Saturday 24 June 2023

Trying So Hard

Well, maybe not that hard, lol.

Sew a little bit of green ... 

and some alternative blocks in blue ... 
Oops! And a Christmas-y one! (In my defence, it is green.) These blocks are Friends' Favourites. I need to cut more neutral strips. I love to have things all prepped by the sewing machine as I have very little time to sew. 

Of course, a few 9-Patch blocks were made too. Am I done with the Christmas fabric? I keep finding some bits everywhere. And then, Halloween showed up. Oh! Bother! 

I'm trying to finish the quilting on Jacob's Summer. Since I'm quilting it diagonally, I have to deal with the bulk of the quilt constantly as it is a long quilt. Needless to say, I have to pause often to save my neck and shoulders. 

After a long break, I returned to my work and came face to face with an opportunist looking for a place to nap. Since the quilt wasn't all the way to the floor, he had jumped onto the table. 

But how can I get angry at this peaceful black ball of fur? 
Jacob will have to wait a little longer. 

Hope all is well at your place. Enjoy! 


Visiting these lovely ladies this weekend.

Saturday 10 June 2023

It's Nagging Me

I just can't let it go because I am not satisfied with the orange blocks. Something tells me there's something better. I'll try to channel the right fabric. See this post to read the beginning of this dilemma.

I found another Salmon coloured fabric and turned it into a Star Bloom block (bottom right).

I paired it with the other salmon and two light pink ones. Not bad. What if ... 

I paired them with the two bright orange ones done the week before? Again, it's not bad, but nothing is "Yes, that's what I'm looking for" you know I mean? 

If this last block is accepted, I'll be missing a pink one. I found this one that might work. 

Or the Hot Pink one (the one that started all this) could be included in this foursome. 
What do you think? Either way, I have a pink block too many which can go on the back as a label. Sigh! I hate second-guessing myself. 

Star Bloom has all the blue blocks that it needs, so I moved on to something else and did this: 

Ladies' Wreath in blue.
I'm in love with this one. Because I'm working on Jacob's Summer lately, I realised how much I love a green and blue quilt. I have a mind to turn this one into my next green and blue quilt. It would be nice, wouldn't it? 

Only two blocks made so far but I am sure you can see what I see. 

That's all for now. Take care. ;^)

P.S. See my last post for something completely different. Not about quilting. 
P.P.S. Sue asked me a question about the quilt in my header but Sue is a no-reply commentator. Let me know your email address please and I will be happy to answer your questions. ;^)

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Thursday 8 June 2023

Jailhouse Rock

As I said in my last post, for the past two weeks, I've been working in the jailhouse but no Rock!

It's called a jailhouse because it looks like a house. I worked in the far left section, behind the windows with the bars. 

It was quite an experience working there. I ain't afraid of no ghost although they say there are a few as they used to hang people in the backyard. How terrible! I did not visit the backyard.  

This is a massive wooden door. Its middle isn't empty as most doors nowadays. It opens onto a tiny room with another door... 

... made of metal with two openings; one is a window and the other is for the food tray. You see this is the isolation cell a.k.a. the Hole! Once they close this door and turn off the light, and close the wooden door, you are completely separated from the world. 

You can scream and bang on the door or walls as much as you want, no one will hear you. Disturbing, really. Let's go see something else. 

I just can not imagine this place with no electricity and no heat. Built in 1825, it is made of stone, bricks, and concrete. It must have been so cold and dark in here with only candles as light. Brrr.

The ladies' cell (if we can call them ladies). I'm sure the bathtub wasn't part of the original floor plan. 

The guys had more room when they behaved well. 
They had this area for themselves during the daytime. (It was set up for an event the day I took the pictures. They host evening tours with dining and of course, an escape room game called The Prison Break.) At the back of the cell, you see the shower with a towel rack and behind the glass doors the potty. The cells on the left were the sleeping quarters and I mean sleeping... 

... as there was absolutely no room to do anything else. I wonder how men of 300lb could fit in there? 

The hole at the bottom of the bed is to store your 

very own chamber pot. How handy! 

The space in other cells wasn't any better. 

Some of the corridors are just as narrow. 

The blue staircase where they say a little girl is seen sometimes. Unfortunately, she didn't appear while I was there. Darn! The access to the upper floor is closed as those offices are still being used by the courthouse. From here, if you turn to your left ... 

you will pass in front of the kitchen and get to my jail cell. Yes, that's my laptop on the floor. Through the second door, held open by a stool, is the electrical room or whatever they had back then and ... 

... finally, the door that will safeguard me against all the ghosts, haha.  
And this is the horror I had to deal with ... 

... mountains of boxes and old filing systems. Charming. 

I considered myself lucky though as I had good lighting (compared to other cells) and ventilation too. It was quite comfortable, except for the chair. I had to use the stepping ladder as I couldn't find anything else. Oh well, there are worst predicaments. 

Talking about chairs, I spotted this old one. Awesome! 
There were more pieces of furniture but the lighting was horrible and the pictures didn't come out right. Friday should be my last day in jail. We have a new girl at the office, so they are letting me out to train her, haha. 

Take care, everyone. 


Sunday 4 June 2023

Stuck in Orange (or Hunting Pink Fabric)

I've done absolutely no sewing this week. So Saturday morning I tried to catch up but my efforts were futile since it was my son's birthday. Hence, no post yesterday. 

This morning, (Sunday) I had better luck and got something done. I had to check on Star Bloom to finish the RSC orange and make whatever was missing. Nothing was missing. There's actually one too many. How can I incorporate that orange/pink one? 

The pink also has four blocks done so Salmon has no room there either. 

The Hot Pink one is really HOT. What if I switch it with the Salmon one? 

Not in love with this picture! Sooooo .... what if? 

I make more orange blocks and ... 

... it's not great but it's a mismatch of something decent, I think. What do you think?  
Pink is missing a light block now that I removed the Hot Pink.  I'll be hunting a light pink down in my stash this afternoon. Fingers crossed. 

Before I found out the colour for June, I had bought these little dragonfly zipper fobs. 

The orange one says "Smile" and the blue one says "Inspire" on the charm. 

They are my favourite colours but they aren't for me. I bought them as gifts for the last Artisanat reunion next Tuesday as we take a break during the summer months. I've also bought lip balm and hand cream to round up the gifts. If I had more time I would have made a little zipper pouch to put the gift in but too bad. A regular paper gift bag will have to do. 

The weather is just lovely lately and I was able to start the quilting on Jacob's Summer. 

I wait until the deck has shades otherwise it is too hot. Raven magically knows where the best place to take a nap is. 

These past two weeks I was in the jailhouse. Seriously! I had to work on archives stored there. I had to screen the files and see which one can be destroyed. I'll show some pictures in an upcoming post. Stay tuned. 

Hope you are all doing well. Take care. 

Joining my sewing friends a little later this weekend. 
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