Wednesday 27 November 2019

Another One Out / Whatever Wednesday

Are you tired of hearing about this 365 Challenge quilt? Well then I've got good news for you because it is almost done. :^)

My goal is to have all the 365 blocks finished before the year is out. I managed to finish all the blocks for November before the month is done, even though there were a few bumps along the way. Hopefully I can do the same with December. Let's have a look.

November 22 - Star and Cross - 33 pieces

Nov 23 - Airport -
what is this? I don't like this block. I'm not sure why but I don't like this block. Nope, not doing it. To me, it has a modern feel compared to the others but that's just me. So let's pick something else.

I couldn't find anything in the Bonus Blocks as they are all for the smaller 3.5 inches blocks. Not to worry; there's a gazillion of inspiration all over magazines, books, Internet, Pinterest ... Out on a hunt I went. And I came back home with more than a few good candidates. The winning block is :

Carolina Chain from Bonnie K. Hunter. 36 pieces
This is a very fun block to do. Maybe a little too much fun.

Can we really have too much fun? This is going down in the flannel bin and someday, out of that bin will sprout a Carolina Chain quilt. Yay! (Please do not hold your breath.) (Can you say squirrel?)

Uh hum!
Back to 365 Challenge.
Yes, well, November 24 brought Turkey's Dilemma - 49 pieces

It is a nice one with no Y-seams so I love it. RSC contender? Maybe.

November 25 - Squares and Strips - 25 pieces
Talk about easy.

November 26 - Merry Kite - 45 pieces

I got into all kind of troubles with this one. Remind me not to sew pass my bedtime. Eventually, it got done ... beautifully.

November 27 (so close to the end, Aaaaahhhhh!) White Hemstitch with 37 pieces.

November 28 - Domino and Squares - again 37 pieces and not yet trimmed. ( I just want to sew! I don't have time to trim!)
Isn't it a beauty? I love this one too.

November 29 - Celtic Twist with 29 pieces. I love this one.
I've done one before as it is on my to-do-list but since I can not locate it at the moment, you'll just have to believe me.  Lovely block.
 I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. It's late, it's dark, it's on a white background but I just want to share with you anyway.

And the last one for the month of NOvember is (NO way! Am I really done?)(Aaaaaahhh!)
White Square Quilt.
Whhhaaaat?  What a drab! I have a mind to spruce it up a little bit.

There! Isn't that better?
It has 17 pieces and I am DONE with November!  Whoohoo!

Total for 9 blocks is 308 pieces.
Grand total of pieces for November is 973 pieces.

I need a glass of wine after all these pieces. But just a very small one because I still have lots of sewing to do.

On to Whatever Wednesday, I did do some sewing that is NOT related to the 365 Challenge. (Yes, there IS such a thing, haha.)

A co-worker brought me three Fat Quarters and asked if I could make "bandana" for her cat. I don't know if they are called bandana when you wear them around your neck but that's what she calls it and I said "sure, I'll do that for you."

She had tried to make one herself and it didn't go so well. So one of the FQ, bear and foxes, was missing a big chunk. There was enough left for one bandana out of that one and I thought I could get two bandanas out of the others FQs.

So here's my first attempt at making bandanas for a cat.
Cute right?

As I cut the last one out, I managed to cut the only bandana I could cut out of her bear and foxes print. Darn! That was that for that fabric! Wait! No. I can't do that.

I looked at my mess and chopped it off sideways.

Got a piece of orange fabric out. (Orange can fix anything.) And TA-DAHhhh!

So why not make another bandana with little pieces and VoilĂ ! She got two of that one too. Happy ending!

This was so much fun to do that I ended up making some more out of my own fabric because ... well, hey! He's a star after all and he needs something cute for the holidays, Ha!

And here is Nemo, himself, sporting is latest bandana, sent to me by his Mama.
(I hope this works.) He's so stinky cute!
He just wants to grab the phone so he can purr his gratitude into my ears. Oh, little flirt, you!

Hope you all have happy endings sewing.


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Friday 22 November 2019

Not so Blue ...

... well, yes, it's still blue!

Still care to see?

All the blocks are now measuring 6 1/2 inches unfinished.

I had to go back to November 13 to do Red Cross. It has 16 pieces and it was a piece of cake.

Comes November 14 which is a little bit more complex but still it was fun to do.
It has 29 pieces.

November 15 to 18 were little dark 3 1/2 inches blocks and they were done the week before in order to finish all the dark at once. See post here.

November 19 is called Album.
Pretty simple block but effective. I like this one. It has 21 pieces.

On November 20, we have Girl's Joy with 29 pieces.

Also an easy one.

Next we have Blind Man's Fancy and what the heck is wrong with this guy?
If he's blind what does he need all these pieces for? There's a humongous 79 pieces here and they don't work straight. The block of the inner star measures exactly what the pattern asked for, yet the top and bottom points are too far from the HSTs border by 1/4 inch. I kept measuring and unpicking stitches and measuring again to the point where I said whatever! Sew the last border on and pinned it to the wall. I am done with this one. :^p

Only 40 more blocks to go. Whoop whoop!


