Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Ta-DAH and Cyber Monday

I finished Kitchen Party!!  Ta-dah!

This picture was taken on December 15th. No snow still! Even the Canada Geese are still around which I think is a first (in my life time anyway!) It is on its side in the above picture because it is too long for the clothline. (81 x 69 inches)

Anywho! I am done machine quilting this one.
the  back
 Stitched in the ditch around the "accordians" then half circles in between them. From the back, it looks more like Orange Peel pattern.

In the inner border, I practiced my free motion quilting with a leaf design.

The half circles, made with the walking foot, which are not all even but was a very good exercice.

And more grass lol.

And now for Cyber Monday. I did a little bit of shopping and the package arrived yesterday. Want to see what I got?

Ordered these two prints both in yellow and cherry; only got one of each as they were sold out. :^(     Oh well!

Very disappointed with this Farm Speak Vintage Red. The fabric is so creased; it's awful and it's even not washed yet!
Got more letters print fabric to go with it. Love them.

Got some batiks in very soft ash and yellow. Don't know with side is the right side lol.

Some neutrals, of course, in gray this time.

And some metallic gold on black. It is not a very photogenic fabric, sorry. This one will not find a job in one of my quilt but I do have a beautiful plan for it. :^D

I also found two quilting hoops (27 x 16) in a thrift store for 5 dollars.  Awesome!!

The machine quilting is half done on one project I wish to finish before Christmas. I will share with you when it is finished. This coming Friday is DH birthday then on Saturday, it's my MIL's birthday. That's all I need; to eat cake BEFORE the celebration starts lol.

Until next time ... Enjoy!



  1. Your quilt looks fantastic and you did a great job on the quilting! Fun score with the pre-Christmas gifts :).

  2. I love your beautiful big quilt and great work with the quilting.... that's a lot of work in there... wonderful fabrics to play with next year...

  3. You did a great job on that quilting. You scored well with the quilting frames. Bonus!

  4. I love your quilt - it's just gorgeous! The quilting is the perfect touch.
    And I recognize many of those fabrics - they're in my stash, too!

  5. Hello !! Ton Kitchenette Ta-Daaaah Party est superbe !! LOL !!
    Bravo Chantal pour ce quilt !!
    Et comment ça, pas encore de neige au Canada ?? Je plaisante mais la situation est préoccupante ! En France nous avons ...15° de température ! Pourvu que le froid arrive et tue tous les microbes !
    Et quoi ? Je m'égare ?? Ben oui ! Alors, tu as fait de beaux achats et j'adore ton choix de tissus ! Par contre je j'arriverai pas à quilter avec un cerceau...
    Gros bisous mon amie !! :)


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