Wednesday 30 December 2020

Two Words for You, Year 2020



(Yes, I know it's only one word) The year 2020 will be remembered by the words "unprecedented" and "weird" as they were the most spoken words by the leaders of the world. Yes, that sums up the year pretty well also. Personally, I am VERY happy to see its taillights heading towards the horizon. 

Nothing is ever all negative. Everything has a positive side. Let's have a look at the bright side. 

January saw the 365 Challenge quilt all assembled and on the header of my blog. I am very proud of completing this challenge. It started back in 2016! It has a grand total of 10,821 pieces. 

Then, I got some new (to me) furniture for the sewing room. Those were nice and pushed me into a cleaning frenzy. I realized that I needed some baskets to store all my scraps. So, some basket à la Fiona were made. Green, multicolour, and red. 

I finished my DS2's flannel quilt. A huge monster with a robotic theme along with Star crumb blocks and 4-Patch blocks. Made all in flannel, it is a heavy one. 

Did my first assignment in 2020. A friend/coworker asked for two car seat covers after seeing mine. She was really pleased with them. 

Bonnie's Good Fortune became my Field of Poppies surrounded with greens. 

I had some trouble adapting to the confinement. Crazy ideas were having tea with me every day. They grabbed the bin of strings and made me do this. 

Needless to say, I just love it. I still have a string problem but Sarah will share her ideas in 2021 on how we can use up our strings. Can't wait to see that and take care of this 3-drawer organizer. 

On the other hand, I did take care of the flannel mess. They were all cut up this year into useful size pieces and stored properly. One cleaned corner. Yay! 

Cécile in France had us sewing along and the theme was Stars. Of course, I had to do some Ohio Stars. My mini is called Brille (Shine). Everyone is a star and we all shine a different light, a beautiful different light. I am very proud of how this one turned out. Love it.

Here's another one of Cécile Sew Along, done the year before. I finally quilted it this year. Les paniers de Cécile used up a lot of tiny little pieces as the basket is made with crumb blocks. That was fun! 

I also finished another mini, one proposed by Temecula Sew Along. This one is called Amid Joy. I love that one too. 

Then, I challenged myself by adding borders to an old UFO. Jacob's Ladder has been waiting since 2013 for its borders. I don't have a lot of imagination (yet) when it comes to borders. Saw something on Pinterest and BOOM! Jacob has borders. 

Sometime in 2020, I decided to jump on the RSC2020 wagon hosted by Angela. I saw buttons on the net and they invited some bobbins in for fun and voilà! A rainbow buttons and spools quilt. I soooo love this one. 

Bits of fabric in the shape of triangles invaded my desk, so I pushed them under the needle. Little by little, a very scrappy HST quilt is being made. More in 2021 on this one. 

What happens when a friend gives you some quilt magazines? A new project is what happens! Here's a tulip block that I fell totally in love with. That says a LOT because I am usually not a flower girl.

But this one is cute. 

What's up in 2021? 
Well, I decided to give my UFOs a hand. Yep! It was fun finishing a few things in 2020 and I want to keep on that track. 

SOOOooo, I decided to give each UFO project a colour. When Angela calls the colour for the month, I will work on that UFO. It doesn't have to be finished but just working on it and bringing it forward is a plus. What do you say? 

Here's my list in no particular order. (I write it here in case I lose the paper, haha) 
    Purple - Framed 9-Patch (2016)
    Red -  Shoreline (2016)
    Orange - Hole in the Barn Door (2016)
    Yellow - Buttons and Spools (2020) 
    Green - Field of Poppies (2020)
    Bleu - Judy's BOM (2014) 
    Pink - Ferris Wheel (2016) 

The next ones are in case Angela calls a darker shade of a colour, so 
    Dark Blue or Aqua - Star in Blue (2016) 
    Dark Green - Tricked Me (2013) 
    Multicoloured - Getting Better (2013) 

I will also make the Tulip block and HSTs (for the rest of my life) in the colour of the month. 

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy year. Enjoy! 


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Saturday 26 December 2020

Sewing and/or Quilting

In my last post, I had planned for three quilts to be ready for quilting. Have I been nice or naughty? 

I've been very naughty because I've done none of them. Jacob's back, which I was so proud of, turned out to be too small. Both ways! Darn! I don't have enough blue and green to make another whatever it needs to be the right side. It really put a flat tire on my mojo, if you know what I mean. 

It's a good thing that the pink tulip was already finished and flourishing on my design wall (the red one has been published but they look so good together),

because I was too annoyed, disappointed, and bummed out to concentrate on much. So, I did some simple HST blocks. 

Then, these little bits jumped on my sewing machine. 

Now, this is fun! 
So I did some of these too. 

They turned out not so bad. 
Well, that's very pretty but I have work to do, so I stuffed it in a sewing capsule for later. 

I did a few masks too. In twenty years from now, the trivia question will be :
"What fashion accessory did everyone had in 2020?" Lol.

Then, SEW Sisters had a sale and I got this mask panel.

There's something for everyone in there. Love the rainbow whiskers. 

So I started cutting them up and this got me into the groove again.  

I went back to the HSTs. 
I had fun with the value placement. I like this one. 
Let's try another one. 

Yeah! This is fun again. Now, let's get back to Jacob, and all this quilting I was supposed to do. At least, Ohio Star Shadow is set up on the frame and ready to be hand quilted.  

Here's hoping that you are all safe and healthy. 

