Saturday 15 June 2024

Sorting the Blues

I separated the blues by "colour" this week.

And there are still more bags to go through. Two are on the bed (aqua) and one with multicoloured prints with blue as the background.
If you are wondering why the splashes of colour on the wall, it wasn't done to empty cans of paint. It is an actual mural done for my son a long time ago. I might have shown this wall before but whatever.
The design was taken from the bed cover he had back then. 

Anywho! I digress. 

Double Halo Star is progressing at a slow pace but progressing nonetheless. 

Fabrics were picked out and cut. 

Worked with the black and white parts...

and some assembling has started. 

The Double Tulips blocks also progressed a bit. 

Auditioning some fabrics for the top parts is the next task. I want these to be done before the end of this weekend. 

Crumb blocks and 9 Patches are in no shape to be photographed yet. So, that's all I have for now. 


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Sunday 9 June 2024

Bringing Out the Blues

Well, here we are in June or the blue month and I am still working with Pink. That is my life lately. In my defence, better be late than being a quitter, right? Lol.

So, Pink 9 patch ...

...and a 6.5 X 8.5 crumb block with 4X4 ones. I finished the crumb blocks Saturday morning. 

The pink scraps from the beginning of May 

to the end of May. I think the bags are smaller only because the scraps are nicely folded. 

The bigger pieces are in the left bag. The other one holds bags with lighter pink, pink with other colours, orangy-pink, etc. 

On to blue: 

Oooooooooh! My Skittles are burnt!!! 

Five bags of dark, light, bright, and aqua for this month. Not counting ...  

two scrap baskets too. They are supposed to be one light blue basket and one dark blue but some swapping, trading and exchange has occurred during the years. I will concentrate my efforts on the bags. 

Talking bags of scrap, I was gifted a scrap bag (again) during the Artisanat meeting. It has lots of pieces that got my brain working. 

Do you know what pattern these are for? In the first picture, there are two sizes of triangles. The second picture shows very small pieces. I might just cut them up to 1.5" and be done with it instead of trying to figure out what they are for. Life is short after all. 

There was also a lot of sewn pieces. 

I will unstitch them during lunch at work so I can use them up. Lovely prints in there.  

I will return to pink to finish the Double Tulips block which still looks like this. Sigh! 

I am catching up on comments' replies too. I was so far behind it was shameful. Anywho!! That's all for now. See you next weekend. Meanwhile, enjoy some scrap sewing. 


Joining these talented ladies during the week: 
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Saturday 1 June 2024

What Happened to Pink?

It went by so quickly, it looked like a blur. Not much but some Pink were used.

Switching from yellow to pink. 
No pink with blue yet. Hopefully, this weekend the Pink will meet the Blue. 

The Double Halo Star is finished. 

It joined the group for a photo. 

Only four more to go. Now, the question is does it want a light blue or a bright blue? I'll show it the options I have until it answers. Stay tuned. 

Stained Glass blocks were also finished. 

The light pink is as pale as you see it here. I hope it will look a touch darker once the white triangles are attached. 

Today is officially blue day but I will continue with pink for a bit as the crumb blocks and the Double Tulips block are not done (and I don't want to put all those little bits back in the bags).  :^D 

That's all I have. I try to reply to comments but I am failing miserably. Since I am no quitter, I will get to your comment eventually. Just be patient with me, please. 💖

Have fun with Blue! 

Joining these talented ladies during the week: 
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Saturday 25 May 2024

Slowly Getting Into Pink

Well, I'm finally playing with Pink. Not many days left before the end of the month but here it is. 

The yellow scraps weren't used as much as I had planned. Not much difference between the first picture (beginning of the month) and the second picture (end of the month). 

I separated the "gold" yellow from the rest, the bag on top on the right. On the left are the yellows with other colours that I wanted to turn into 9 patches. Oh well! At the front, unfinished crumb blocks. 

In my defence, Yellow does not have a scrap basket. The bigger scraps are also in these bags compared to other colours which have a basket to store the larger pieces. Anywho!

