Saturday 14 January 2023

Another Friday, Another Snow Storm

That's how we roll around here lately. Every Friday is Shovel Day!!!

Every Saturday morning is Winter Wonderland once again. 

On the first Tuesday of the month, we had our Artisanat reunion. The challenge of the month was snowman! I know someone who just LOVES snowmen; me. :^) Of course, I had to participate in this challenge. I waited till the last day to do something as there were so many snowmen I wanted to do all month long. Anywho! Let's have a look. I took very few (good) pictures. 

I just loved those little reindeer.  Her snowman was also knitted but the picture is too blurry. Sorry. 

This is Michelle. She is presenting her own challenge. So whimsical! I love it. 

And this is my take on the snowman challenge.  Cardboard, colouring pencils, a piece of ribbon, and a LED tea light. Voilà! 

With the tealight on. It sits on my desk at work and I turn it on every morning just for fun. 

So, what did I sew? I sewed two blue stars for the Irish Star quilt...

... and an ID card holder for a co-worker. This little 3 X 4.5" pocket took way too long to do. I don't know how many times I had to redo the sides, then the top part was crooked. Anywho! It's done! It is very dark as per her request with purple swirls all over.  

I also got this one together. Yay! 
Jericho Wall (RSC 2022) is a top. I'm very happy with how this one turned out. 

Can you see how deep the snow is? We had a good 7-8" of snow and I didn't bother to shovel the deck before taking the pictures. Oh! I'm getting lazy, haha. 

Hope you are all well and warm! 

Angela at So Scrappy
Frédérique for Patchwork and Quilts 
Cynthia for Oh Scrap! 

Saturday 7 January 2023

First Blue Saturday

Here is the first Saturday of 2023 already. Time to show the Blues. Are you ready? 

Was scavenging a thrift store and I found this. 

One king-size bed sheet. In blue and black! I love it so much. I've spent so much time listening to cassettes ... Memories. 

I said I would continue making blocks for my Scrap Jar Star quilt but they would be different from last year. 
Here are the blue blocks made in 2022 

And here's 2023. Can you see the difference? 

Since I love the version All Colours AND the version Rainbow Style, I opted to make both in one quilt. What do you say? Good or bad? 💭  (Ok, Joy, you're next. 😉)

As you can see in my last post, I have a lot of projects for 2023. Well, one of them will have to bench. Since the pieces for Twinkling Scrap Star are almost all cut up, the project will be removed from the list. I have a very good reason for this decision. I might go on a retreat in February (Whoop Whoop!) and TSS is coming along. I have to think of other projects that can be quickly, easily prepared, and packed. Oh! I'm so excited. I hope we get to go. Weatherman, be nice!  

Take care, everyone. 

Angela at So Scrappy 
Frédérique for Patchwork and Quilts
Cynthia for Oh Scrap! 


Tuesday 3 January 2023

Too Many Quilts Are Calling My Name! (Plans for 2023)

Can you believe that I forgot to mention Spinners in my last post? After all the trouble I had with this quilt, I managed to forget it. So let's add it here. 

The block was proposed by Border Creek Station as their Stash Buster Challenge block for 2021. 

It was included in my RSC2022 blocks whenever Angela called a colour I wanted to include in it. Then, Raven had an infection, and suffice it to say some blocks got stained. :^(  I've repaired some but there are still a few more to go. It is now considered a UFO. If you want to see the Stash Buster Challenge block for 2023, click this link.

Also not mentioned in the last post are the placemats I did as part of the Table Scrap Challenge hosted by Joyful Quilter. There was a theme picked each month too. 
 Thanks, Joy, for the fun challenges. ;^) Using up scraps is always fun. 

Okay, now on to 2023! Hopefully, I won't forget any. (I'm really getting forgetful in my old age ... or is it the wine?)

I did four different blocks for RSC2022. Although I love the way RSC works, it isn't always easy to integrate blocks that need a multitude of colours. So many of those quilts are calling my name that I decided to work on them this year, and I will join Angela for the RSC2023 whenever possible. The Rainbow UFO Challenge is still on and my list is done. This year, I give myself two months for each UFO. A month goes by too fast for any real work to be done. (Hopefully, I will be allowed to work from home. If that happens, I'll have more time to sew and maybe finish something. Yay!) 

I won't repeat the projects from past years mentioned in my previous post. The following are the new temptations projects. 

Irish Star

Twinkling Scrap Star (I don't know the name of this block; if anyone knows, please share. Thank you.) 

Friends' Favourite (found on Fiona's blog BubzRugz)
I call this one Friends' Favourite because it was made by a friend who altered it from a larger block her friend had made. She shared it with another friend of hers who shared it with me. 

After making these blocks, I realized that the border is actually the sashing. Oops! 

Aah! That's better. (Not in love with the double zero piece here. Hrmph!)

Idaho Square Dance (Bonnie K. Hunter from her book Addicted to Scraps.)

None of the Log Cabin blocks are done. 

Paper Chain from Cathy at Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilts

I love this one as it uses more coloured fabric than white/neutral fabric. And who doesn't have a bazillion of 2" squares? 

Crooked Creek and Around T Time are on the backburners for now. 

You might have noticed that I am still working with very small pieces. Fun! It might have occurred to you that none of my projects need 9-Patch (97 done in 2022) and very few HST blocks. They will nevertheless still be my preferred leader-enders. Someday, I'll get to those quilts! 

In case you've lost track of all the projects, here's the Summary: 
1- Scrap Jar Star (Sew-Along with the Joyful Quilter. Care to join?)
2- Star Bloom 
3- Irish Star 
4- Twinkling Scrap Star
5- Friends' Favourite
6- Idaho Square Dance 
7- Paper Chain

Now, my expectations aren't very high. I understand that this is my list of future UFOs as none of these quilts will be finished this year and that's okay with me. I just need to get them out of my mind. Any questions? How will I manage all this? Only God knows. 😂

With this, I wish you all a colourful stash of fabrics to play with, a closet full of UFOs, more ideas than there are hours in a day, sharp blades, bobbins that remain full, and plenty of finished projects. May good health and laughter accompany you throughout the new year. 



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Angela at So Scrappy 
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