Sunday, 30 July 2017

Trying to finish something

On this glorious afternoon, I am trying to finish something. I haven't used my weaved tea towel yet because they are "tied" or "embroidered" as some people say.

It's not exactly embroidery as it consist of a series of knots but this is what I am working on. 

The ideal way of starting or finishing off a project it's while it is still attached to the loom. I didn't do it then and I was told that "you can't do the embroidery finish after the project is cut off the loom". To me, that  sounded like a dare ... and I am up to it. 

So, this afternoon, I taped the towel to the glass of the patio table and 

started the tying session. 

Ok, it is a little bit easier on the loom, but this is working better than I thought it would. Kind of hard to see here do the color of the thread. I'll snap more pictures when I get to work with a  better color than chocolate. 

Joining Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching. Come and visit us. 

Until next time ... 



  1. Your woven toweling looks great!

  2. The button/image in the top left corner is displaying over the text (can't read your whole post). :-(

    I like the colors!

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