Saturday 26 February 2022

Virtual Travelling or The Last Wave of Aqua

The Joyful Quilter and I researched the name of this block. 

I was able to relocate the original picture that inspired me and we now know the name of it. 

It's called Crossroads to Jericho. I am also sewing a block called Jericho Walls. I think Jericho is calling me. So, I fired up the Google Machine and I was magically transported into another time. Jericho is in the West Bank with the Jordan Valley to the east. The city has a desert feel to it though there are many cars. One almost expects to see camels.  There's Herod's palace within a walking distance of a KFC. Culture shock! Another interesting fact, Jericho has a Russian Museum. (??) Anywho! It was a nice 15 minutes of wasted time in Googleland. Haha.

Let's head back to my sewing room. 
Not much has happened here as I mostly did little (2 inches) HSTs for Spinner and a placemat for the Table Scraps Challenge.

I also did some cleaning up and what usually happens while cleaning has happened yet again. I found another project to distract me. 

Whenever I get bags of scraps from my friends, there's usually a little Ziplock bag of triangles. Anne's generous gift was no exception. I couldn't resist it any longer and opened it. 

What followed was the sewing of 110 HSTs. Then the pressing, and trimming. 

Two piles of triangles weren't selected. The plain yellow as I'm not sure I'll need it, and the black and lime print. I am not convinced it belongs with the others. (I can hear Sesame Street's jingle now.)

Aren't they cute though? 
I know it is called Anne's Quilt but I have no idea where it's taking me. I'm just happily and blindly following its lead. 😊

Some 9-Patch (3.5 inches) were made as leader-enders ... 

... and one last Chaser block in Aqua. 

That's all I have, my friends. Wonder what colour will be called for March. 

Have an awesome week. 


Frédérique for Patchwork and Quilts 
Cynthia for Oh Scraps! 

Friday 25 February 2022

February Table Scraps Challenge.

As you probably know, the colour for February is Aqua/Teal. Those are colours I don't gravitate towards in a fabric shop, so I don't have many. 

I found this cute little lamb which I think was part of a Make-a-Book-panel. (Maybe?) I had already pinned it a while ago but I can't find the post showing it. Anywho! I did some free motion quilting and bound it together. Voilà! All done. 

There's a nice landscape fabric on the back. 

I feel like I'm cheating on this challenge as I haven't really "pieced" my table scraps but ... 🙄😶

When I started putting away the Aqua/Teal scraps, I realized I had a fair amount of scraps. My generous friends really like those colours. So, I sat down and started sewing. 

Well, what do I know? I had enough to make a placemat. Yay! 

The triangle and square are more in line than on the red placemat. I believe I'm getting the hang of this. 

I used a long piece of fabric for the back. It must have been nearly 2 meters long but only 15 cm wide. A few seams and the back is done. 

Joining Joy for Table Scraps Challenge. Thanks, Joy. Without your challenge, I wouldn't have this beautiful placemat. 

Have a great weekend everyone. 



Saturday 19 February 2022

Some Sewing, Some Snowing

We are sieged by flakes. Lots and lots of snowflakes.
Pictures to the patio door
I understand why there's more snow on the knobs but I don't understand why there's a "wave" on the handle? 

Shoveled a foot of snow and fed the birds. They were very happy to finally have something easily accessible to eat. 

In the sewing room, I am sieged by Aqua.  

I don't know the name of this block. Anyone knows? 

Jericho Wall 

Scrap Jar Star 

Star Bloom 

Lots and lots of fun ... 

And HSTs too 

Oh, and this one too. Another one I don't know the name of. 

Haha! No, no, I haven't started another project. This one is to be "kitted". I was looking for something to use up the multicoloured scraps and darker fabrics that I have so much of. I believe this one fits the bill. As I cut for the RSC every month, I'll cut pieces for this one too. The navy 9-patch is the constant. I think it will work. 

Ever seen a black cat trying to hide in the snow to chase birds? He's so much fun to watch. 

That's all for now. 
In Canada, we have a long weekend, so to my fellow Canadians, enjoy the extra day off.
Edited: I've learned that my friends below in the U.S also have a long weekend. Enjoy it, gang! 

Have a great one, everyone. 


