat. Thank goodness for sewing otherwise my life would be sooooo boring. 

Anywho! Here's what I got. Lori's (Humble Quilts) mini quilt sew-along. 

It is hard to photograph such a light-coloured quilt. We had a faint sun this morning but it still managed to wash out the photo. 
I took another picture when the sun was hidden by clouds. You can see the prints better. The quilt's real colour is actually somewhere in between these two photos. 
I'm looking for a little piece of reproduction fabric for the back and I will hand quilt this one. Then it will go on my wall of fame. 

Sew some more Paper Chain blocks (sorry, no photos). 

Quilted more Ohio Star blocks.

The centre of the quilt is the 9-patch with the 3 red blocks. I'm working on the dark green one on the right. I quilt a quarter inch (more or less) from the seam on all the background fabric and the centre block. I quilt it during the day because it is hard to see what I do at night as I use a navy thread in the dark blocks. 

My diagram might help you see where I'm at. 
Yep, that's right, only 63 more to do. 

♪♫♪♪ On the first day of Christmas ... ♫♪ my design wall gave to me ... 

(I set it on the floor to take a picture.) It's a quilt I saw in the Connecting Threads catalogue and couldn't help but make one block (lest I forget). I won't make a new block every day but I intend to treat myself to something every day. How about you?  

That's all for now. Have a lovely weekend. 

Joining these talented ladies 
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