Saturday, 22 October 2016

Saturday's Sharing

It's raining here (again) and will be for the next 48 hours. Perfect weather for some stitching time.

Unfortunately, today I am not up to it. I am not up to much. I usually love days like this because I can turn the oven on and cook and bake til the cows come home, making the entire house smell sweet with lots of Fall's recipes. But not today. I just want to curl up on the sofa with a good book.

Anywho! Since I am in Blogland, I'll share what's on my wall with you.

Okay, so that was not much either. (Just like I feel, lol.)

The aqua pinwheels is the label for my RSC2015, which isn't quilted yet.
The framed 9-patch is an inspiration I got from Lynn Dykstra at Klein Meisje Quilts. She did a few quilts with blocks like: Shoo Fly, Pinwheels, Ship, Flying Geese. So I decided to make a 9-patch, my favourite. I did the block some time this past week but there was something wrong with it and I couldn't figure out what. So I went back to see Lynn's blog. Oh! yes! there it is. It is so obvious and yet I had forgotten about the values. So today I went back to the cutting board.

Ah! That's better. Much better, wouldn't you say? Since yellow is also the colour of the month, I sewed two more.

Yellow and orange. Yellow and hot pink. I don't have a lot of solids, but I have enough to make these simple blocks. I have to cut into the bigger scrap pieces to have enough for the frame. But scrap is scrap, right?

Then, I wanted to curl up on the sofa again with a flannel quilt, a good book and a herbal tea. My bones are really lazy today. Went to my library and picked up a book, grab a flannel quilt and read for a bit. I had nothing to keep my page when I was finish reading so I went down to the sewing.  I pieced a little bookmark with some of Joyful Quilter's scraps. I dug out a piece fabric (that I am jealously hoarding) from Cécile, in France at Patchwork Inspirations so I will  think of her too and a little something from my friend Pink.  It is sewn unto a piece of flannel (which I really love to touch) in a string stitching manner. Some fancy stitches all around and that's it. Went back up and slid it in the book.  Then we all headed out for dinner. :^D

That's all the fabrics fondling I did today. Hope tomorrow will be more productive.

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Friday, 21 October 2016

It's Friday!!

And the quilting has begone.

Orange on orange. Simple straight lines 3/4 inch apart.  I like it.

Oops! See the middle lines are suddenly a threesome? I started to quilt on the wrong side of the first line. It made a lopsided pattern. I have to unpick about 2.5 feet. Then, I'll zoom zoom through the black.  :^D  It has to be finished before the end of the month as this is my OMG project.  It's full steam ahead.

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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Whatever Wednesday ... on Thursday

Last week I shared some pictures of my neighbourhood dressed in Autumn's colours. Let's see how it has progressed.

Over the weekend, I took pictures of my backyard again to compare with those of last Wednesday

Still pretty green but it is more colourful. Note my bush (don't know the name of it, sorry) on the left side, still has red leaves.

Yesterday, I had an appointment in town and brought the camera with me. Let's ride!

This could be really nice if the panels weren't included.  I am not a very good photographer as the camera is not a medium I use to express myself. I much prefer colouring crayons, paint and fabric. :^D

These two are pretty good considering I didn't stop to snap them.  (I was going very slow. After all, there deer in these woods)

Private entrance but oh! so inviting.

We are almost there ....

Here we are, back on top of the hill overlooking Quebec. Plenty of orange this week. Let's get closer.

The trees have lots of leaves even though it was a very windy Tuesday.

It's like the forest is on fire ... without the smoke!

This is one from last week's outing. Nice difference.
This caught my eye this week. It didn't last week. Love it.

How about these two? The odd couple, or what?

And next to them is the little shy one from last week. It still hasn't finished its chores.  (The maple in front of the pines closest to the road.)
Half dried, half changed, one tree.
And my hometown. Main drag, somewhere, Canada.

This morning, I took more pictures of my backyard to see the difference a few days can make.
From left   (Personal note; cut the rudbeckia and the hostas! aka plantain lilies)

to right. Gorgeous!!

Horse track getting covered in leaves.

The bush in the middle of the picture has shed all its leaves on Tuesday. Only the "fruits" remain.
This huge birch is the one from the first picture. Not so green anymore. (the dead branches in the forefront are from the pine tree we cut down this summer. They are ready for the wood stove now.)

That was my neighbourhood in colour.

Next post will be completely devoted to quilty stuff, I promise.

Until then ...


Saturday, 15 October 2016

Got my Orange fix

After my Wednesday post, I found myself in a second hand store and moseyed around. They have a fabric section which I look through every time I go. My heart skipped a beat or two when I found this.

Batiks!! ORANGE Batiks!!! Bliss!
And there was more....

I ended up with 5.25 meters of the real Batiks for $1.99 a piece. Yes, just two dollars a piece! Believe me it was a "Start the car" moment. (see IKEA Start The Car ad here)

I also worked with Orange this past week on my OMG for October.
From this audition ....

to this top.
Hopefully, I can baste and start to quilt this one over the weekend. Today is such a beautiful day that I might spend it outside ... with some other projects.