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Friday 15 November 2019

Leaving the Dark Side

Yes, I have left the dark for good. It feels great.  :3

Image result for smiley cat"
picture taken from Internet

Let's look at what I had to do to leave the Dark Side.

Nov 12 - Coxey's Camp - 20 pieces

It looks better in person as the two medium fabric have a bigger difference in tone.

Nov 15 - Chained 9-Patch - 20 pieces

I'm still looking for the 9-Patch in this one. Not very obvious, lol.

Nov 16 - Fish Platter - 32 pieces
I like this one. It is easier than one would think. I might add this one as a RSC possibility. But bigger than 3.5 inches.

On Nov 17, we were given Whirlpool
which is basically the same as June 21, Windblown Squares, except for the size and color of course.
Do I want two blocks that are almost identical in my quilt? No! It is a sampler quilt after all.

So I chose another block from the Bonus Block list and made Bear Paw Bow tie.

Isn't it cute? Only 24 pieces.

Nov 18 - Chain and Bar - 32 pieces
Oops! I didn't trim this one yet. I was too excited about pinning it to the design wall and have them all done! ALL DONE! Whoop Whoop!

Done with the dark blue that is but still playing with the blues, the lighter blues. It will be fun as November is always so gloomy and boring in my neck of the wood. I have to go back and make Nov 13 and 14 which I have skipped as I wanted to finish all the dark blues.

Only 45 more blocks to go; 320 made.  Whoop Whoop!!

A few 9-Patch got made in the process too.
Bonnie K. Hunter is right when she says if you don't like a fabric it's because you haven't cut it small enough. I don't like the brown fabric with the purple flowers. (what was I thinking?) Paired with black in a 3 inches 9-Patch it is cute.

There's another one in there that makes me go "what was I thinking?" Too late now.

Side note: Thank you all for the uplifting comments regarding my dreadful full time job. I appreciate it. They will do the final inspection of the office on Monday, so hopefully all will be okay and we can move back in. There is an end to my misery. Yay!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Saturday 9 November 2019

Still in Blue

In Canada, it is a long weekend for us, so pedal to the metal, I'll be sewing some blues.

Here's what I've manage to do since my last post.

Katherine Wheel is November 5. It has 16 pieces and it is very easy. This one is a contender for RSC 2020. (OMG! I've just said that! 2020? Ouch!)

Darting Bird is next. I did a reverse version.

 Lol. No it's not that crooked in real life. I've used only two fabric instead of the three asked in the pattern and did the bird darker then the background. A simple 9-Patch with 15 pieces. Love this.

On to Nov. 7, Straw Flowers.

Now that was a challenge! Each quadrant is 2 inches unfinished. I'm happy that its 44 pieces fit so well together. YES! Done!

Road to the White House was much easier. It has 22 pieces.

November 9 block, Air Castle was made back in October, due to some of its pieces were made while making another block. For fear of losing the pieces, I made Air Castle right away. So, here's one you have seen already (probably).
25 pieces, not counted in October's grand total.

Next comes a hot mess. I don't like my choice of fabric but I am not starting it over. (not yet anyway!)
Wild Geese on November 10 is anything but nice. It is a wonky version of the original design. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :^\

Side note: my office has moved on October 24, to a new town where nothing is ready for us. Why did they made us move so soon I have no idea. The phone is not connect and there's no Internet. Our passes don't open doors and some desks received aren't the right one. Then the contractor kicked us out because we were in their way. (Of course, we are; it's NOT finished.) So, we work from another department with our stuff in boxes at our office which we can't go and get. Lovely, really! I work with my personal phone for lack of a better option. I am so tired; we all are. But it is business as usual. The educators have playgroups at different venues, where they have to haul boxes of toys and craft supplies. I do my best with their paper work, sometimes working things out from memory. I don't know yet where we will be on Tuesday. Still it doesn't explain such a wonky block but thanks for letting me vent it out.

I shouldn't think of that since it is the week END! A looooonnnnngggg weekend. It is our Remembrance Day on Nov 11. Appropriately, Nov 11 block is Poppy.

Isn't this a cutie? I love it. Hey Cynthia, here's another one for your garden. Wink! (You should check her garden quilt. It's awesome!)
Those little pieces in the corners are cut at 7/8 of an inch. I was wondering if any of this fabric would show once all the parts were sewn together but yes they do! 16 pieces.

All these blocks are 3.5 inches. Only 5 more to go and I am done with the wee blocks.

Talking about Poppy, I am also working on a border for Field of Poppies (a.k.a. Good Fortune by Bonnie K. Hunter). Here's what I have:

Option 1 

Option 2 

Option 3 

Option 4
This is what I am playing with this morning. What do you think?

Oh son is up! Time to go grocery shopping and then ... more sewing. :^D

Hope you can find some sewing time too. Enjoy!


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