Sunday 29 July 2018

Standing at the Cutting Board

So there I was at the cutting board and many ideas were sprouting in my head.

"Stay focus, girl. You'll never finish this if you're all over the place."

After ten minutes, I went upstairs, grabbed my son by the arm, removed the headset from his head, towed him down to the sewing room by the sleeve and asked "what do you think?" (With a white sashing between each cog, it would be perfect. This one is only 2.5 inches in height unfinished.)

Instead of like this 

A discussion followed about my different ideas. I didn't had to sew a tester block for all my ideas as he was quick (surprisingly) to decide what he wanted.

He picked the same one as before (ugh!) but on a smaller scale. The "teeth of the cog" are only 1 3/4 inches wide by 3.5 long.

I dug up the leftover pieces of the first crumb quilt's border.

and chopped them down to size.

Then I got lots of fabric out to cut, cut, cut and ... maybe I can do this outside? Darn, too windy!!

Needed to cut, cut and cut more of the longer pieces too.

Now I can sit and sew ... but it's so nice outside!!!  Hmmmmm.....


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Sunday 15 July 2018

In the Shades

Yes, you've heard me complain about how hot it is at the moment in Canada but I want to finish the flannel quilt for my son.  Our emblem is the beaver for good reasons; we don't give up easily.  Or maybe I'm stubborn.

I had a lot of ironing to do. I mean, an entire quilt to press ... in the heat. No way, I am staying in the basement as I am stuck indoor all week long at work. So what's a girl to do when it gets hot ... she gets smart.

I brought everything outside ... in the shades of a maple tree. This maple tree might not be very big but it did a good job at keeping me cool. (Never mind the stack of branches in the background. It's not from our trees.)

The reverse and ...

... the front. Phew! Done.

Then, the inner red border got on, either early in the morning or very late at night.

Here's a better view of the robot fabric.

And now for the outer border ... what do to?

I thought of Piano keys as I like it when others do this kind of border. Pinterest has so many suggestions that I got lost and also lost a few hours of daylight. Darn!

A blogger friend suggested something different that got my cogs going. You know I love different.

This is what she said:
  1. I've been living in that same oven! Today it only got up to 80, and it felt like a cool spell! 8)
    Maybe you can make the piano keys look like cogs?
Well! Isn't that smart!! Thanks Gayle! ♥
So a quick drawing. 
Plan A : just straight

Plan B : emerging together

Son (the future owner of the quilt in question) says he prefers Plan A but could I do it all in gray instead of all kind of colors? No, as I don't have a lot of gray flannel and it is a colorful quilt. 

So I did a test block

No sure I like it. :(
This block measures 10.5" long. I'll have to measure the quilt and see how it will fit. I have an idea for the corners but maybe ... if I try it like ....

Back to the cutting board.

See you soon.


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Saturday 7 July 2018

Red Bots

Last week, the weather was unbelievable high in this region, like so many other places too. Blame it on my age, or maybe because I'm Canadian and we usually don't see these temps for so long, or maybe it's my meds but, regardless, I was a big zero. I was very uncomfortable in the humidity and didn't accomplished much ... but I managed to sew anyway. Sewing flannels on top of that, ha!

All the centres for the third crumb quilts are done. Yup! All 88 of them! This one is for my DS#3.


Some 17 centres were already sewn into blocks and some more will get finished this weekend. Unknown to me, I feel like I was set up on a mission. Who set me up like this?

Because this weekend, the temperature is much nicer, I can turn the iron on and press all the seams of last week top.

And then the red border will enter the scene.

I choose this print for DS#2 as he is contending to become an engineer. He loves motors and moving parts and oh! the junk  wiring  gears  parts on his desk!!
I'm still not sure how to finish this quilt but I like the idea of piano keys ... hmmm, we'll see.

Have an awesome day.


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