Frédérique for Patchwork and Quilts
Cynthia for Oh Scraps


Saturday 12 February 2022

Rainbow UFO Challenge: Red to Teal

On the second Saturday of each month, I will (try to) publish a post to show what I accomplished on the Rainbow UFO Challenge the previous month, and what I will be working on during the current month.

January was assigned the colour red and I had tagged "to start a new project". If I had known it was to be called first, I would have tagged something else, but it's all good. Since I used the word project, it didn't necessarily have to be a quilt, right? 

So, here's the story. 
I was gifted some curtains a long time ago.

They are made of very nice, sturdy linen. Love the colour, love the checkered, cute wooden buttons, so I accepted the two panels for my living room. I hung them up and took them down in less than 15 minutes flat. You see, the checkered didn't align from one panel to the other. (Ugh!) Being a quilter, I'm sure you understand that it bugged me to no ends. In the closet, they went. I didn't know what to do with them. 

Fast forward to January 2022. I took the panels out and started to take them apart. You know me, I love to do that. So much more potential comes to the fabric when it isn't attached to something. (Unless your name is Cynthia Brunz. She teaches me so many new tricks.)

It was easy enough to turn the panels into tablecloths. Looks good too. 

What to do with the ties? 

My idea was to make a grocery bag with some jeans scraps I have and decorate it with the ties, with or without the buttons. 
The colours are more accurate in this picture. 

January went by so quickly that I didn't get a chance to work on that. It's only a postponement as I would really like to have the bag I have in mind. Stay tuned. 

February's colour is Teal/Turquoise and all the between blue and green colours. I selected Spinners for this month because it has more blue and green than any other colour. 

This is where I'm at. 

I'm missing one block and I removed one that looked too much the same green as another one. So, two more spinners to do and a gazillion of little HSTs. That sounds like fun! 

It may or may not be the final layout. 

We'll see next month how far along I was able to bring this quilt. 

We should have called this cat Enigma ...
... because his tail is forever in the shape of a question mark! Haha. (Only teasing, Raven. I love your fluffy tail, straight or not. 🐾😻) 

Have a great week everyone. 


Frédérique for Patchwork and Quilts
Cynthia for Oh Scraps

Saturday 5 February 2022

The Last Red Note

I sewed more red blocks last weekend and added a new block.

This is Jericho Wall block. The Stash Buster Challenge 2022 by Border Creek Station chose this wonderful block. It's a new to me block and I'm enjoying sewing it. The solid burgundy squares at the corners are a constant colour. I have so much of that fabric that I'm sure I have enough for the entire quilt. The black in the middle is another constant colour. I'm using up a lot of white and beige scraps for the rest of the block. I couldn't resist adding it to my list of blocks for RSC. 

Funny enough, the UFO I have to work on during the month of Aqua is also a block presented by Border Creek Station. In my Rainbow UFO Challenge list, I left the colour Aqua empty as I didn't know what to work on. I have now named Spinner as my project for this month. I'll show you what I did during January Rainbow UFO Challenge in another post. 

There are too many quilts I want to make and receiving more fabric from friends only spurs my mojo to sew more and more. I am done sorting all the boxes and bags I received last week. Every single colour basket is overflowing. 

The long strips on top of the middle seat are the fabric I wanted to sew first, turning them into fast 9-Patch blocks. This morning, I can't find them. They must be under another pile of scraps as I don't know where to store all of this anymore. They'll pop up eventually. 

The 9-Patch on the left is my regular 9-Patch block finishing at 3 inches. The one on the right will finish at 6". No, it's not another project I started. Those pieces (4 reds and 6 golds) were already cut at 2.5" and I just thought they looked good together. There's a  little Beijing vibe in there, no? (or are the Olympics influencing my vision?) Anywho. 

I started on the Aqua blocks too. 
I did two solid fabric blocks but the white in the second one shrunk during ironing. That white fabric is now expelled from the scrap bin. 

Thanks to Cheryll for having me over on Friday night for the FNwF (Friday Night with Friends) for a little bit of sewing. I did these. :^D 

Star Bloom
(See the maquette of Star Bloom in this post.)

Jericho Wall

I should have quit after the first block as sewing when I'm tired is never a good idea. 

My first blooper of the year. I was doing so well that I thought I was NEVER going to sew another blooper again! Hahaha. Silly girl. 

That's it for now. 
Hope you are all well and warm. 

Angela at So Scrappy
Cynthia for Oh Scraps