Monday 17 August 2015

Monday Design Wall : nothing!

I have nothing on my wall. It's all on the floor.

It started with this

snail trail block,

they got together. I loved so I kept going. 

The multiplication of the snails

Some stars got bigger,

and some multiplied.

Then, again, they got together.

Oh, it is so much fun to see it like that. I've been wanting this quilt for so long, well since the day I saw it in the Quilter's Newsletter magazine of April 2000!

I am still missing a few pieces but they are just plain squares and some triangles that I haven't cut yet. More cutting :^(

I can smell a finish!! Will it be done for next Monday?

Joining Angie for WIPs Be Gone and also Judy at Patchwork Times.

Until next time...


Sunday 16 August 2015

It is a Slow Process

Kathy from Kathy's Quilts asks the hand stitchers what are our thoughts on long term projects.

It is a slow process with no deadline.

It is a companion I can go to and play with when I am bored, stressed, trying to get away from the noise or just as an excuse to sit down for a bit and relax.

It keeps my hands busy when I get the jitters. Or just to slow down before bedtime.  

It recharges my batteries so I have the energy to finish the day or whatever task I don't want to do right now.

It is a balm of peace for my busy overactive mind. Giving me the time to put order in the thoughts, to ponder over things or events and to learn the lessons I need from them.

It slowly becomes a friend ... kinda!

Or like a grandma ... old and wise. Things are only worth as much as the time you put in.

Today, this is where I'm at.

Need three more dark blue diamonds. Then, on to the next row which is a light coloured row and it is number 30!

What will I do when it is done?
I will miss it! But at the same time, I can't wait to wrap it around me and listen back to all the things I've told this quilt. So many memories are stitched between these little hexagons ...

And then, I'll start another one !!  :^D

If you are working on a hand stitching project, join us at Kathy's place. So many things to see. I'll be there for sure.

Until next time ...


Saturday 15 August 2015

More Indigo Pinwheels

I have finished all the indigo blocks for the month of August. Yeah!

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. It is overcast with chance of showers today, again!

Also, I promised to show you my aqua blocks, so here they are.

They do look like water. Love it.

And I got an extra block. (!!??)
Only after it was all constructed that I realize it doesn't fit anywhere. Too dark for aqua too light for indigo! The worst part is : I don't recall cutting this fabric!!

So now all my homework for the RSC2015 are done, leaving me with nothing else to do. Blahahaha! Yea right!! Shakespeare and I still have a lot of talking to do but it is coming along beautifully.

I am joining Angela from Soscrappy for RSC2015
and Cynthia from Quilting is More Fun Than Housework for Oh Scrap!

Hope you will join us.

Until next time ...


Monday 10 August 2015

Monday Monday

I worked on my Shakespeare in the Park quilt all last week. Lots of blocks were made and lots of blocks still to do.  :^D

8 large dark stars : done

20 small dark stars : done
28 small light stars : nope!! What?? I said nope! Only 15 got made so far.
Number of small light stars missing : 13 (They would make a beautiful quilt all by themselves.)

Two are already sewn together with the border/edge of the quilt attached. (You know I just couldn't wait!)

One of my leader / ender project is a double 9 patch and 6 more blocks got made. Total so far : 28 blocks.

My other leader /ender  project is my RSC2015.  I won't show you my progress on this project because I want to keep some pictures secret in order to have something interesting to show you next Saturday.  BUT I can show one ... because it is too cute.

I so love indigo and white. Wow!

Anyway! That's it for me folks! Hope you will hop over to Judy at Patchwork Times for more Monday inspiration.

On Tuesday, I'm joining Nicky for Scraptastic Tuesday! Yeah! Even MORE inspiration!

Until next time ...


Monday 3 August 2015

Holiday (Design Wall) Monday

Most of the provinces in Canada are enjoying a holiday Monday today. It is called by many names. In Ontario, we call it Civic Holiday. Don't know what it's for exactly, but I know exactly how to enjoy it : SEWING SESSIONS lol.

So today, I have on the wall / floor / table / whatever (yes, I am all over the place lol) my "Shakespeare in the Park" (designed by Judy Martin) work in progress.

Shakespeare on the wall
All the 25 Snail Trail Blocks needed for the quilt are done.  Yeah!
Snails on the floor
I am now working on the big stars. I have 3 done and 5 more to go. I have picked the pieces needed for each and they are now patiently waiting their turn at the sewing machine. Seam ripper is standing by too. (Should I find this funny? No, probably not.) I am lol anyway!
Stars on the table
Having those blocks finished or at least organized, it leaves me with a lot, I mean a LOT of cut triangles. Don't know if you can tell by this picture but these piles are thick!! You know it won't go to waste as these pieces are big (from 4 to 7 inches) so some will be cut down to build the little stars, even though most of the fabric for those is already cut too.

Most will go into the triangle scrap bin. You don't have to be a fortune teller to predict a HST quilt in my future lol. (Probably blue.)

It is nice to have only the a, b, c, and d pieces by my sewing machine after the mess that reigned there for so long.

Hopefully I can finish these this week. It is still raining here and my bones are not in the mood for sewing. (too bad for them because I am lol!)

Care to show us what you are up to? Join us at Judy's place: Patchwork Times for more Monday fun.

Until next time ...


Saturday 1 August 2015

I have yet to make ...

a quilt without a blooper!! (is that even possible for me??)

Look at this silly mistake.

Can you see it?  Here, let me help you.
How about now?

If you say the middle block, you are right!!

See how the last row on the block on the right does NOT follow the "trail"? The dark pieces should be, like on the left block, upper left and bottom right not the other way around. Blooper!!

And as I was fixing it I did this with my leader / ender block !!

What do you mean "what is it?" Can't you see it's a pinwheel? Ha! ha! ha! Blooper! (I guess it was my day to mess up.)

All fixed. :^D   Mmmm I love indigo.  I need three more indigo and three more aqua from the month of June and then I will be all caught up with my RSC2015. (I will show you the aqua one when they are all done. Promise. They are very nice too.)

If you are sewing some indigo fabric, join us at Angela's place. Or come just for a visit and find inspiration. It's not far; it's right here. I'll be there for sure.

And on Sunday, you can find me at Cynthia's place for Oh Scrap.

This morning I had my first sewing session with my new machine. It was soooo interesting and we had fun. This machine comes with 12 different feet and now I know what they are for so ... guess what I'll be doing today? Cleaning? NO WAY!! I have to go practice all that he taught us before I forget. LOL

Until next time ...