Saturday 25 June 2022

Some Blues and Some Don't

I got a few blocks completed this week but not all my RSC2022 projects got some attention.

Let's see what was done.

9-Patch blocks were sewn as leader-enders. I love the second and the fourth ones. Polka-dots always add a fun touch, don't you think? 

I did two bright blue Jericho Wall blocks as promised last week. Polka-dots again, haha. 

A bright blue Scrap Jar Star. Oh my! I got polka-dots in this one too. It must have been a fun week. 

I have a lot more blue scraps to sew but that's all that got done for now. 

Raven decided that my blue scrap basket was a good place for a nap. He probably thought that since I've been rummaging into it this week, it must be a comfy, fluffy spot. I had to turn the flash on as he just disappeared into the dark corner of the cabinet in the first picture. He doesn't look very happy to be woken up by the flash. Silly cat. 

It's the last Saturday of the month but not the last day of the month. I still have a few days to finish some more blocks because some RSC projects didn't get their fair share of blues...

... like Star Bloom who only got one block done at the beginning of the month. At least two more are needed, three would be better. 

The placemat is still the same as last week. None of the crumb blocks are completed. Hopefully, these can get finished too. 

On Sunday, I'm going out with the girls from the office for a wine tasting. Next week, I might post some pictures ... if I behave well, hahahahaha. 



Angela at So Scrappy
Frédérique at Patchwork and Quilts 
Cynthia for Oh Scrap! on Sunday

Saturday 18 June 2022

Prepping the Blues

A busy week at work left me with little energy in the evenings. I did some sewing but most of it was done last weekend. 

My Scrap Jar Star block had an issue! 

The left side is not sewn backward because if you check the corner units they are in the right position. The goose is the problem. I sewed the goose with the darks together. Didn't realize my mistake when I sewed the corner units to the goose. Didn't realize my mistake when I ironed it. Didn't realize my mistake when I sewed that strip to the star. So when DID I notice my mistake? I saw my mistake when I put the piece under the iron for the final press! 😣 It's time you go to bed, Chantal. 

Of course, it got fixed. Much better. 😊

Since Angela called it "Dark and bright blue month", I feel compelled to make another Scrap Jar Star. Some scraps were selected.  

Jericho Wall is very dark, and even a little sinister, in dark blue. 

Not sure I'll make a second dark blue one but I've pulled some scraps to make two bright ones. 

What do you think? I believe these will be more fun to make. 

Some easy sewing was done. Building crumb blocks takes no brain at all. 

A placemat was also started. 

That's all for now. 

We were stuck in a series of storms. It was very dark and gloomy for the last three days and the tornado alert was heard but not much happened here. We got lots of rain and strong winds on and off but no damage. Phew! Today is a glorious sun-shining day and I'm gonna enjoy it! 

Happy weekend everyone. 


Angela at So Scrappy 
Frédérique at Patchwork and Quilts

Saturday 11 June 2022

Challenge Accepted ?

June is the blue month - bright and dark - I love blue! 

I used ALL the different solid blues that I have for these blocks. Since there was only one light blue and I didn't want to wait for the light blue month, it got done this week too. 
I dug out the plastic bag with all the smallest dark blue scrap I have. There was a piece big enough for a Star Bloom block, so it got done this morning. 

I used Fiona's way to cut the HSTs for the Star Bloom block and it was really fast. Check out her blog if you want to know how she does it. She also has a lovely top done. Just saying. 

Too bad the HSTs for this one were already done, haha. 

One more is needed. It's probably hiding in the dark blue scrap basket. I'll get it out today. 
I'll have lots of chances to use Fiona's way to cut HSTs as I have a mind to replace all the stained blocks in Spinners quilt. You can read this story here.  The light yellow yardage I used in most of the smaller HST was cut while we were without electricity last month.  

Little by little, it will get done. 

Odd 9-Patch blocks this week. 

The two little rascals (pink) blocks were playing hide and seek under my sewing machine since April (the Pink month). In no time at all, they were sewn and added to April's tally. 😊 Then a dark blue one, then ... a green one? It told me that it missed its exit and it ended up with the dark blue fabrics. (I don't believe that for a second. I bet alcohol was involved. haha!) 

Last Wednesday, my son said that SIL came by to bring me this plaque, saying: "Mom would like something beautiful to decorate her door at the residence. So I got you this. Work your magic. There's no rush! Thanks." 

I love my MIL and I would do anything for her. Looks like my SIL knows that too. So I will dust my paintbrushes, but I haven't painted in this century yet ... that says a lot and it's scary. Can I still do it? Do I still have it in me? Is my painting skill still good? What if I fall in love with painting again and abandon quilting? Do I accept this challenge? Sigh! 

Stay tuned. 


P.S. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments concerning Raven's operation last week. He is so much better that I removed the cone and the leash, and opened the patio door. He is somewhere out there this morning, happy and free. 

Angela at So Scrappy 
Frédérique at Patchwork and Quilts 
Cynthia for Oh Scrap! 

Saturday 4 June 2022

New Month - New Challenges

It's always fun to start the month with Angela from So Scrappy. Playing with the newest colour is so motivating. She called June, the blue month. This will be quite a challenge for me as I barely have any blue scraps. Bwahahaha! I'm definitively pulling your legs on that one. But let's finish with the dark greens first. Here we go.

Not much was done as free time was rare but I did manage to finish four blocks for the solid fabric quilt.

Along with some 9-Patches. 

I couldn't resist opening the bag of little blue scraps. Some pieces were big enough for a 9-patch or two. 😃 I also cut some pieces for ... 

... a dark blue Scrap Jar Star block. So far, so cool. 

I have to nurse Raven this weekend as he just had the BIG operation on Friday. The poor thing hasn't figured out how to walk up the stairs or drink water with his cone. He's a smart cookie though, I am confident he will figure it out before I get back to work on Monday. 😉

Raven sitting in his "jungle" in our backyard with the cone and a partly-shaved leg after the OP. 

DH, with his brothers, has to empty his father's garage. They can't sell the house for all the stuff still left in it. So, they decided to have an auction this weekend. Well, an auction with the family only, so it's not precisely an estate sale but a fun family gathering. Items are priced at a dollar or two. The money will go to their mom and what's left will be donated to second-hand stores. DH is the auctioneer. That'll be fun to watch. 😄

That's all I have, folks. 

Happy sewing. 

Joining Angela at So Scrappy
Frérérique at Patchwork and Quilts
Cynthia for Oh Scrap!