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Rescued from the dust

Look who I found under a pile of dust bunnies!

It's my 365 Challenge, the ultimate sampler.
The basket with all the fabric I used so far also came out of its hiding place.

In this drawer, the smaller pieces of fabric are waiting their turn to shine in a block.

Yep, sometimes, I use this old home-made tall dresser as a cutting table. The height of it helps my posture. But I digress.

While searching in my blog the last post mentioning the 365 Challenge quilt, I noticed that some blocks were never properly presented to you. Let's start with them, shall we.

June 29 - Contrary Wife - 41 pieces

June 30 - Beggar's Block - 57 pieces

The total of pieces for June's blocks (the biggest month of the year)  - 1455
Bringing the grand total to 4997 pieces. And only half of the quilt is done!

Now for the newest blocks.

Maple Leaf - 15 pieces and
Clown's Choice - 24 pieces for July first and second. These are only 3.5 inches

July 3 - Temple Court - 45 pieces

July 4 - July Fourth -…

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