Like Chris said: 
Have a Very Merry Everywhere you go and a Happy Everyday! 


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Friday 4 December 2020

I've Got Your Back

It is so important to feel supported when we do something we are unfamiliar with. At work, my new team is wonderful. It's been a month already that I switched departments. They got my back and it feels good.

It is the same thing for quilts; a back is very important. 
(Can you tell I've been playing with backs these past weeks?)

I have this lovely fabric for Jacob's Summer backing. I thought it was very relevant since it is all about summer sports. 

Turns out the piece is just not big enough. I was sour about that as I really wanted to use this one. I didn't feel like adding long strips on each side. Angela came to my rescue. She inspired me to make one like this. 

I love it! Thanks, Angela. (Photograph sideways as it is sooo long and the grass was wet.) 

Eight Miles of Moon Beam has been sitting on the frame for the last 5 years. Well, almost 6 at this point. I can't seem to quilt this one. I didn't like the quilting pattern and now, I don't like the back I chose. 
I found this bedsheet ...

and I think it suits Eight Miles better. So, let's switch!  

The Eight Miles' old backing will be used for Field of Poppies. 

I think it is befitting to have stars on the back to represent all these fallen heroes, wouldn't you say? 

Now, if I could just quilt these three quilts and get the UFO list shorter it would be wonderful.  You will hear how well I did (or didn't do) in a few weeks. Am I on the Nice or on the Naughty list? 😁

I bought a "From me to Me" kind of gift. 

Of course, it's fabric. Just a few fat quarters. I got some grey fabric in case I have to start Bonnie's Mystery Quilt. I also got a few others, in case I need them for something ... you know ... 😏for something. 

That's it for now. I got a gazillion more HSTs done ...

and the leftovers from the backing are already included.  Always in need of more. 

There's also a tulip trying to sprout on my design wall but that's for another post. 

Take care everyone. 


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Tuesday 17 November 2020

Tuesday Triangle

Just dropping in to let you know that I'm alive and kicking... but brain dead, lol.
The new job is very demanding mentally but I'll make it eventually. 

I want to show you some more triangles if you don't mind. 

I won't bore you with pictures of every single block I make. I mean, you've seen a couple, you've seen them all. 

But I thought you might like to see what 4 blocks together looks like. 

What do you think? Do you like it? It's definitively scrappy! One-quarter of the quilt is made (Whoop Whoop!) but not yet sewn together. 

Have a great week everyone! 


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Saturday 31 October 2020

Full Moon on October 31 on a Ghastly Year!

This moon has a lot of influence on me. I was so excited all week. Or maybe it was this HORRible weather on Monday and Wednesday. The weatherman didn't say the F word but he used the S word. 

I couldn't stop myself, I had to make one. hahaha! It looks happy to be here. 

It pleases me.  

As far as sewing went, well you don't want to see what I did. I fixed some holes in pants' pockets and holes in jeans and ... BOOring! 

Made one more yellow crumb brick. Not sure about the umbrella fabric. (??) 

Some units for a yellow scrap basket. 
My scraps were DREADfully the same prints over and over, so I decided to put the units aside and wait till I get a variety of yellow scraps to finish the CASKET ... uh the basket. 

The HSTs block's APPARITION happened the week before but was kept in the SHADOWS.  
14 more to go. 

My Button and Spool quilt has been fixed. See the last post to read the aggravating SPELL this quilt put me under. I'm so in love with it that I want one for myself now. There's always RSC 2021, right? 

That's all, folks! Have a great Halloween! Stay home and eat candies! Mu-hahaha! 


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Friday 23 October 2020

Bricks, Border, Buttons

I didn't sew much last Saturday as it was such a wonderful Fall day that I just enjoyed it. I didn't even bring the sewing machine outside with me. 
This week, I played catch up on sewing. Let's look. 

Buttons, buttons... I made a few more 

... and then Yellow Bricks  
This one looks like a cake with candles, lol. It isn't trimmed. 

The "Plan" for those crumb bricks (as I call them) is to sew a border on two sides and "weave" them. 
I decided to use this nice grey fabric for the border and I'll make as many bricks as this grey will let me. By using a grey fabric, I can make some black bricks. Happy! 

Buttons, buttons playing together. 

all good things were coming together ... until I spotted the pink button next to the pink spool! What??? No, no, no. 

It's enough that I have the purple one next to the purple spool, I am NOT keeping the pinks together!!! How come I haven't caught that while I was laying them out?? They've been on the floor for 3 days!! I switched the pink for the green at the other end of the same row and I thought "Good enough." 

Floating on the breeze. It is a whopping 23 degrees today!! That's Celsius of course. Tomorrow, the high will be 7Celsius!!! What the baloney?? 

The too-long grass makes the top bumpy. 
Now, I see that all the pink buttons are on the same side. The two aqua buttons are one on top of the other. Arghhh! I can't believe I did this!! 

As I was picking the pictures for this post, I came across the picture of my layout and sure enough, the pinks were NOT next to each other and neither were the purples! Haha! 

I managed to twist the spools blocks around once they were sewn with the buttons to make a four-patch. That's what happens when I rush. Ha! Guess I have some unsewing to do this weekend. 

I also have to relax, this weekend, and mentally prep myself because, comes Monday, I am starting a NEW JOB! Yep! I am leaving my darling toddlers to go help adults. I am moving over to the Ontario at Work department. It will be a different kind of fun. Can't wait. I probably won't have time to sew as much but that's life. 

Have a great weekend. 

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