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The weatherman said the "F" word

Yes, he did!!

Naughty weatherman!

(taken from Internet)
He said we have a chance of ... flurries. Yikes!! :^{
I am not ready for this. Neither is my little car. She needs some winter boots. This is my first winter driving her. It's kind of a scary thought. Howling winds, blinding flurries, snow drifts, ... and she is so small. Will she be able to plow through all that like the hummer does?  I think I'll switch vehicle with husband for the winter and get the hummer back. :^D  Hubby's a much better driver than I. Besides, he works in the city where the streets are always cleared right away. I get the scenic tour through the woods. I usually don't mind, I love my commute drive, with the pines full of snow and ... oh shit!

Anywho! Hiding in the sewing room for the moment and I did get to accomplish a few things. Let's see.
Oops! This is some secret sewing. Can't show it to you yet.

I worked on my RSC 2017 blocks. November is Dark Color month. Navy is a dark color, …

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