Monday 8 October 2018

Design Wall Monday

I haven't done a Monday post in such a long, long time. I finally have something to show on a Monday.

I went shopping and got some much needed dark blue for the 365 Challenge and ...
some not so needed goodies.  :^D ( I couldn't resist; they are too cute and at 30% off, why resist?) Can't wait to put the scissors in that yardage. It is just lovely. I bought whatever was left on the bolt. Yay!

This is the first corner of the 365 Sampler Challenge. (as seen in the last post) This is the middle section.

I finished off the two side sections :
the twins 

and the basket. While pressing this block, I realized that I should have reversed my choice of colors for the basket. It didn't occurred to me while I was cutting the pieces (or when I was sewing the pieces) that the middle section of the basket and the flower were both blue. am I redoing this? This quilt will last for a hundred years... ... ... sigh! 

Of course, all this tedious sewing needed some mindless company. Even dark green came by to say hello. 

I was gifted these big bags of fabrics of all kind. 

The smallest one only has square pieces of all sizes. Some are sewn in a HST pattern others are pressed to form a prairie points border. I am having so much fun going through all this deliciousness. :^D 

It's Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, so I can play some more today. I am so thankful for that. Also thankful for you. I wonder if you know how much I appreciate you, your comment, point of views, ideas, your projects, laughter and even your teasing. Hahaha! I am spoiled. Thank you for being you. 

Have a great one, 


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Friday 5 October 2018

Wednesday Sewing Club got the blues too

This past Wednesday, I got to go sew with my friends. What fun I have with them.

I prepared one corner block of the 365 Challenge, thinking I can do this and then it will be time to go home. Here is what I got done.

The top floral part

and the side floral parts

yep, that's all! It took me over four hours to make these units.

Oh! ...

... No! ...


I did show them the little mug rug I did with Monique's leftovers

Can't believe I didn't take a picture of the finished project!! 

and I did have a long look at all the beautiful things they sew during the summer. Oh! It was so beautiful.

Then, Lucie pulled the show stopper; a red and white quilt made in 1882 by Éloïse.

Wow! This was the size of it. Ok! Granted I am no expert with quilts but this one was cut.  Why? Nobody knows.

The applique pieces are hand sewn with the tiniest stitches I've ever seen.  Hope you can see them on this picture. Hand quilted too. The red fabric, although tired and running thin, is still so vibrant and bright. Amazing!!

The back, like the front, is mousseline.  The binding was sewn on much later with an electric machine. The name Éloïse 1882 was written with a pen in one of the corner. Was it all that the label said back then? Personally, I think this is only a quarter of the quilt. (Pictures taken with my phone.)

This weekend is a long one in Canada as we are celebrating Thanksgiving and it will find me finishing this ONE corner block for my 365 Challenge. Then there be only three more to go, lol.

Oh, yes! Almost forgot. I also got spoiled. Look at all the fabric my friends brought to my table after I showed them the mug rug. Hahaha! Aren't they awesome? I love them.

Another friend spoiled me this week. This friend is a bloggy friend who lives far, far away and although we haven't met face to face (yet) she knows me so well. She sent me, through email, some pictures of a certain quilt and it made my day. So happy to have her in my world. Thanks again, my sweet friend.

Hope that you too have some wonderful friends around you. Enjoy!


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