The 9-patch blocks that were cut and waiting by the sewing machine to be sewed are done. 
A friend gave me a little bag of scraps and those blues were too nice not to play with. Hehehe. 

Decluttering with Joy ( 100 Days 100 Things Decluttered )

I spent some time trying out summer outfits that no longer fit. So blouses and capri pants were sent to the second-hand store. Boy! That store must love me lately. 
I had kept a faux leather bag thinking my son could use it as he started college. It is the perfect size for a laptop. He prefers to keep his laptop in his backpack. Goodbye, blue bag sporting my "ex" job union logo. 

Please answer this: How come the scraps multiply when no one's looking, but the stitches on a quilt never change?  
I didn't work on my hand-quilting project for over a month and it didn't help itself either. The injustice is unbearable!! Lol.

So where am I at? 

This is the pink scrap I have, and no scrap basket either. There are only small pieces in there. Nothing was big enough for the Double Halo Star block, so I used a pink yardage. 

The star for the Double Halo block is completed. It's a start... 

Also started are two tulip blocks. A little yellow crumb block was used as the leader ender while sewing these parts. (While looking at this picture, a squirrel sneaked in and whispered something in my ear. OMG! Another quilt to make!)  

My Pink Rainbow UFO Challenge didn't even make it out of the drawer. These challenges aren't doing so well this year. Pictures of Dreaming in Dutch - Rainbow UFO Challenge for May as a reminder of what it looks like. 

The pink tulips were done in January 2021. 

All the blocks were made but I can't locate a picture will all of them. This is the best I have. Sorry. 

This past week, we had a fright when we saw that cloud coming towards us on Wednesday. 

I stared at it for a few seconds to make sure it wasn't spinning. We usually don't have twisters in Canada, but then again, the weather is so unpredictable nowadays. Luckily, there were minimal winds but lots of heavy rain. No damage. Just a good fright. 

I spotted these sweet faces behind my place on Friday morning. 

So, I think that's all I have. I'll try to be more productive but work is still zapping a lot of my energy. I like it though. 

I hope you too are enjoying what you're doing. 

Joining these talented ladies during the week: 
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Saturday 11 May 2024

But I'm Not Done Playing With Yellow!

I feel cheated. I had so many more yellow scraps to sew. 😞

Early Saturday (this) morning, I did the second tulip. This is the first time the sewing machine has been turned on since I started working two weeks ago. What a pleasure it was to sew that tulip!

The top part of the tulips has the same print. What are the odds that I have the same print in the colour Angela called for this month! I ONLY have this print in those two colours, btw!! Angela? Are you spying on getting inspired by my stash? LOL. 

This block is a donation to the Quilts for Survivors. Michele's quilts are heading there too. Look how beautiful her two quilts are.   

I'm in love with this collection. 

This morning, I finished a 6.5 X 8.5" crumb block made with darker yellow scraps. 

Once all the yellow pieces are back in the bags, I'll take a picture to compare with the beginning of the month. I'm not expecting much of a difference between the pictures as not much sewing got done. 
But these were made before the job started. 

I have more cut pieces that I want to sew before putting yellow away. 

Decluttering with Joy ( 100 Days 100 Things Decluttered )

Does deleting emails count as decluttering? I've done a lot of that. The job-searching sites were deleted and the presentation letters, lots of those. Lots of paper from my "ex" job moved to the recycling bin (the union convention booklet and stuff like that).

In the past weeks, I did many loads of laundry. Working with young children and then for the welfare office aren't places where you dress to a tee. But working with lawyers, it's goodbye jeans; hello dresses! 

A T-shirt with the company's logo was sent to the secondhand store along with others that don't fit me any more and shoes too. A pair of pants size 4! Nah! I'll never fit in that again. Goodbye! 

The closet has now room for new stuff. Yay! 

We had rain and weak sun most of the time. Some of the same for the weekend. My backyard is looking glorious though. 

Have a great week. 

Joining these talented ladies during the week: 
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