Saturday, 11 July 2020

Awful Weather Makes Beautiful Progress

Again, we are stuck in humid, hot weather with storms basically every night. Today, it's raining. That means the sewing projects are progressing. 

Let's see what I did this week beside watching TV. Yes, I've been binge-watching Project Runway with some needle work. I'm already at season 5. 

First, I did a label for my latest finish and attached it to the quilt. It was fun playing with the EPP hexagons again, so I continued. 

Don't know if these are labels or a new project. I was just sewing rosettes out of hexagons prepped a long time ago. Then I thought about my hexie project and started to work on it. 

Tried one diamond shape for the border of the Quilt of the Century. I'm not sure about this. So instead, I attached all the pieces for the last row at both ends. 

After, I started to attached the border. It's a very soft ivory fabric.  The progress is very slow as I am sewing it on my lap. I constantly have to make sure the border isn't waving. 
I'm thinking of moving my quilting frame around so I can use it to sew the borders and be able to watch the screen at the same time. At the moment, these two are facing each other, so my back is to the screen or to the quilting frame. Not convenient. Anywho! 

I managed to play with the crumb blocks too. Played the shuffling game with the blocks and invaded my son's project. Oops! He is building me an Adirondack chair. I am so spoiled. 
Two sections of the quilt are sewn. Not exactly quadrants but that's what I always call them.  This is the top left side ... 
and the top right side. It will be an 8 X 10 layout. 

And that's all. Hope you are all well. 

Angela at So Scrappy
Frédérique at Patchwork and Quilts. 



Saturday, 4 July 2020

Progress in the Heat

It was very hot in my neck of the wood. We've reached 31C with 46% humidex this week. The perfect recipe to stay inside and sew. 

And sew I have. I've finished all the 13 missing stars for the flannel quilt. I forgot to take a picture before mixing them with the others so here's one of the last three. 
I immediately started working on the square blocks and only 14 left to do from 42. 

I won't bore you with lots of crumb block pictures, but here's the last batch I sewed.

Why didn't I finish all the square blocks? They will be strategically planned to fit in a specific spot to harmonize the colours. To bring a splash of yellow where there isn't enough, etc. The blocks in the above picture, still have a lot of shuffling to do I'm afraid. 

I've discovered something that might end up to be my doom. I found a website where I can watch, for free, all the seasons of Project Runway. I so love that show and we don't always get it up here. Yesterday, I watch the entire first season! I'm so doomed. 

Today, they are calling for high humidity again (49% with a high of 29C). It's like walking through a bowl of hot soup. Instant sweat weather. Yuck! So I am stuck inside. Who will win? The sewing machine or the net? 

Take care everyone. 
Happy Independance Day to all my American friends. Enjoy! 

Angela at SoScrappy
Frédérique at Patchwork and Quilts

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Happy Canada Day

to my fellow Canadian friends! 

It is a gloriously beautiful morning here. Unfortunately, it is too muggy to be outside for my taste. Maybe it will get better through out the day. 

On Sunday, I made a big batch of spaghetti sauce; Monday, I cooked lots of chicken strips on the bar-b-q; yesterday, I cooked 24 hamburger patties. Today, since there's enough food in here for the boys to survive for one day, (hahaha!) I have the day off to sew. :^D

To sew some more crumb block stars. 

(Took the picture this morning in the shade as the sun was washing out all the colours.)  Only 13 missing. The marathon is on! 

Enjoy your day, no matter where you are! 


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