Sunday, 16 August 2015

It is a Slow Process

Kathy from Kathy's Quilts asks the hand stitchers what are our thoughts on long term projects.

It is a slow process with no deadline.

It is a companion I can go to and play with when I am bored, stressed, trying to get away from the noise or just as an excuse to sit down for a bit and relax.

It keeps my hands busy when I get the jitters. Or just to slow down before bedtime.  

It recharges my batteries so I have the energy to finish the day or whatever task I don't want to do right now.

It is a balm of peace for my busy overactive mind. Giving me the time to put order in the thoughts, to ponder over things or events and to learn the lessons I need from them.

It slowly becomes a friend ... kinda!

Or like a grandma ... old and wise. Things are only worth as much as the time you put in.

Today, this is where I'm at.

Need three more dark blue diamonds. Then, on to the next row which is a light coloured row and it is number 30!

What will I do when it is done?
I will miss it! But at the same time, I can't wait to wrap it around me and listen back to all the things I've told this quilt. So many memories are stitched between these little hexagons ...

And then, I'll start another one !!  :^D

If you are working on a hand stitching project, join us at Kathy's place. So many things to see. I'll be there for sure.

Until next time ...



  1. This is so pretty! She will be a beautiful quilt. I enjoy EPP. I find it very relaxing, a wonderful way to spend time before heading off to bed.

  2. Oh Chantal... what a fabulous blog post!
    And what an amazing quilt!
    ENjoy your slow stitching with your long term quilting companion :)

  3. Great thoughts on why we quilters love our long-term projects AND an amazing quilt!

  4. We all need some slow stitching to keep us grounded. Your project has really grown over time! Do you plan on hand quilting it too?

  5. This was a great post! Loved seeing your progress and you words.

  6. How fun to see the progress on your quilt in one blog post. I totally agree with all you've said about long term stitching projects. It's especially nice for me to have a project with no deadline...just work on it as I can.

  7. Enjoyed your thoughts....and the progress on your quilt.

  8. What a wonderful, phenomenal post! I am glad that Kathy asked her question...your answer is just perfect.

  9. I agree they do become like old friends! Just love the layout you used!

  10. That was wonderful. And your quilt is beautiful. (And now I'm thinking that maybe I DO want to do a hexie quilt...)

  11. oh my your quilt is gorgeous. Love your post. You motivated me as I have a long term rosetas red and white (EPP). until next time! Have a great week.

  12. I loved this post. You are on row 30, so how many do you need? Your quilt is gorgeous.

  13. Just keeps getting bigger and prettier. This is an awesome quilt.

  14. I just love it... yes, you will miss doing it but I know you will find more lovely projects to do...

  15. Chantal, you have perfectly captured what it means to me to hand piece a slow project. Enjoy snuggling in your lovely quilt.

  16. Yes, that's exactly why I do hand work! I can't imagine ever not having an EPP project to work on. Your quilt is spectacular ... I love it!

  17. Your quilt is just fantastic and agree with your post.Happy sewing and week!

  18. Beautiful post Chantal. Things that take longer to make become treasured companions rather than throwaways! Lovely to see the progression of your quilt. xx

  19. What a wonderful testament to the power of hand stitching. Thank you, Chantal, and thank you for linking to WIPs Be Gone. There is so mucy beauty in you EPP.


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