Sunday, 15 July 2018

In the Shades

Yes, you've heard me complain about how hot it is at the moment in Canada but I want to finish the flannel quilt for my son.  Our emblem is the beaver for good reasons; we don't give up easily.  Or maybe I'm stubborn.

I had a lot of ironing to do. I mean, an entire quilt to press ... in the heat. No way, I am staying in the basement as I am stuck indoor all week long at work. So what's a girl to do when it gets hot ... she gets smart.

I brought everything outside ... in the shades of a maple tree. This maple tree might not be very big but it did a good job at keeping me cool. (Never mind the stack of branches in the background. It's not from our trees.)

The reverse and ...

... the front. Phew! Done.

Then, the inner red border got on, either early in the morning or very late at night.

Here's a better view of the robot fabric.

And now for the outer border ... what do to?

I thought of Piano keys as I like it when others do this kind of border. Pinterest has so many suggestions that I got lost and also lost a few hours of daylight. Darn!

A blogger friend suggested something different that got my cogs going. You know I love different.

This is what she said:
  1. I've been living in that same oven! Today it only got up to 80, and it felt like a cool spell! 8)
    Maybe you can make the piano keys look like cogs?
Well! Isn't that smart!! Thanks Gayle! ♥
So a quick drawing. 
Plan A : just straight

Plan B : emerging together

Son (the future owner of the quilt in question) says he prefers Plan A but could I do it all in gray instead of all kind of colors? No, as I don't have a lot of gray flannel and it is a colorful quilt. 

So I did a test block

No sure I like it. :(
This block measures 10.5" long. I'll have to measure the quilt and see how it will fit. I have an idea for the corners but maybe ... if I try it like ....

Back to the cutting board.

See you soon.


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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Red Bots

Last week, the weather was unbelievable high in this region, like so many other places too. Blame it on my age, or maybe because I'm Canadian and we usually don't see these temps for so long, or maybe it's my meds but, regardless, I was a big zero. I was very uncomfortable in the humidity and didn't accomplished much ... but I managed to sew anyway. Sewing flannels on top of that, ha!

All the centres for the third crumb quilts are done. Yup! All 88 of them! This one is for my DS#3.


Some 17 centres were already sewn into blocks and some more will get finished this weekend. Unknown to me, I feel like I was set up on a mission. Who set me up like this?

Because this weekend, the temperature is much nicer, I can turn the iron on and press all the seams of last week top.

And then the red border will enter the scene.

I choose this print for DS#2 as he is contending to become an engineer. He loves motors and moving parts and oh! the junk  wiring  gears  parts on his desk!!
I'm still not sure how to finish this quilt but I like the idea of piano keys ... hmmm, we'll see.

Have an awesome day.


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Saturday, 30 June 2018

A Flimsy in Flannel

Sneaked out to take pictures before the severe thunderstorm break. As soon as I stepped outside my hair hugged my neck like an old bathing cap and my clothes clung to me like Jane Fonda's spandex. Gosh!!! I can't deal with humidity. It is so awwwwful. I am definitively not a flower from the Amazon rain forest. But I wanted to share my flimsy with you so much that I prevailed and walked to the cloth line and hung up my finished top.

Ta-da. It's calling for a red inner border and a pieced border. Something different than the first one. But at least, the center is all done. Yay!

Picture of the first one I made, for reference.

I found something that I hadn't share with you before; it's the RSC yellow (don't know which month yellow was, but here it is.) Yes, I know I am kind of behind ... just a touch, lol.

I noticed that the other blocks have a colored center making them Churn Dash block and not the Hole in the Barn Door block as I was calling them. This one is the real McCoy, lol. No, I'm not gonna change it. :^D

As I am taking this picture, the radio says it is now 32 degrees Celsius but feels like 42. Call me crazy but I'm looking at this block longingly.

Okay, that's enough pictures. I can hear the rolling thunder and I am all sweaty already. Better get back inside. Hope the rain brings some respite.

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends.


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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Some Progress

Although the mercury is staying in the high 20s, I am having fun playing with flannels. I have finished all the star blocks needed for the crumb block quilt.

This is the quilt that took priority while working with the ladies at the Wednesday Sewing Club. Six rows are already assembled and folded at the top of the picture.

Taz: he needs a good pressing

Monster Truck

A goof! 
I was so concentrated on mixing the colors properly that I missed seeing that I had the same print twice ... and right next to each other on top of that. Lol. I am so good at goofing. I'm proud of myself! If you look carefully, Taz is a goof too. Ha! 

Now I have to make the square blocks, like this: 

From the animated movie Robot

Only 14 more square blocks to make. I can almost smell a flimsy. Fingers crossed. 


Thursday, 21 June 2018

A little bit of sewing

I machine quilted my Silent Gift mug rug. (See last post to read the beginning of this story. It's a good one.)

Simple in the ditch foot walking. I did both side of the inner border and a diagonal line in the middle. Then I removed the rest of the pins and I found this

Ah! What the @%&$ !!

Since I had fabric to spare I could afford to just cut it off.

Then I worked a little bit with the tweezers and all was okay. But I still hated the diagonal line... ... so out if came. I walked the foot in the ditch around the 9 HSTs in the middle to square it off beautifully.

During lunch break at work, I will hand-sew down the binding. (Ha! during lunch break, hahaha! No you won't. ) It's true that lately the weather is so nice, we usually spend our lunch hour outside. Oh well, I'll find some time.

