Sunday, 4 January 2015

Scrappy Sunday


The funny thing about the Holiday Season is I always get so messed up in my days!! I worked during the Holidays and yet I still get so confused. My family thinks I am so funny. I guess I am a routine person. I need to work 5 days a week not two and a half lol. 

Anywho! I didn't accomplished much ... uhh, let me say that again.  I didn't accomplished as much as I would have liked to (yes, that's closer to the truth!!) Every time I have days off, out come the list of things to do. Why can I not just sit and relax? I know, I know I am ADHHHHHD.  :-D 
I did a lot of cooking, baking, some sewing, some reading, baking, cooking, a lot of bird watching and feeding, (like this...

that's me by the way. I've been " training" them since the summer.  Today, we're having a snow/ice storm/shower (?). Anywho, it looks like this. )

and had a lot of playing time with the boys, the computer and worked with sand paper ... again! What I wanted to do most during the holidays was to stain the wood works in the kitchen. So I did. And it doesn't look good. So I stopped. I am now facing plan B which is more time consuming and demanding of a plan. Darn!! Why things don't go as planned? It looked so nice in my head! Oh well, no time for that, just go to the next step. Out came the sand papers and I now have to repaint the entire kitchen cabinets. Ugh! but not today. 

Today is sewing time again!! I will be working on Take 21. That's another project that didn't get as far along as I was hoping it would but still, block 4 of row 6 is done. 

Yesterday, my friend came over with her daughter and we had a lovely time together. We played with fabric!! She's making her very first quilt on her own. Long ago, she used to "help" her mother make quilts. When she was only 23 years old, her mother passed away. Now, my friend is rediscovering this art and wants to re-learn. So, she brought her fabric over and we played with the layouts. She also brought me a bag of scraps.  !!! Oh! my sweet friend! the goodies! Look at the trail it left on my floor. 

This picture was taken after only two bags were open. I still have 5 more to enjoy!! 

In the biggest bag was plaids! The strips on the right are sewn together already as are the four patches on the left of the picture.  There's 12 blocks of four patch and a lot of alternate blocks cut. There's two more bags of the plaids to be open. Maybe I have enough for a small lap quilt? You will definitively see more of these plaids in 2015.  More scraps ...

Even some Halloween fabric!! My first! 

I have a turkey in the oven to make some more chicken pot pies, (again) okay turkey pot pies lol. We still have one more party to attend next Saturday and we are bringing ... yes, pot pies for 60 people! 

But today, I will "train" myself to sit and relax, and dream of scrappy quilts while slow stitching block 5. What about you?  What's in your plan! 

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Until next time ...  ;^)


  1. Wow--potpies for 60 people? Yikes! How fun to get such great scraps from your friend--I especially love the plaids--like Christmas, for sure!

  2. Oh, I just love those plaids! I want to start using plaids or even make a quilt from mostly plaids, but good plaid fabric is hard to find these days ... so when I find some, you better believe I buy it. To be gifted some plaids would be divine!

    Oh my, 60 pot pies? That will be a lot of work.

  3. Coucou Chantal !
    Tu vas te faire aider pour tes 60 convives ??
    Concernant les tissus que tu as reçus en cadeau, je suis très heureuse pour toi !! J'imagine déjà tous les scrappy que tu envisages de faire....
    En ce qui concerne mes projets je vais terminer mon patch de paniers, mardi je vais apprendre le boutis à 3 amies, je vais terminer une broderie commencée il y a ...des années avec 2 autres amies (pour me motiver !) et avec elles, je vais faire un mini !!
    Je pense que nous mènera au moins jusqu'à cet été !! ;)
    Bonne soirée !
    PS : les photos avec l'oiseau dans ta main sont touchantes !!

  4. Yes... do relax and put in some stitches!
    Loved seeing you feed the birds... that is cool!
    Thanks for linking up!

  5. Bonsoir Chantal, je suis en general comme toi, toujours a m'activer, mais la j'ai decide de faire une pause car trop fatiguée! Très beaux les tissus a carreaux, je crois que j'en manque...

  6. So cool that you have trained the birds to eat from your hand! You must have loads of patience. What a great haul of fabric, you can have lots of fun with those lovely plaids.

  7. HI Chantal. I hope you found time to relax...but it sounds like you are having fun with all you do. I never get as much done on projects and I would like to (think I can do) either. Oh well there is always tomorrow.

  8. I can't believe that you could get a bird to land on your hand. That must be so thrilling, not sure if I could sit still enough. I love the plaid fabrics too!

  9. Chickadees are such friendly creatures. I would love to train some to land on me. I do like birds - I used to have a budgie and a cockatiel. Lucky you to get those fabulous scraps!!!

  10. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

  11. How did you manage to train the chickadees? I'd love to do that with the ones around the house!


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