Saturday 25 May 2019

Good Fortune and Orange Twist

I've been working on a quilt that wasn't on my to-do list. What's the point of keeping a to-do list if I prefer to work on quilts that aren't listed? I don't know! I'm asking you.

Quiltville's Quips & Snips!!
Picture taken from Bonnie K. Hunter website
Good Fortune just captivated me at its reveal. Since January, I've been slowly patching units together to produce blocks to finally get my very own Good Fortune.

It's not completed but completed enough for me to present it to you.

Here is "Field of Poppies".

What I first saw in Bonnie K. Hunter's design were the flowers. Big orange flowers in a field and I decided to make the centres of my flowers black as I wanted poppies. I also switched the red for orange and the orange for red.

I love it! I'll try to make the flowers more apparent, visible with the quilting but for now, I have to decided on the borders.

I love Bonnie's borders as they lighten the hot/cold centre. I think they are too much for me to tackle though. I know me. I'll end up with one side two inches too long and the other side 3/4 inch too short. Should I give it a try? These borders take a long time to do I'm sure. None of the fabrics for the borders are cut so I can do whatever I want. I know I want more green but not sure what.

I hope the quilt will let me know shortly.

This morning, I went sewing with the Artisanat. We did some sensory blankets for people with Alzheimer. More on that next time.


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Saturday 18 May 2019

Keeping busy

My sewing room's been out of whack lately. I'm trying to make sense with what's going on around me and my conclusion is ... I have too many projects in progress. Or should I say projects not progressing?

This is still not happening. I'm stuck at the same place because the thread keeps breaking. After a cleaning,  twice, I'm now suspecting the quilt as the culprit. Maybe this junction is too thick and that's why the thread breaks. Would that make sense? I need to try quilting another spot and see how it goes. 

Good Fortune is taking shape ... kind of. Only 23 more blocks to assemble! :^)

My brother who came by last month, sent me some pictures of Mother's quilts that he has. It left me very nostalgic. Reminiscing a lot too. Would you like to see the quilts? Don't expect much and you won't be disappointed because he has no idea how to take good pictures of a quilt. So please, forgive him. 
Here goes. 

Made with cremplene. This will last forever. 

This one is crib size and made by my brother who owns it. I like this one a lot. 

The next three quilts were made with stencils and fabric paint. It was called Cameo and I'm not sure if it still exist. 

Mother did a lot of quilts with this pattern. She loved it so much. Not sure about this one, but most of the quilts with this pattern had scalloped edges. She hand quilted all her quilts. 

I remember painting these faces with my sister. It was fun. It's hard to tell in the picture but this crib size quilt has a prairie point finish. Mother loved that kind of finish on smaller quilts.

Back to the present. 

I tried to move 365 Challenge along and did three more. 

October first is the second corner block which I started back in February when I had enough of working with dark blue. It's still on my design wall and all the pieces are cut, so ... what am I waiting for? 

October 2 is Square within Square with 9 pieces. 

Then Road to Berlin with originally 9 pieces also.

Haha! No I didn't do the Y-seams version. It's easy to see that my block requires more than just 9 pieces.  It needs 17 pieces.  I'll try the Y-seams again when the pieces are bigger than an inch. 

Next we have the simple yet beautiful Split 9-Patch with 15 pieces.  

At the beginning of the month, I've received a huge bag of scraps and there was a big pile of tiny triangles. They've been very nasty and been nagging me. So I set them up by the machine and they are bothering me no more. 

Like a child, sitting on the floor, watching TV, trimming little blocks to 1.5 inches. I am far from being done as I have 181 HSTs to trim. That should keep be busy for a bit. I know what they will be but don't know the pattern I'll use yet. More to come. 


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