Saturday 31 August 2019

No Tranquility Here

The Child and Family Centre where I work is opening two more Centres and it will renovate the one I work at. During the renovation, we will all be working at one of the new Centre. I have to buy everything needed for two Centres, keep the inventory to date and pack our office, beside my usual work which was already a full time job. 😓  No, I'm not alone doing the packing since every one has to pack their own cubicle but still, the reception, the playroom, the conference room, etc. etc.  Sigh! All the things we aren't taking with us have to be posted as giveaways and there's a lot of them. It's just chaos! 😵 The new clerk just hired three months ago is fabulous. Thank you, Lord.

Image result for moving boxes chaos

I get so tired at the end of the day, I don't even care about sewing. Yes, I did say don't care about sewing. 😕

Now, my youngest son's health is on the fragile end again. And my husband just announced that he got a GRRREEEAAAT deal on a chalet, right on the lake. 👀
"Com'on honey! What do you say?"
- Do I really need another house to take care of? 😒
But it'll be fun, he said!  😭

So, please somebody, anybody, tell me, how can I clone myself? I just wish one of me could sleep while the other one works.

Anywho! Sorry about singing the blues today. How about I show you some blue instead? Here goes.

Ladies Aid Album with 21 pieces

Followed by a Gaggle of Geese - 14 pieces

and a Sail Boat - 13 pieces

I know it's supposed to be much darker but I don't like sailing in the dark. 😀

So I told my DH that I didn't want to buy the chalet. Because there aren't any fabric shops near by.  It was his turn to have a funny look on his pretty face. 😀

Happy sewing


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Saturday 24 August 2019

Sewing Capsules and Morning Blues

Do you do sewing capsules?

What is it you ask.

Well, it's basically prepped blocks with instruction that are at the ready when you are.

I use fruit plastic boxes (because Canada is a big user of plastic and I don't understand why). Anywho! I prepped some complicated blocks and stored them with their instructions.

Some of you probably use plastic bags or ziplock bags. That's good too and I do too.

For the corner blocks of the 365 Challenge quilt, I need both ... together.

For instance, in this box I have a bag for the left, the centre and the right flower as they are of different fabric. The rest of the pieces for the block are at the bottom of the box with the instruction. It's very important not to forget the instruction.

I love it when I can open a box and everything is there, ready for the sewing machine.
I had a few sewing session and the Field of Poppies became my leader-ender.

For those of you who wonder why I undid Field of Poppies (a.k.a. Good Fortune), well the green-blue blocks were smaller than the red ones. The quilt was wavy, full of puckers and down right below my usual standard. I know I can do better than that, but I was in a rush to finish it and at the time, thought that quilting it would smooth things out. Not. It was just displeasing to me. It's slowly being pieced back together and it looks so much better already. No pictures yet but you can enjoy these little 3.5 inches ones for now.

October 6 : Simple Design - 17 pieces. It isn't trimmed yet and I know it looks like I'll be losing the points of the big square but the original block doesn't have the points.
Different, isn't it? I don't make them as dark as the instruction asks.

Then comes ...

October 7 : Lattice - 12 pieces

I'm slowly getting back into it.


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Saturday 17 August 2019

Dusting off the sewing machine

My sewing machine got dusty while waiting for me to come talk with her.

Don't know what this is supposed to be but I thought it was funny. 

Julie at JulieKQuilts is working on her Dear Jane quilt. It got me longing for my own long term project: 365 Challenge.

So I sat at the machine and sew one block up to see how it goes. Well, it didn't go so well.  I'm out of practice and made a blooper. On the other hand, it is so typical of me to start with an oops! Lol.

I didn't focus much on which side the light blue went and it ended up with a totally different design. Not pretty. (it isn't sewn together)

So I cut some more fabric, a tiny little 1.5 inch square and started over.

So much better.  Sorry for the blurry picture. I must be out of practice as a photographer too.

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Sunday 11 August 2019

Falling Apart

Remember this one.

Fields of Poppies (a.k.a. Good Fortune by Bonnie K. Hunter) was done in May and ... 

... fell apart in July. I sew it up real quick because I wanted it done before a certain date and ... it was a mess. It did manage to look good on the photos but in real life it wasn't that good looking.

It stalled me and I couldn't get my mojo going because I was disappointed in myself.

Then, in June, we had a wedding.
DH's nephew got married ... in the rain. We were all crowded inside, it was muggy, humid, stuffy ... a miserable evening. I felt sad for them. All the planning, preparations, attention to details, spending, hoping, wishing and it rains! But them, they were still happy to be together and I think a little oblivious of the weather.

We also had an uncle who decided to have the upper hand on cancer and went for an assisted death. It was very odd to know when he will pass away before it occurred. Counting the days, then the hours before his suffering ends. I just couldn't deal with this and it messed up my mind. On his funeral day, I couldn't cry. I loved him and I understand and respect his choice, it's just that I ... can't find the words to express this new feeling. On his funeral day, it was my birthday and I couldn't smile when people gave me their good wishes for a long and beautiful life. It was so at odds with what I was going through inside.

It took a long time before my life resume its "normal" rhythm. I realize that there are some things you can't change and need to accept no matter how much you don't want to. There are other things that you can change or have to change no matter how much you don't feel like it. I knew that I couldn't accept Good Fortune the way it was so I had to change it.

So I sat at my favorite spot, by my lonesome and ripped. Listening to the birds, talking to my uncle and my dad ...

it all came falling apart until ...

... it was all done and stacked.     

All the block B (blue/green block) need to be redone. 

Slowly, as I get back up, Fields of Poppies will mend too.