Wednesday 26 December 2018

Still Sewing

I'm having fun with the Burgoyne Surrounded blocks. Although tricky, with a lot of pieces, it is still a fun one to make. Here's where I left you last post. 

I had a plan for the sashing. In order to keep the quilt on the small size, I didn't want the usual 9 patch. I want a tiny bit of a sashing. I cut and sew and my sashing turned out like this:

I didn't like it. It looked too busy and heavy in a very airy block. It stayed on the design wall overnight while I slept on it. The next morning, everything came down. On to Plan B, which looks like this:

So much better.  It has a sashing made with little bits of neutral cut at 1.25 inches. I ♥ it. See for yourself.

Don't understand why I didn't use red cornerstones for the inner border. I did put one in the middle but not on the corners!? I am so funny sometimes. I am not about to unstitch everything again. This quilt has had a very long relationship with the seam ripper and I have enough of it. I will just assume the quilt feels the same way. It will stay the way it is. It is still cute, right? Maybe a red binding will balance things out? Meanwhile, it will stand at the end of the long line of quilts, waiting to be quilted.

2018 was a tough year for me and my family, but we made it through. Hopefully, 2019 will be kinder and gentle with us. I haven't made any plan for 2019, except to keep sewing what I have. I've been very good in 2018, although I finished nothing, my fabric purchases barely made it over 300.00$,. This is a record low for me. Whoop, whoop! I will continue to work on the projects that are started mainly the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, Slow Stitching Sunday with the hexie quilt still on the UFO's list for yet another year. Sigh! But! But, the 365 Challenge Quilt saw a lot of progress in 2018 and talking about it, here's the latest block.

It's called Steps to Glory and has 44 pieces. As usual, this piece stands at 3.5 inches. Some of the pieces are cut at 7/8 x 7/8 of an inch. Yes, just 7/8 of an inch! It makes for a very crooked block. You have to sew darn straight not to impede on the tiny 5/8 left in the middle of that piece.

Here's another picture, just to help you wrap your head around this piece.
(yes, I am crazy! lol) Not the prettiest one, but it is done nonetheless. It might make it into the quilt and it might not. I'll burn that bridge when I get there.

And last, I had to resign from the Wednesday Sewing Club I had joined just last year. I will dearly missed this fantastic sewing group but I still have YOU all, to sew with and this I cherish daily as I read your latest posts.
I wish you all that the New Year be as sweet as a warm Summer breeze, may Health and Happiness be by your side daily.  When the rain comes, cause you know it has to come, may it be soft and short. Don't forget to show the world the warmth of your smile, it sure does need it. Enjoy your family and friends today.

To the pleasure of starting new projects (and hopefully finishing some) with you next year.



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Saturday 22 December 2018


I wanted to make just one block of the Temecula Mystery Quilt so I could make it at a later date. I started on the wrong foot but managed to rectify the situation.

 I then sew a second one to make sure I wrote the instruction right this time.

There was more parts done than needed.

Over the week, they decided to come together and make something.

I know exactly what it wants too. A little sashing, a little border and I'll be done with this one.

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Happy sewing. Enjoy!


Saturday 15 December 2018


It's a funny month this year. It either snows or the snow is melting. It recalls more the middle of Spring than the end of Autumn. Whatever! As long as it isn't freezing rain, I can handle it.

I have fixed my Burgoyne Surrounded block.

To make sure I got the pattern down right, I tested a second block

Ok. I got it right. Phew! I can store this one for later.

We had, on Tuesday, our Christmas Diner Party at the Club Artisanats.

We had a lot of fun, even if it doesn't really show in this picture. Let me get another one.

It was Christmas slippers or silly slippers night. Maude had the hat that matches her slippers. Way too cute. Notice her necklace is made of snowmen's lights.

The admin committee had to set the example and all had elf's slippers with bells. It was a hoot! Gosh! I was in bed and I could still hear those bells ringing, lol.

On Wednesday was the Wednesday's Quilters Christmas Diner.
Monique received all of us at her place. A really gorgeous home.
 Here is Anne in the pink chair, Carole and Francine next to the French doors.

Yolande, Fran├žoise and Claire sat on the opposite side of the living room.

Monique is a wonderful hostess and had a glamorous table. Each one of us brought something. I did the chicken pot pies as it is my family's favorite. It was a favorite among them too. Monique is sitting at the head of the table. The empty chair is my place, right next to Anne.

I will so miss this group. I have decided not to join them next year as it is too demanding on me. They meet during the day and I always have to take time off from work. So, when I retire, I'll be joining them again, if room is available.

Talking about work, on Friday (of the same week, yes) was my office Christmas Party. I have no pictures of that party as I didn't go. My health didn't give me permission to go even if I had been very reasonable during the two previous parties. Oh well. There will be more to come.

Hope all of you are well ... and sewing up something.


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Thanks for looking.

Saturday 8 December 2018

It's a very slooooow progress ...

if you want to call it progress. It's more like regress to me.

Temecula had a mystery sew-along. I didn't participate until I saw that it was a Burgoyne Surrounded. So I thought I'd just get the sizes of the pieces and make one block as a reminder to make more eventually. You know how it works. So, I did one block.

I manage to do it wrong. Not a very good example block if it's wrong so some quality time will be spend with my seam ripper to turn around four units.

Also, I am regressing on my hand quilting.

I find it very hard to sit and quilt this one that I love a lot. So, what gives?  It's the fancy design that I chose that I don't like. It is a simple quilt. Why have I picked such a complex quilting design? Never mind. I'll unstitch and start anew. It should take me just a few weeks to undo it all, lol. But, after, I will be much happier to quilt it and hopefully enjoy this Ohio Star Shadow in 2019.

Take care every one.


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