Talking about other project, here's one that use little snippets.
Hole in the Barn Door blocks.
Not the kind of quilt I can do in a month but whenever I get little pieces I sew them together. Eventually it will get done. I get a lot of little snippets from the 365 Challenge blocks but I try not to sew all the blues and browns together. They are fun to sew as anything goes and you don't have to be accurate about it. To make these blocks, the little pieces are trimmed to 2.5 X 4.5 then sewn to a white piece of the same size. I cut 5" squares for the HSTs, sew them with a white piece and trim them down to 4.5 ". The block in the center is also 4.5". Easy, right?

And that's all I've got ... for now.

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Thursday, 13 October 2016

It's so bright!

It's raining today. It's gloomy, windy, dark and cold. Sure feels like Autumn but inside my home, it is so bright!

Cynthia from Quilting is More Fun than Housework hosts a Quilty Orphan Adoption event each year. The Joyful Quilter participated this year with the offering of some of her scraps. Ohhh I so wanted those scraps. Well, I ended up with a consolation prize. Isn't that wonderful? 8^D
Yesterday, Joyful's box of scraps finally made it to my place. Squeeeaaalll!!

It was packed to the top.  

I spent part of the evening sorting through this heavenly parcel. It is soooo much more fun playing in someone else's scraps. I had a ball and a half! Won't show you everything in there but here's a few pictures. 

A bunch of shimmering fabric. Luscious. I know where to use these. :^D

Rich fall colours fabrics. Love the prints on these so much! 

Even Batiks were thrown into the box. Gotta love that, right? Awesome purple, rich rusty colours and green and yellow. Yum! 

Some browns which will find their places in the 365 Challenge. Love the two sunflowers fabric at the bottom. Well ... I love them all!

What about those pansies in blue? Gorgeous! They might end up with the browns in the 365 Challenge. 

And green too. A big pile of greens. I believe Joyful knows I don't carry a lot of green .... because I'm always broke, lol.

Also got some white on white, black, beige/neutrals, pinks, reds and a touch of yellow. No. No orange in sight. She knows that I have a truck load of orange lol. 

Some are tiny little pieces which will be used to make blocks like these:

They are fun to make. No brains were abused here. Just sew little pieces together until it reaches a certain size. In this case, I need 2.5 X 4.5 inches. Trim and attach to a white (or any colour you wish) piece of the same size. (My whites need trimming in this picture.)
On Saturday, I'll be at Angela's place and I'll show her, and you, what interesting blocks they make. Stay tuned.

At the bottom of the box, there were bigger pieces, like fat quarters and one even bigger than that!! The checker fabrics are from Mary Engelbreit. Funny how things just happen sometimes, right? I had in my stash, from a long time ago, this panel of ....

Placemats and coasters from Mary's Design! Well, am I tickled pink or what? Wow! Now I have the perfect fabrics for the backing. It is so Breit! Oh I know I don't have enough to finish all the placemats and coasters but I'll make do. :^D

I am VERY happy with all the fabrics; they are all so beautiful. I have a gazillion of projects in my head and I made such pleasant dreams last night, (U_U) zzzzzz Thank you soooooo much Joyful. You are a most generous person. Whenever you feel like sharing, look me up. :^D

Until next time ... 


Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Whatever Wednesday: October's Colours

Really? October?
I was driving around today and I was astonished by the lack of colours. Someone should tell Mother Nature which month it is because it sure doesn't look like October.

Around here, trees are starting to change early September. I got married at the end of September, when the trees had completely hauled their Fall coats on. It was so beautiful. This year, most trees are still green.

 Like those on the right side of this picture. What's with that? Let's zoom in on this picture for a moment.

The Ottawa River (la rivière des Outaouais) is running through this picture and beyond is Quebec. Some trees are red but many are still green.  Most amazing of all is that ALL the trees have leaves. Strange.

This is a WIP tree, lol! It is working very slowly on progressing towards Fall but it's shy about changing in front of everyone, lol.

Some have never recovered from the Ice Storm of 1998. (eighteen years ago.) The branches of this tree are growing on top of the trunk as it is forever bent.

This is a typical end-of-September-early-October picture in my region. I think it is so beautiful.

My favourite dirt road. Someone ran out of orange and red ink.

Okay so this is where I live. What? What do you mean you can't see the village? Come closer.

I apologise to the people who live in the south and don't have winters as I wanted to show pictures of Fall, but it looks like it hasn't reached my town yet, lol. 

Main drag, somewhere, Canada. (again green trees. I did took these pictures this afternoon. Honest!) What a beautiful day this is.

Love the paint job on this tree. Like raspberry and lime swirls. Hmmm.... great colours for a quilt. Hehehe!

Here we are; home! My own backyard isn't as orange as it should be. The rudbeckia flowers around the clothesline post are all gone because they know September has passed. The forest is still undecided. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind that it still look like Summer. I only hope that Fall won't embellished the landscape and be all gone within 48 hours, you know I mean. I would like to enjoy Fall as much as I have enjoyed Summer. I am sad when people say they don't believe in global warming; I see its fingerprints. (O_O)

Until next time ....


P.S. this post is solely meant as a record keeping of this unusual Fall we are having.