Saturday 29 April 2023


I found this block on Patty's blog back when she was blogging at A Stitch in Time. It was part of the Vote for Women sew-along hosted by Barbara Brackman in 2014. Almost TEN years ago. It is called the Ladies Wreath. 

I loved it at first site. Since the inspirational block was done in aqua I followed suit. Oops! minor adjustments need to be made. 

Voilà. It will be my RSC for 2024. (yes, I know. It's a little early and I'm a little crazy.) The grey fabric will be the constant one. I think ... maybe!?  A little 3.5" 9-patch was my leader-ender for this block. Then, I found a little bag of Christmas-y fabric and I had a little bit of fun. 

Last year, the Artisanat did some adult bibs for the people in residences in our region. The leaders of the bee gave me all the leftover fabrics. Since February, I've been cutting those scraps into usable sizes. There were so, so many fabrics! but I am almost done. That's all I did this week. 

Have a lovely weekend. 


P.S. It's still too cold up here to be sewing outside. Sigh! 

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Saturday 22 April 2023

Detour - Quilts for Survivors

I make quilts because I love to. I did a quilt for my Father and Mother In-law a few years back. It's the only quilt that had a purpose; all the other quilts never had a specific reason to be done. It was always just because I can. Until now. 

This week I wanted to work on my Paper Chain quilt, inspired by Cathy at Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilts. Then I saw Marie's post about Quilts for Survivor, (you can see her post here.) and my plans made a detour. 

I perused the organisation Quilts for Survivors' website and I was very inspired. The quilts are sent to survivors of the residential school system and other trauma. It is a Canadian organisation and has its roots in my own province of Ontario. 

They accept donations of completed quilts, tops (48 X 64") or lap-size, blocks of 16.5", and supplies or monetary donations. They ask us to avoid any travel-related or school-related fabric and nothing religious. 

So I had a good, hard look at my blocks and removed all the undesirable prints. 

I will make building blocks of 2 X 4 like this one until I have enough to make a quilt. It will be my first contribution to this great cause but not my last. 

Have a great weekend. 

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Saturday 15 April 2023

Purple Claimed My Sewing Room

The purple scraps are finally out and playing a sweet melody.

Isn't this print beautiful? I'm adding it to my Friends' Favourite quilt for sure. 

Before starting on the Scrap Jar Star block, I like to take out the first one I made to make sure I am not using the same fabric in the points. It would not matter much, but I like to make things difficult for myself, haha.

First purple Scrap Jar Star

Eight different fabrics were found for the second Star. Yay! 

Irish Star was next and I realized they are basically the same pattern as the big Scrap Jar Star. What???

I know!! I don't understand why it took me so long to see this too!
Anywho, four stars are done, and three more to go. 

Then, it was Star Bloom's turn. Oops! Forgot to check on this one last month. I'll remedy it right away.

It turns out that four purple blocks were made last year so there is no additional one to do; there were only two green blocks though. So I whipped up two more. 

The top left and bottom right are the newest blocks. While the green scraps were out, I added two more Irish Stars (Can't. Stop. Making. These!!) for a total of 6 green stars. 

Following some cleaning up, I got more purple out. I found two 9-Patch that I didn't like the fabric combination as the colours were too similar. In my usual way, I took them apart. That's when I noticed that they were 2.5" on one side and 2.25" on the other side. Now I understand why they were gifted to me. Haha. So I cropped them down to 2! 

Hairy purples

I used some right away. Can you spot one? Two? 

Finally, some Friends' Favourite blocks got started. 

Weather-wise, Spring was skipped this year. We went from winter to summer within a week. 

The ice storm of last week and ... 
... this morning, April 15, 2023. There is still a bit of snow closer to the forest. The branches in front of the shed were cut from a maple that split during last week's ice storm. 

DH cut it down right away as it was hanging precariously over the neighbour's fence. I'm thinking of cutting it down completely and starting anew with a red maple tree. We'll see what hubby says about that. (This picture was taken two hours after the first one this morning. Isn't the sky a wonderful blue?)
We heard that in some places, they went without power for three days. I consider myself blessed. 

Have a lovely weekend. 

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Thursday 6 April 2023

Still in the Green

How many Irish Star blocks do I need for a quilt? The answer is 55 stars and 55 alternative blocks for a 10 X 11 layout. Oh, it'll be so nice.

Seven blocks time 7 colours make 49 blocks. So 6 colours will be repeated 8 times. I already have 7 blue stars and 4 pinks. These 2 green ones will join the 2 previous ones. Only 40 more stars to do.
Nine alternate blocks are made, including the two from the picture.

More greens were used in the center of Friends' Favourite Blocks. I really love making this one too. 

and whatever for the 9-patch blocks. 

Are you wondering what happened to the cute little green HSTs from before the last post? They have turned into a pretty little mug rug.
Still hand-sewing down the binding.  It measures 5 X 7~ish inches. Only two HSTs weren't used as they weren't 1.75". Now that I'm thinking about it I should have added them to the back. Oh well. They are with the other little parts and might be used for something one day. 

Freezing rain was the mess we had to deal with on Wednesday. 
Can't see the forest behind my house anymore

The power was out for 14 hours at my place, not so bad considering the major part of Ontario was without power. 

Thanks to the guys (and girls) that worked all night so we could wake up to a "normal" morning, and coffee. SOOOOO appreciated. 

Purple is coming right up ... in the next post. 
Take care everyone. 


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