Friday, 16 October 2015

Can we talk?

A few months ago, when I was stuck in the blues, making a blue quilt and a blue place mat for my friend (Was it really that long?) yes, it was actually back in June!!
So, as I was saying : a few months ago, when I started to have a monochromatic life, I decided to do a little side project. At that time, I showed you only one little picture of the project.

 It didn't show much because I didn't want the recipiant to guess what I was doing. And it worked cause NObody guessed ... (Will you tell us what it is NOW?)  ... what it was!

In that post, I showed (What are the red pieces for? Is it done?) ... I showed a picture of a cardinal (Just answer the questions!!!) I just did!  I showed a picture of a cardinal because I was sewing a cardinal !!!

Actually two cardinals. (Oohhhh!) One to give and one to keep. Since Cécile D from Patchwork Inspiration has so generously helped me, I thought of making a little something to show her my appreciation. Merci Cécile ♥.  (Show more pictures.) I don't have more pictures. (Why not?)  Because ... I didn't take more. (What was the idea of not taking plenty of pictures BEFORE shipping it half way across the world?) I am SEEEERRIously starting to thing my left brain needs some wine! (LOL. Yes, please!)

Hers, on the left, is hand quilted. I machine quilted mine since the picture was taken. I FREE MOTION quilted mine!!! (Oh la! EXCUUUUUSE  me!!)

Yea well, it's quite an accomplishment for me because it was my first time !! Yeah!! I really love the way it turned out! Double yeah! (yea, yea, blah blah blah!)

 I did go a little too far into the bird on few places but still, I am proud of what I did,until I look on the other side.  
(Bahhaha! What a mess!) Gee, thanks! But seriously, yes it is. What happen? (You didn't do it right!) I am asking all the experienced FMQ out there (not talking to YOU!)

What have I done wrong? The tension was good when I sew straight and not so good when I turned. Why? Will it go away once my stitches are more evenly spaced or is it a bigger problem ? Please help! (Just throw the machine away. Problem solved!) I definitively need better advice than this! Thank you for your input.

Until (you learned how to machine quilt?) next time ...

(Gosh! I need a glass!) .... sssssMile .... it could be worst!


P.S. Thank you so much to all of you who left a comment on my last post. I sincerely appreciate your input. I read all comments a few times and took notes. I am very happy with my decision. My plan is to show you which fabric I decided on with a finished project but, don't hold your breath because it might take me fooooorrrrreeeeevvver to get it done lol.  :^D


  1. Very nice birds Chantal. I like the tricky way you first posted them. With the free motion quilting going nuts on the curves you might be go too quickly with your hands so you could try slowing down or adjusting the tension.

  2. I find the same thing if I'm pulling the stitch too far. I either run the machine faster/slow down my movement, or bump the top tension up. It may almost pull the bobbin too far to the top if you do a simple straight line, but will pull correctly once you start stippling. (I usually test the tension by quilting on a test piece the same type of quilt design I'm going to do on the quilt.)

  3. What Sally said :) I love your cardinal. We won't look at the back, just the pretty front.

  4. Both your Cardinals are gorgeous. xx

  5. Hello Chantal !
    Je ne peux malheureusement pas te donner de bons conseils pour ton quilting machine car je ne sais pas faire (juste des lignes droites !)...j'espère qu'une quilteuse va pouvoir te donner des conseils !! Malgré tout, ton quilting est très réussi sur le côté face de ton cardinal.....
    Le mien est accroché dans ma salle de patchwork !!
    Gros bisous et bon week-end !

  6. Hi Chantal! I love your Cardinals. They are some of my favorite Christmas themes! When my machine acts up like that I do a deep clean. Vacuum out all the lint, oil if you have a machine that requires you to oil and put in a new needle. Rethread the machine and try again. That helps sometimes. Also don't go too fast around the corners. Hope this helps. Have a great weekend.

  7. I love the cardinals! You certainly kept them a mystery, didn't you? You're just so sneaky. ;-)

  8. love the cardinals... I would have said as the others with the tension.... it's annoying when that happens... also check for fluff in the bobbin holder


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