Saturday, 5 December 2015

More Rainbow Blocks

To finish the last row of my quilt, a few more blocks were called in. After consulting the rainbow, it was evident that some colours were "under represented".  Here are the newest blocks to fill the gap.

The two at the bottom are made with fabric given to me by a friend. (Thank you, ♥.)

Playing with the rainbow has produced this quilt.

And for the border, I've been up to my neck in HSTs, colourful HSTs!!

Option 1

Option 2

Decision, decision, decision.  I'll think about this while I trim all those colourful HSTs.

What does your rainbow look like?

Joining Angela at Soscrappy. Come have a look.
On Sunday, I will join Cynthia (Quilting is more fun than housework) for Oh Scrap! and more scrappy inspiration. 

Until next time ...



  1. Wow, what an endeavor! Your quilt looks so airy and breezy (must be those pinwheels spinning) - and colorful and happy. Great quilt!!!

  2. Beautiful progress. It looks like you rounded out your blocks beautifully. Have fun with the borders. So many design possibilities.

  3. wow! you were really ambitious with all those HSTs!

  4. I've been telling you right along how much I love your blocks, and now that you've got them all laid out, I love it even more! I can't decide which corner option is better, either, but I love the triangles you've using on the border. This quilt is going to be just spectacular!
    (I can't remember if I've ever asked you or not, but how big are your blocks?)

  5. J'adore ! J'adoooore ! J'adoooooore !!!!! :))
    C'est super beau Chantal !! Ton quilt est vraiment splendide !! Bravo !

  6. Such a colourful quilt. Choosing the right border is so exciting. You'll know which one is right when you try it.

  7. I have loved that block since I first saw it. And the finished quilt is fabulous. The HSTs are the perfect border for it, and I think I like the little pin wheels carried out to the corners. To my eye it sort of draws your eye all the way out to the edge.

  8. It looks fabulous Chantal!

  9. Absolutely fantastic.Great job!

  10. It does look good and I like the border with the pinwheel in the corner. xx

  11. Love how that is coming together! It has a great mix of colors!

  12. So much scrappy goodness here! I really like those HSTs on the border. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  13. Beautiful scrappy quilt. I think either options would look smashing!

  14. Wow. This is going to be a beautiful, colorful, scrappy!

  15. Your quilt blocks have so much movement - beautiful!


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