Friday 28 February 2020

Some "Ta-Dah!" To Share

First Ta-Dah!

A finished scrap basket. Yay! I squared the corners so the basket would stand by itself but didn't cut the excess because I wanted to keep the "Vive la France" wording. Vous comprenez que la France est très importante pour moi.

It's starting to look decent. :^D

Second Ta-Dah!

A finished quilt in flannel. This one is for my second son.
 A monster of a quilt (75X100 inches)

Lots of crumbs stars and Puss in the Corner.

Robots in the first border and gears in the corner for my wanna be Engineer son.

This is the one I made for my first son. (It looks like a picture of the finished quilt was never taken. One day, I'll take one of the three quilts together. ) He loves it.

On to the last flannel quilt. Yay! I love to play with flannel.

Now, here are some other little bits I did.

One block to see how it goes. It is inspired by Ellen at Little Jewel Quilts. Thank you Ellen! I've been cutting fabrics for this quilt for two years or so. I'll have to start making this quilt soon or else, I'll end up with two. :^D

This is a commission car seat cover. A co-worker saw the ones I have in my car and wanted some for her van. She has small children and said she would greatly appreciate something she can throw in the washing machine. Since she really likes this pattern I've suggested (inspired by The Joyful Quilter. Thank you Joyful!) I'll be making a second one this weekend.

On to sewing up some frankenbatten to make another basket in the colour of March for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Thank you, Angela, for the fun challenge.



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Saturday 22 February 2020

What's Up with February?

My energy level is pretty low lately. Not much is being accomplished and yet, February is flying by like the White Rabbit. Am I missing something here? Should I be rushing too?

The plan was to have a multi-coloured basket done and the binding on my son's quilt finished. Well, neither are done.

I have about 100 inches (from 350 inches) of binding to sew down on this quilt still. The end is near.

The basket is almost finished too. "Vive la France" says this piece of French General. Of course, I had to incorporate it in my basket. Not going to cut that off. Nope! :^D It was supposed to be on the top edge of the basket. It is on the side near the bottom which will be cut off if I square the basket. :^(  Nope, not cutting it off.

This strip of cat print was suppose to go from top to bottom. Since I don't know my North from my East, after assembling the basket, the strip is now going from side to side. And the white fabric that I planned to go under the basket is now on the side. Okay, maybe the next basket I'll get it right. Haha! Please, have faith in me. lol.

On the other hand, I had a lot of fun quilting it.

I tried to outlined this beautiful butterfly but my mind got distracted. Hehehe. (note the white fabric that was to be on the bottom.)

On the flip side you can see the fun I had. Trying my hand with all kind of shapes. All free hand.

I even wrote my name but ended up cutting it when I squared up the piece. You can see the word "Quilt" on top of the picture, coming down.

The basket will be lined with this old fabric. I made my first born some pajamas with these giraffes when he was 3 years old. He was fascinated by them and was so happy to have some on his pajamas. It was so easy to make him happy back then. Now he's 26 and cares not about giraffes. So, let's cut it up and use it up.

In the bag of scraps, some multi-coloured fabrics were too cute not to use right away.

They became 9-Patch blocks because we always need some 9-patch, right?

Once the quilting on the basket was done, I just couldn't stop myself. It was too much fun. So, look who came out to play!

Secret Santa by Temecula of 2018 (I think). It's just a little quilt so it is pleasant to work on it. Hopefully, I will have some finishes to show you next week.

Have a great one.


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Saturday 15 February 2020

As the Snow is Gently Falling ... again!

I am still sewing little bits of pieces. I am so addicted to these little pieces.

Sixteen little stars for Cécile Sew-Along. They stand at 3.5 inches at the moment. They came out of my scrap bins and from gifted bags of scraps. So much fun.

Then I decided they need a special treatment. A different fabric was chosen for each star. Such a beautiful array of colors around my sewing machine, because I am also working on ...

a multi-colored fabric basket.
Plans are laid out. It was my leader-ender as I was sewing the stars but now it will jump up a notch because the stars are done.

The missing ones are on the ironing board. This project is coming along very quickly ... for me. :^D

On the other hand, this project was not coming along quickly. Do you remember this quilt in flannel? I started it in 2014. I worked part-time on it for like 3 years, finishing all the blocks in 2017. Finally got the last border on last year.

and it's being quilted ever so slowly since then.
It measures 100 X 75 inches and the backing is also all flannel. The quilting of this beast on my little Janome was so demanding on my neck and shoulders that I did very little at a time.

Well, I finally got it done.

I tried to bind it with the backing fabric folded to the front. My result was not nice.
I am pulling too much on the backing I think because the border got all puffy and distorted. :^(  There is obviously a trick of the trade that I don't know about.

And I couldn't get the corner to look half decent. So, out came the Super Seam Ripper and the rotary cutter. The backing was cut down and a "real" binding was added.

Later tonight and tomorrow I will hand sew the black binding down. 350 inches to go. Sounds like I'm gonna have a lovely time. It's good to finally have a finish too. :^D  More pictures to come next week.

Have a great one everyone.


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Friday 7 February 2020

Lots of Scraps

Or as we say in French:  Scrap en masse!

At work, my work load as shifted somewhat. I see less and less of the children and the educators as my work is considered more and more administrative. This week, I had three days of formation: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning.

Now it's time to shed the work clothes and slip on an old pair of jeans, a comfy t-shirt and fire up the sewing machine. Bliss!

The last time I blogged, I showed you some green scraps in preparation for a green bag for my green scraps.

I even sew a Y-seams piece.
No one can say that all the techniques learned with the 365 Challenge were lost on me. I am proud of it too because it is flat. Double yay!

Fast forward, and Ta-Dah!
My green scrap bag is done.
One side and
the other side. At one point, I was getting bored of sewing green, so I opened the multicolored scrap plastic bag. Oh! that was so much fun! I love the speckles of colors those scraps brought to this side of the bag. (The colors are somewhat washed out in this picture.)

And where is my wonderful Y-seam piece, you ask.
Underneath! Hahaha! All that work and I didn't took into account the position of where it will end up. That is just so me. I had fun quilting it too. At first my stitches were too long but I got better as I went. I still need gazillions of hours of practice but I like my bag.

It's even lined in light green from an old bed sheet. It has about 2.5 - 3 inches left to be full which is a good thing as I got more scraps bags from my friends at the Artisanat meeting. Hopefully, the border on Field of Poppies will use up a lot of these scraps.

Angela called February's color to be orange for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Since I already have an orange bag and since the multicolored scraps are out, I will make a multicolored scrap bag next.

Although it is a big Ziplock bag, it is overflowing, so I just can't wait for Angela to call this color. It needs to be dealt with now. Well, that's my story. (Sorry, Angela.)

It will be fun to play with all the colors at once.

Have a great one.


P.S. I seem to have a connection problem (probably due to the snowstorm) so I will try to add my post on these linky party later today. ;^)

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