Saturday, 18 March 2017

Happy International Quilting Day!

Of course, I did a little bit of quilting today and some sewing too. I played with some reds. Surprising, isn't it? lol.

Did some Rails blocks for the 9 Patch Path quilt. They were part of the leaders/enders while I was sewing the Red Buckwheat.

Ooooohhh! I love how that one turned out. The one on the left is the one I did today and it is so bright but you can't really tell from this picture. Bad photographer. (Not paying her, lol) The one on the right is one I did as a tester at the beginning of January. So one raspberry red and one watermelon pink/red block.

But I am not done with red. There's more to come but it's not presentable yet. So I'll leave you with on last picture, for your information only.

On the last post, I showed the flannel I wanted to use as backing on the I-Spy quilt. It had a good, long soak in warm water "spiked" with Dawn soap.  When I emptied the blue tub, look what came out.

Don't have Purple Rain (Prince) but I have purple water in the bathtub! The baseballs remained white because of Dawn. Ask me how I know about Dawn. :^}  Now I am not scare of using it in my quilt.

Hope you will join me at Angela's place for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and see red ... projects. :^D

On Sunday, I'll be visiting Cynthia for Oh Scraps! See you then.

Until next time ... sew red.


Saturday, 11 March 2017

Found some more

When I looked high and low for some interesting fabric to add to the I-Spy quilt, I found some more purple that I hoarded, saved, ... forgot I had. :^D

Fantastic purple, lilac and a hot pink-purple fabric. It does look more purplish in person.

And I hadn't showed you all the aqua sewing from February, so here they are.

Aquamarine, sea foam green and "what's wrong with the pool water?" green.

On to the reds!
And that is just the beginning.
The background fabric is a flannel that I want to use for the backing of the I-Spy quilt. Unfortunately, it isn't big enough, so I have to keep looking for another fun piece. I will soak the baseball fabric in Dawn before attaching it to the quilt. Just in case. :^D

Joining Angela at Soscrappy for RSC
Joining Cynthia at Quilting is more fun than Housework on Sunday.

Until next time ... stay warm!


Saturday, 4 March 2017

Flimsy! Flimsy!

Wanted to post this last  night, (Friday) but it was too dark to take any good pictures and I was too tired to write a post. 😴

So here I was, early this morning, outside in this beautiful, bitterly cold, windy day to take a decent picture or two. (-29C or -20F with wind factor)

I did a Log cabin QAL with Cécile & Béa from France. I finished assembling the blocks and that's my first flimsy.

It is made with pieces of fabric given to me by friends, bloggers or otherwise. I thought of naming it "I ♥ my quilting friends" but not all of them are quilters. So I adjusted the name to include all of them: I ♥ my sewing friends.  :^D  This project has to be finished by April first. Need to find a backing and start quilting it A.S.A.P.

The second flimsy is my March OMG.

The pattern is from Sarah (Confession of a Fabric Addict). It was her first quilt in the series "Stunning Stars Quilt Along" and it is so easy to make. Thank you Sarah for the inspiration. I made it into an I-Spy quilt for my newest found love who is 18 months old. I also have to find a backing for this one, hopefully something fun in flannel. Not sure if I have something that is childish enough for him and big enough for the flimsy.

That is what I'll be hunting for today. Oh and I need,





to clean up 

the sewing room!

Even I can NOT work in this mess any longer.
As you can see on my cutting board, I just couldn't resist sewing a little bit of red before the cleaning process begins.

Just a bit of red turned into some 9 Patches. Add the two flimsies that are rainbow colored at the beginning of this post and I'd say that is a very nice way to start a weekend, wouldn't you?  Oh!  I still have to photograph some Aqua blocks that got done this week too. I just thought about them now. Oh well, next post.

Okay got to go and get more coffee. Then, I'll clean a little bit, check out some link parties and ... repeat.

Linking up with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict
Angela at So Scrappy
Cynthia at Quilting is More Fun than Housework,
Nicki at Mrs Sew & Sow

Until next time ... stay warm!


Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Logging is Done

Lob Cabin is a fun block to make and sometimes a little too easy. I had to mess it up. Hey, I don't want to tarnish my reputation just because the block is easy to make, right? I mean, I worked hard for that reputation you know. :^D

Here's what I did in January;  


and 8 more for February; 
I made two more completely neutral and I was half way done when I realised that I don't need two more of those. Arrghhh! What I need two more of are the half-and-half blocks. Back at the cutting board to cut more of the neutral strips as I was running low. 

Remember that I am using only fabric that means something to me, whether it was given to me by a quilty friend or that it represents something that I love. So a lot of pulling out of fabric and refolding followed. 

I manage to do it right on the second try; 
That's more like it. 

I also need 6 completely bright and they turned out like this; 

This is the layout; 

You can clearly see that I didn't need more neutral blocks. I'm sure I can find another job for them. Somewhere else. 

So I am tagging along to Cécile's blog for the traditional log cabin. Béa has the modern counterpart.  You'll see on Béa's blog that Lori and I had the same inspiration for this little Log Cabin QAL. Fun! So don't be shy and go have a look. 

Until next time ... I ♥ my quilty friends. 


Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Only a Few Hours Left: OMG!

Edited to join the March OMG goal setting. But you might have seen this post before. 

The February heat wave has messed up my plans (because I only wanted to be outside and kind of forgot I was supposed to be sewing) but I did finish my OMG with only a few hours to spare. Phew!! 

The goal was to have all the missing blocks of the Westering Women BOM done. 

Sorry for the shadowy indoor photo but it is already too dark for an outside photo-shoot
I wonder if you can imagine how happy I am that it is done? Such a weight off my shoulder.  :^D

The second goal was to have all the blocks for the I-Spy quilt made. 

Eight star blocks and 

eight regular 9-Patch blocks. I was running low on fun fabric for this one so I inserted some flannel. I have as many fun prints in flannel as I do in cotton. It proved to be hazardous as my flannel scraps are up there. 

And everything came tumbling down when I tried to take the box down. Actually, it was kind of fun to have a shower of soft flannel scraps pouring down on me, lol. On the other hand, the box was not as nice! Now I just want to continue to play with the flannel. I should at least get this more organised but my cotton scraps take the entire room and I don't know where else to store the flannel. The bigger pieces are in bins but there's no room in those for the scraps. What's a girl to do? Sew it up! :^D

For my March OMG, what will I do? My intention, last January, was to make the Westering Women in February and finish the quilt in March. But after September, I really need a break from this quilt before I fall out of love. 
Never would have thought that September is a troublemaker. 

So instead, I'll assemble the I-Spy quilt and baste it. That's all. I mean, the weather is nice and I want to be outside so just a little challenge for March. 

Until next time ... breathe in, touch flannel, breathe out, repeat. 


Joining in the linky party at Elm's Street Quilts.  

Monday, 27 February 2017

A Lucky Streak

I had a lucky streak a while back and I want to take a few minutes to say Thank You to two very generous ladies. And of course, I also want to share with you all what I won. 

First, from Sarah Craig (Confessions of a Fabric Addict) I won a bundle of 18 Fat Quarters. A very pink bundle of FQs with lots and lots of beautiful roses. 

Some of the fabric have cherry prints. I love cherries.  Thank you so much Sarah. Don't know what I will make with these beautiful prints but it will definitively be a quilt for ME. Happy dance all around the bundle for awhile ... then I calmed down. :^D

Then, I won a giveaway that Ruth had on her blog (Country Log Cabin). The prize was 2 meters of any fabric I wanted from her Etsy store. Wow! I get to pick? Oooohhh! That was hard. 

I finally decided on these lovelies. 

Neutral because we never have enough neutrals, right? A piece of blue too because, hey! it's blue! Then I went for a meter of the red one to use as background in the 150 Canadian Women quilt I want to make (but haven't started yet).  But Ruth had a surprise for me, beside that lovely card. 

In the folds of the fabric, she hid a panel of labels. How sweet and generous! 
Thank you so much Ruth. I am so happy with my fabrics. 

And that was my retail therapy for February. 

Until next time ... I have fabric on my mind. 



Monday, 20 February 2017

The best of plans can change

My February OMG is to make all the blocks for an I-Spy quilt and to make the missing Westering Women blocks.  Although I am trying my best to stay on track, I found myself derailing this weekend.  The reason? The weather! 

It is so nice and sunny, I can't stay in the basement sewing. I am almost tempted to bring my sewing machine outside. I would have to sew with my sunglasses on because it is THAT bright out there. Unfortunately, my sunglasses only have the "far away" prescription and not the "reading" one. So I can't sew with them. Darn! 

Anywho! I did manage to finish the log cabin blocks for Cécile QAL. I will dedicate a post entirely to them later. 

While sewing the log cabin, I did finish some of the Westering Women blocks. 

July and August, which you have already seen, and  

October (on top), November and December with a snowy sky look.  As you can see September is still missing. It got me cursing! 

 As sewing in-set seams or Y seams, is not my forte, my first attempt was wonky. Then I thought it needed to have the seam allowances added to the pattern because the units were too small to finish at 12 inches. So, I thought if I have to start over, might as well do it in the English Paper Piecing style. Did one (almost) (at left) before I realized that the pattern also calls for a plain piece in between the sage buds, like the Bear Paws (November) in the last picture.  (!@$$%*@#$!!) (Sorry!)  Starting over again!! I saw a few ... okay, many Westering Women quilts finished. I saw one that had 11 blocks. Guess which block was missing?  I can sooo relate!! Anywho! Wasn't born a quitter but a kicker, so on we go! (Did my little exasperation dance but I am fine now. I can calmly carry on.)  :^D

All the while, my leader / ender was the I-Spy quilt. Did more cutting than sewing on this one. 

It is time consuming to get the fabric out, cut ONE five inches square and put the fabric back on the shelf. Start again with next fabric. Once I get to just sewing it, it will surely go pretty fast ... I hope so because February is almost over. Yikes!  

The cherry on top of all this is that I am back at work. Since it is a progressive return to work, I still have some time to sew. I'm tired and happy! But it sure feels good to be back at work.  :^D 

Okay, got to go. My sunglasses are calling me. 

Until next time ... I'll be looking up because it is brighter up there. 


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