Saturday 21 August 2021

Sew Much

There's so much of everything lately. So much rain, so much sickening news, so many changes, so many masks, so many holes, so much fabric, ... oh, I like that one. Let's dwell on that one. 😉

In my first layout plan for the tulip quilt, I hadn't considered Aqua as a colour to do but now that we are in the Aqua month, I'm thinking I should add it in. 

I found some remnants in the gifted bags and sewed one up. What do you think? 

I have very little aqua fabric but found these. They are either dark or light. Some kind of go together but it is a long shot. Oh well, it will have to do. 

The August Personal Rainbow UFO Challenge got together. 

I have found a back for it too. On with the pinning. Do I have the time to quilt it? 

So much fabric. The cleaning continues.
The blue basket is all done and half-filled. It holds dark blue of course and all the blue batiks. 

The neutrals were next. The container is a 40 cup Rubbermaid bin. 

I separated the white scraps from the beige ones and ended up with this. 

White and ivory in the bag, beige in the container, and the pile next to the container are all scraps with colours on them. Not sure where I should add them.  I haven't removed all the tiny little bits to make a basket from the neutrals because I am second-guessing myself on this one. Do I want one or two baskets? Or should I make another basket for neutral with colours? If I make a white basket, there won't be much left in the basket. Should I do just one neutral basket? 🤔

So many fabrics. Carole, my sweet friend, brought me more bags of scraps. Yay! Amongst other things, she brought me a gazillion of triangles. 🤣 

Each little Ziplock bag has one quilt worth of triangles except for the 1930's reproductions. It looks like 2, even 3 quilts worth of triangles. Whoohoo! 

I'll be making HSTs for the rest of my life. 🤣🤣

Talking about HSTs, I did one block in light blue...

... and one (almost done) in beige. 
I've just noticed it is spinning the wrong way ... again. Blooper averted! 😀

Let's go back at the beginning for a second and dwell a little bit on "so many holes". 

I did something that I should have done a long, long time ago. Procrastination is such a dead stop! Eventually, a time comes when you just can't ignore the problem any longer. 

There were so many holes. Then, some holes turned into a giant one. 

I saw on the Net a rapid way to make a new ironing board cover. You cut the ribbon or folded fabric that holds the twine to attach the cover, and you sew it to the new one. It didn't take 30 minutes and all was done. 
I'm so happy with the new one. The iron doesn't get stuck in the holes anymore! Should have done that a long time ago. I cut my fabric too big. I didn't take into account the amount of fabric added by the twine section. Lesson learned for next one. 😉 

Monday will find me at work in the office. I am going back full-time. I need to make more masks so I can change during the day. My days of working from home are done. No more sewing during lunch break! Gosh! I'm gonna miss that. 

Him too, I will miss. 

Have a great weekend. 


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Saturday 14 August 2021

Lots of Sewing With Nothing to Show

This week, I did two 9-Patch blocks. Two Aqua 9-Patch blocks, that is. 

That's all. 

Have a great day, everyone! 


What? You don't believe me? 

It's true. That's all the new stuff I can show you. Everything else is so last week's news. 

I finished the crumb blocks from last week ... but you already know that. 

... 3 aqua blocks ...  

... and 3 dark blue blocks. 

Group photo because I like to take group photos. 

The other thing I worked on was a large slab of dark blue tiny little pieces, measuring 17 X 23 inches. But that's boring to show, right? 

Okay, so it's for a new dark blue scrap basket which I need as I'm asking way too much of the first one. Ha! 

But it's not finished ... so not really interesting, right? 

But it's not quilted yet. 

Okay. Here it is. 
It took forever to construct this slab but the quilting can finally start. You might notice the path across the slab, from left to right, about halfway up, or down, which measures 2" high. It gives you an idea of how big this thing is and how many pieces are used here. 

Clicking on pictures to zoom in.

This picture might help too. The aqua corner piece is 1.25 inches. Those dark blue pieces are too small to do anything with, but they remind me of projects I did and I couldn't throw them away. I finally have a chance to use them. Yay! 

Like this rejected diamond piece from the 365 Challenge Ultimate Sampler that I included. It finishes at 1.5 X 3" so a big piece compared to others, lol. 

Crumb or slab blocks are the ultimate no-brainer sewing projects. No seams match, nothing is straight but all is perfect. You can't beat that! 😁

Anywho! Like I said, all I did worth showing are two 9-Patch blocks. 😊

Have a great day, everyone. 


If any of you need rain, please, please, PLEASE, come and get some. As much as you want. It rained every evening this week. It never takes away the mugginess. It's hot, humid, sticky, and stinky around the clock! It smells like mildew and feels like the Rain Forest. My deck, which barely has time to dry between showers, tries to promote a new Shrek treatment by sporting a permanent green tinge. 

Other places are so desperate for rain.

Take care. ;^)

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Saturday 7 August 2021

August Personal Rainbow UFO Challenge

It's like I knew I would need more than a month to work on this one. 

My personal Rainbow UFO Challenge for August is the same as July. See what I wrote back in January of this year. 

                        "The next ones are in case Angela calls a darker shade of a colour, so
                                            Dark Blue or Aqua - Star in Blue (2016) ..." 

It was a long weekend for us in Canada, so I was able to work almost all afternoon on Star in Blue on Monday. Option #1 was everyone's favourite.  

The missing Star in Blue block was done as were some alternative blocks. 

Lots of dark blue scraps were used in these as they are very small stars. The centre measures 5" unfinished. 

By Monday evening my design wall looked like this. 

Now, to work with Aqua I first had to locate it. Remember the blue scrap basket waiting on the sideline? 

It finally got the much-needed attention. 

Wow! That took forever! Well, at least a few hours of Olympic events watching. On the sofa we have, from left to right: Aqua - light blue (really not a lot in that group) - Batiks - Solids. On the floor, 
a pile (Pile? Mountain!) of what needs to be cut up and resized - basket with the dark ones - medium - strings. 
I am so proud of myself. Once I put the light, Batiks, medium back with the dark in the basket, it was full. It confirmed what I suspected.  I do need another blue scrap basket. (Or sew more with blue.) 

This spurs me to continue with green because I might find some aqua-ish-turquoise-teal in there too. Some more Olympic events later and ta-da! 

From left to right, Aqua-turquoise-teal colour - lights - and to be cut up and resized pile. In front of the empty basket - medium - dark - strings. Yes, my green basket is bigger than the blue one. It might explain why this one is not so full. Ha! 

I ended up with quite a pile of scraps in Aqua-ish colour. Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of sewing time this week.  

Crumb blocks in the making. 

Thank goodness for weekends! 

Hope you have a great one. Take care! 


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