That's all for today.

You have fun, now you hear.


P.S. Yes, I did try to fix the middle HST. It's still not perfect but fits in much better, in my book anyway. :^D

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Silent Gift

Sometimes, things happen and it just make you smile. I have such a smile today.

Remember me talking about my newly made thread-catcher?

Remember me talking about the group of ladies I sew with on Wednesday?

Remember who was sitting next to me?
This is Monique. She worked on her pineapple quilt. After showing off my new thread-catcher, she asked me if she could put her bits of threads in my basket too. Of course, I said.

These folks all know that I play with little bits of fabric to make crumb blocks. At one point I thought that the thread-catcher was filling up pretty fast but saw little bits of fabric. Of course, there's a lot of trimming when doing a pineapple quilt and I left it at that.

Yesterday, I got to my thread-catcher and looked inside.
 Well, those "bits" of fabric were not that small. So I started plucking all the fabric out of there. I wonder if she did it on purpose? Maybe she didn't realized the gift she made me.

I started to assemble the little triangles together.

She used some gorgeous blues. 

These finish at 3/4 inch. But there are so cute. 

All the HSTs are made with her little triangles. The borders are made with my fabric. 
I now have the cutest souvenir of my first sewing session with these ladies. 

I was thinking of quilting it by machine when I saw the middle HST. 

I have lost a few of the points and I don't really care, but the one in the middle, like a disjointed nose on a face, is really bothering me. What happen there? Now I see that the top inner border is also crooked. Sigh! Should I? 

This will be my favorite mug rug. Ever! 

I still have one "big" piece of her gorgeous fabric to incorporate into another project. Yeah! Thank you, Monique. You are precious. ♥ 

That's all, folks!


Edit: like everyone, I can't reply by emails to your precious comments. For those that I know the email address, I will try to reply. Thank you for patience during these trying times.  ♥ :^D

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Thursday, 7 June 2018

Wednesday Sewing Club

On the first Wednesday of the month I get to sew with a lovely group of ladies. I did took some pictures this time and want to share them with you. Here goes.

At the front, Monique is working on her Pineapple quilt. Lovely civil war blues she has in there. Then, my working station and at the far end you see the back of Carole. We have plenty of room.

Michelle, who has her own quilting business and teaches sewing classes, showed us her finished interpretation of a mystery quilt. Well, except for the binding as this was her project for the day. Bindings, bindings and more bindings.
Claire is at the pressing station, Carole still has her back to us, then comes Michelle talking to Francine with Fran├žoise, then Monique, Yolande (practically invisible here) and Anne.

This is the mystery quilt in question. Awesome, right?

The back is just as beautiful.

Here is Michelle with Anne at the pressing station.
Look at the fabulous New York Beauty Anne was working on. The talent of this girl.

Hey, finally Carole is facing the camera. Quick! Take a picture. She's holding her first finished Skateboard block.
Great job, Carole.

I took a picture of the cutting station with Lucie hard at work but it is too fuzzy to show. Sorry, Lucie.

Anne brought a top that Michelle will quilt on her longarm machine. The top is full of tulips.
I find it so cheerful and summer fresh. Love it, even though I am not a flower girl. Anne had pieced the back with the leftover fabric and it is just as cheerful.

Awesome job, Anne.

Here's another quilt that Michelle had to bind. I didn't took a picture of the third one and the two table runners.

This is what Claire was working on. Well, this one was already finished. She brought it so we could understand what she was doing. It's a ribbon quilt.

It's a baby quilt with 4 or 5 inches blocks (I can't remember which). Between each row, or more like on each row seams, she zigzags a ribbon. When every thing is done, she zigzags a ribbon on the vertical seams. Hopefully you can see it better in the next picture.
click to enlarge
The one she was working on was all purple fabric and the ribbons was one color only so she didn't have to change the thread color every time. Isn't it a cool idea, though? It was awesome in person but too demanding for this little girl to give it a try. Wonderful work, Claire.

And what have I done, you ask. I worked with flannel and did 6 square blocks and 10 star blocks.

But I brought back home a whole lot more than just that. My head is full of tips and tricks and inspiration too. I asked Michelle how to finish a hexagon quilt and now I know. You just might see the Quilt of the Century on this blog in a near future. Fingers crossed.

Like most of you, I can't reply to comments anymore. But I will read them diligently as I love, love, love hearing from you. So don't be shy and say Hi!


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Monday, 21 May 2018

My Shame

You might have noticed that I am not blogging much lately and it takes fooooorrrrever for me to reply to comments.

Related image

I could line up an impressive list of excuses but it's always better to say the truth so ... this is the reason. I don't want to be in the basement because ...

Order and Chaos had a fight in my sewing room. Guess who won?

My mojo left the room a long time ago and I just can't talk it back into my life it seems.
If depression had a face, it might look like this.

Until last Thursday.

I had signed up for a little course on how to sew a thread catcher which I did go to last Thursday. It was so much fun to be with people and sewing again that I believe I'm on the rebound.

 This is the little thread catcher I did. It has a pincushion on the desk and a deep basket for the thread. Cute, right?

A really deep basket, lol.

Now I am armed to tackle the monster sleeping on my sewing desk. En garde!

Happy sewing.


In the Shades

Yes, you've heard me complain about how hot it is at the moment in Canada but I want to finish the flannel quilt for my son.  Our emblem...