Monday, 26 September 2016

It's still Monday

I know it is late but it's still Monday and I am joining Love Laugh Quilt for Monday Making. If you will forgive me my tardiness, I have a few pictures I wish to share with you.

You remember this, from my last post.
 My RSC2016 is almost done. I added a coral block at the bottom of the quilt but didn't really liked it. The "Hot Pink" is very nice but

this salmon fabric does nothing to me.  It looks like so ... tired. It had to go ... some place where the sunshine to catch a good nice tan, lol.

Meanwhile, I hired a baby blue block to replace it. It adds a little note of softness to the quilt that I like.

As I had said in my last post, I wanted another yellow one. So I chose a bright, happy one, to contrast with the more golden one previously made.

Finally, here is my RSC2016.

I think the punch is the rainbow block. I am in love with this one even if the lines aren't as aligned as I wish they were.

I rushed to finish it this evening as the inspiration for the rainbow block hit me and I wanted to see it completed.  I love it. Don't be surprise if the word Carnival appears in its name. That's all I can think of when I look at this quilt. :^D 

I had promised some pictures of the gift bags I made (and still making) for the Craft Sale in November ? October? Gosh, I hope it's in November! Pink has booked us a table somewhere. (I only follow her and make things to sell, lol.)

I know the picture is not the best but, like I said, it is late and also dark and raining where I am so an indoor photo will do for this time. (More to come) Some bags are completely done, some are still looking for their drawstrings. The top left one, hanging from the rung, is a wine bottle bag; much longer and narrower.  It also has a more Christmas flavor than the others. I need to get the Christmas fabrics out and sew more like that.

Sew will be my week; sewing Christmas bags and butterflies.

Hope you all have a great sewing week too,

Until next time ...


Psst! Don't forget to visit Love Laugh Quilt for more inspiration. :^D


  1. You could send me that block to use like sourdough starter for my own pinwheel quilt! I love your quilt.

  2. Your RSC2016 looks wonderful. So delightfully bright and happy. Well done. I do like the carnival block. Also your drawstring bags are gorgeous.

  3. RSC 16 should have a rainbow in somewhere! I like the carnival idea; after all, all those whirly-gigs are definitely carnivalesque too. Great finish Chantal!

  4. Beautiful quilt Chantal! I love the rainbow block and the bright and cheery yellow one!

    I love making gift bags, too. They are so easy to use and so much less wasteful than using paper! I love to make the bags to go with whatever I am sending so that it gives a little hint as to what is inside!

  5. I LOVE your rainbow block! It really makes the whole quilt zing and look fabulous. Great little bags. xx

  6. The rainbow block sets the whole quilt off perfectly! (I would have suggested orange - your idea is soooo much better!)

  7. I love your blocks for the RSC 2016! What a wonderful take on this challenge! Do you mind if I use your idea? Love it!


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