Monday, 12 January 2015

DWM What am I up to ?

This is the first time, in 2015, that I post about my Design Wall.
Not a big change since 2014.

This is then 
This is now!!
Yes, just one more block made :(  I need to get some green into this picture.

The little doll quilt Cascadia has been removed because it is completed. Not done, not quilted just completed as in flimsy state. It has been replaced by these

9 Patch Galore! I realized that the 1/4 inch inseam was not quite 1/4 everywhere. :((((   So I have to "redo" some all. I have 247  9-Patch done.  Those that are rebuilt are sewn up into Double 9 Patch blocks. Yes, only 15 made so far. That is the slowest progress I've ever seen but it is getting done.

I can find all kind of excuses for my slow progress or I can say the truth:  I was just not into this during the Holidays! I am getting acquainted with Hélène (the French version with all the accents). She lives here since May 2014 but needed some repairs.

I got her back in the middle of December and sat with her a few times. We didn't speak the same French at first but I am learning. She loves to go fast!Boy can she go fast!  I believe I have found where Ferrari got the inspiration for his motors lol. She eats up the fabric like there is no tomorrow. One thing I still don't know about her is how to wind a bobbin. I take the Singer's bobbin to my Janome to wind it. Funny girl I am. :)

She is a Singer Fashion Mate model 237 from the 50's. I got her at a moving /estate sale and named her Hélène after her previous owner who happens to be (what a small world) the other grandmother to my husband's nephew. (Am I making sense?) Anyway, Hélène got the job to rebuilt the crooked 9 Patch.

So this is what the Design Wall looks like at my place. If you want, follow this link to Patchwork Times and you'll see more places with beautiful projects pinned to their Design Wall.  Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time   ...   ;^)


  1. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Helene (sorry I can't do accents here) looks amazing and was built when Singers were still great machines. Did she come with the table too? - I love it. Good luck with all those little ninepatches. xx

  3. Ton Hélène est très jolie et si tu as des questions pour le français ...n'hésite pas ! lol !
    Ce sont des petites avancées mais elles existent alors, on peut dire que tu as fait du bon travail !! ;)
    Je vais aller cliquer sur le lien ! Merci et gros bisous !

  4. Tous les lundis, vous avez votre rendez-vous du Design wall !! C'est une bonne idée car c'est motivant !

  5. Your project looks great - no matter how long it will take!
    The 9 patches are so fun too!
    My first machine was a blond singer

  6. Great blocks. Your colors are wonderful. I love 9 patches. Have fun with your French machine! :)

  7. Better a fast machine than a slow one like my feather weight. I usually want to go much faster than she goes! I'm sorry you're going to be remaking those blocks. No fun at all. But good for your for getting it done.

  8. J'aime beaucoup ces blocs sur le mur, ça va faire un beau top ! XXX

  9. Congratulations on your new friend! You might check this site. They have manuals for many old machines.


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