Saturday, 1 August 2015

I have yet to make ...

a quilt without a blooper!! (is that even possible for me??)

Look at this silly mistake.

Can you see it?  Here, let me help you.
How about now?

If you say the middle block, you are right!!

See how the last row on the block on the right does NOT follow the "trail"? The dark pieces should be, like on the left block, upper left and bottom right not the other way around. Blooper!!

And as I was fixing it I did this with my leader / ender block !!

What do you mean "what is it?" Can't you see it's a pinwheel? Ha! ha! ha! Blooper! (I guess it was my day to mess up.)

All fixed. :^D   Mmmm I love indigo.  I need three more indigo and three more aqua from the month of June and then I will be all caught up with my RSC2015. (I will show you the aqua one when they are all done. Promise. They are very nice too.)

If you are sewing some indigo fabric, join us at Angela's place. Or come just for a visit and find inspiration. It's not far; it's right here. I'll be there for sure.

And on Sunday, you can find me at Cynthia's place for Oh Scrap.

This morning I had my first sewing session with my new machine. It was soooo interesting and we had fun. This machine comes with 12 different feet and now I know what they are for so ... guess what I'll be doing today? Cleaning? NO WAY!! I have to go practice all that he taught us before I forget. LOL

Until next time ...



  1. All caught up! What a wonderful feeling. Bloopers do happen, too funny though that it ended up right in the middle. Couldn't have planned it better.

  2. I sTiLL can't see the blooper! Even after you showed the world. I've been sewing patchwork for over 25 years, and dressmaking well before that, and almost always have to unpick, and unpick and unpick. LOL. And quite often I see something I missed when its way to late to fix it. :-)

  3. I can't see the error even after you explained it. By the way, isn't there an Amish saying that no quilt can be perfect because only God is perfect? So they add errors on purpose just to be sure. Anyhow, join the rest of us crazy imperfect quilters. PS: I just ended up deleting this comment and having to redo it.

  4. I can't really see the Snail's Trail mistake and the "Pinwheel", well, that's another story! For me, that would normally mean that I was sewing too late into the night. Have fun with your RSC sewing during INDIGO month!

  5. It took me ages to work out what was wrong....

  6. Some days you're on a roll and everything just goes along tickety boo and other days the picker is your best friend. Those pinwheel blocks look good!

  7. Glad you enjoyed your lesson Chantal. Don't you find that once you have made one mistake another is bound to follow! Time to put it away for another day and get on with something else. Your blocks are looking so good thouhg - looking forward to seeing the aqua. xx

  8. Coucou Chantal !
    Tu avances .... Tu avances ! Tes blocs sont très jolis et j'aime beaucoup celui avec le bleu indigo !
    J'espère que tu es enfin en vacances ....gros bisous !

  9. Yikes! I hate when I discover that I've sewn pieces together wrong. Glad you discovered your mistakes and got them rectified.

  10. Coming from h Scrap. I had to look very well for seeing the mistake.For me making a mstake is very easy and allthough I always think taht I will not correct it, I almost always do!!! Your top will be a beauty!!

  11. I like Snail's Trail and I like blue and white quilts--so there is a winner.

  12. Your snails just got dizzy, that's all...
    Enjoy your practicing!

  13. Bloopers happen. I keep seam rippers close by. Love the quilt top and your indigo block.

  14. Usually once I make one mistake, it is followed by many more. Then I know it is time to stop sewing. Love all your blue blocks. Glad you shared them with Oh Scrap.

  15. Your definitly not the only one that does bloopers! I had one that didn't get caught till 90 percent of the quilt was quilted so it stayed that way! I find saying done and then taking a photo will cause at least two mistakes!!!!! LOL

  16. If I had a nickel for every time I did this..... I love the snail trail patten and I've never done it.
    Your blues are so nice.
    Have fun with your new machine!


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